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  1. I have listed a few items on eBay if anyone is interested from here I am sure I can sort something out http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/La-Pavoni-Professional-PL-16-Cups-Espresso-Machine-/191753069641?nav=SELLING_ACTIVE
  2. Has anyone got any experience with the non Strada i.e. non certified LM basket? They're over half the price of the VST from here coffeehit (http://coffeehit.co.uk/portafilter-parts/la-marzocco-basket-17g) which is looking very appealing but if they're no good I'd rather just get the VSTs. Also as a tag on question I've currently got a ridged basket in my portafilter, is there anything I have to do to fit a ridgeless?
  3. This basket came with my MBK Heft 585 tamper. I have switched over to VST baskets, so with those plus the Sage OEM baskets, I just have too many baskets. It is in good condition but as it is ridged there are some scrape marks on the sides of the basket. Purely cosmetic. If if anyone would like this basket it's yours for free. I will post it 2nd class Royal Mail. Whoever takes this, I would appreciate it if you would make a donation towards the forum running costs but that is not a requirement only a request. Can I ask that established members who all ready have lots of kit pl
  4. Two of. For most intents and purposes they are of comparable quality to the more expensive VST baskets. Used but in good condition, £10 posted each. IMAG2641 by wjheenan, on Flickr
  5. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/La-Marzocco-Portafilter-Basket-17g-/121805082724?#shpCntId For Sale: La Marzocco Original 17g Filter Basket Available for a short period of time. Excellent basket. Toughened Stainless Steel for extra durability. Commercial Basket used in coffee shops.
  6. Not seen much talk about the Linea mini on this forum! Any owners around? I just wanted to know if it has programmable shot timers like the full size classic Linea for single and double shots, or is it full manual? Thanks
  7. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172103881989?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2648&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&autorefresh=true
  8. Saw this on the instagram linked in the particle distribution thread, very reminiscent of KVDW design. http://sprudge.com/la-curva-la-marzoccos-new-concept-lever-espresso-machine-88515.html
  9. Linea legs, tamper and promo sign. I've also a merchandising book not pictured that I'll include. £150 shipped to the usual standard rate addresses.
  10. This was mentioned in the GS/3 thread. Probably won't end up being a bargain: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/La-Marzocco-Strada-EP-2-Group-Coffee-Machine/172067458909 Anyway I'm posting more because I have a question regarding the listing. It says at the bottom of the description: "We are selling this machine as a business. Please be aware that VAT will be added ONTOP of the winning price." Is this correct? Seems a bit strange. Surely the VAT is their responsibility, if they are paying it back via some kind of margin scheme that doesn't mean they can charge anything on top of the sell
  11. New stuff will come thick and fast from the SCAA 2015 Article here ... http://sprudge.com/la-marzocco-launches-linea-pb-with-auto-brew-ratio-espresso-technology-74845.html
  12. I know La Marzocco have done a few of these over the last year, anyone been to one? I have RSVPd for the Brighton event on Wednesday, which is held at Small Batch Coffee in the Seven Dials area. Anyone from the forums attending? Thought it might be the perfect place to bust out my new coffee forums t shirt! Sorry for the delay in posting this i keep on getting scuppered by not adding tags! I click submit and then close down the tab without realising it never posted! doh!
  13. Hi I have recently switched from the La Spaz to the GS3. i think i now have a dosing and distribution issue. I am trying to grind straight into the portafilter and, as you know, you get the classic volcano. The issue is that i try to 'fill' the volcano but this is quite difficult to do reliably. I either have to bang the portafilter to try and get the hole filled or else i try and use my finger but the level of the coffee is below the top of the basket so this is not very easy and leads to poor results. The outcome is that i get a lot of duff shots with massive channelling and (with a naked
  14. I've just got back from a week in Cornwall and thought I'd write a bit about the few coffee places I visited... Great coffee to be had at the Hub (La Marzocco machine and Origin beans) and Mt Zion, both in St Ives. The chap at Mt Zion (didn't catch his name) was very passionate and knowledgeable. He was using some Square Mile and Yallah beans through Mahlkonig EK43 and ANFIM, with a Simonelli machine. Full of conversation about all things coffee related and made plenty of suggestions about books, beans, grinders etc. I also visited Origin's Brewhouse where TJ lined up a couple of d
  15. TORR !Elite Titanium 58.0 mm Softconvex Base Wood handle. Glossy base bottom. Less than a dozen shots. 75€ NEW PRICE!! - 60€ Londinium Tamper 58.50 mm 65€ NEW PRICE!! - 55€ Shipping costs from Spain not included.
  16. We are delighted to bring you EXCLUSIVE offers on both La Marzocco and La Spaziale espresso machines packages. Get in touch for a QUOTE email: [email protected]
  17. Click Here to see this image and more from my La Marzocco out of the box album
  18. Hey Guys, Just put some Santos grinder up for sale on eBay. I also have a La Marzocco swift for sale. I've listed it as used as it's a 2011 version but it's never been used! I also have some other items useful for commercial operations if you're interested. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/ricki/m.html
  19. I think these are over £3500 in standard form. I think it's an incredibly ugly machine and whenever I have seen them in the flesh over the years they never look any better. The looks are what I would describe as Agricultural in comparison with similar priced competitors in the market. They are well made inside but do seem to lack many basic functions...the technology also seems rustic at best. They are large and wouldn't fit easily in many small kitchens Now this is just my opinion but I'm curious if others think it looks good, with great tech and good value for money? I don't want t
  20. I have had my LMLM for a year now and ever since day one been annoyed by the fact that the steam and water knobs tends to stick when tightened up in the closed position. They are basically designed like a nut on a bolt. So if you want to do a quick steam-off by turning the knob clockwise it will eventually keep turning until the end of the thread - and tighten up against the "bolt head". So I wanted to get rid of this daily annoyance using an otherwise super cool and certainly well designed machine! I solved the problem by inserting a home made two turn helical coil in the knob threa
  21. Just a quick note that I have considerably improved the consistency of single shots using the LM single basket by finally getting a 41 mm tamper. (I used to use 8-10g to build a mound above the lower narrower part and then tamped that with the 57mm HappyDonkey tamper, but now use 7-8 g and can properly tamp that inside the narrower part). I got a Concept Art one through a German website, vitaliano.de (I found it hard to find in the UK but maybe my Google skills are just bad.) So this is both a tip to go get one if you use the LM basket and also where you might find it, just search f
  22. We at Coffee Omega would like to let forum members know we are now in stock of La Marzocco Coffee Machines (all models) As many know La Marzocco are renowned for the their beautiful, high quality espresso machines they make. We are in a process of slowly listing all models over the next few days so please bear with us but if you need a specific model just drop us an email [email protected] http://www.coffeeomega.co.uk/coffee%20machines/la-marzocco-coffee-machine
  23. OK, here's the thing: I fell into lever world almost by chance; I was just about to treat myself to a Rocket or an Expobar Dual when a second-hand Olympia Cremina came up for sale. I loved it. The Londinium I came along and I was so impressed by that I bought it and sold the Olympia. Lever machines make great coffee, no doubt about that. But I've never owned an E61 machine so I can't make a direct comparison. What interests me is that the particular mechanical qualities of the lever group which has evolved over decades - pre-infusion, pressure and temperature profiles - are what the
  24. Our 3 group Linea is for sale as we had a chance to upgrade to a Strada MP. This machine works brilliantly and was in every day service until last week. Since we got it in May, have replaced the motor, main pcb, and steam valves which has made it run like a dream. Has optional high legs included to make cleaning easier. Includes pump, 3 portafilters 3 baskets and 1 blank. Cleaned every day and much loved. Has also had a service with all seals and gaskets replaced. £2600 plus delivery - we are in Truro and can arrange shipping via Silversprint.
  25. Hoping someone can help a little here. Ive done a bit of reading and as far as i can tell the VST baskets and the La Marzocco Strada baskets are pretty much the same, am i right in thinking this, or is it more than just the name? These are the two ive been looking at, http://www.coffeehit.co.uk/la-marzocco-basket-17g/p863 & http://www.coffeehit.co.uk/vst-18g-ridgeless-filter-basket/p1063 Cheers for the help!
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