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  1. I've been reading about the Behmor 1600 and I want one, anyone know where one might be avalible??
  2. For anyone who's seen my other thread on what grinder to get, you will know come Dec 25th I will be the proud owner of a shiny new grinder of some shape or description (Still undecided, lol!) Anyway, I've discovered my wife has already purchased me some beans to go with it. I saw a tin of Illy and a very large packet of Starbucks that I think she bought from Costco (bless her!) obviously I will use these to practice with but I really want to try some freshly roasted stuff so nearer the time I'm planning on ordering some beans. I've already seen the thread on suppliers but as I am a complete novice I wanted to increase my chances of getting something I liked. What I wanted to know is this... Are there any beans that are popular with most if not everyone on here? Something you'd serve up to friends that's not an acquired taste. As usual thanks for any help you can offer.
  3. Hey everyone My flatmate was going near a drive through Starbucks (only 1 in Europe i think) so I hitched a lift as I wanted to try their Christmas blend as it was only £1 so I thought I would give it a go. The coffee had a lovely spice to it which was quite enjoyable but sadly there was a really strong burnt/charcoal taste which overpowered it. I have read quite a bit about Starbucks over roasting there beans and I can only assume that the taste was because of that. It is a shame as that spice was nice. I cant wait for HasBeans Christmas blend to come out I am really looking forward to it, does anyone have a rough date for when it is usually released? HLA91
  4. Hello coffee lovers. Another newbie here. I’ve been lurking on the forum for a while, reading with interest on all sorts of topics. I’m sorry if a lot of what I’m going to ask has been covered, but sometimes I find it’s better to just collate all of one’s queries into a new list. Hopefully other newbies might find it useful as they come along. I’ve been into ‘decent’ coffee for a while, but I feel it’s time to up the ante. At home the setup currently includes a cheapish grinder (this Cuisinart one which is so loud I have to take it into the shed to use if my baby is asleep!) and a French press. With good beans I often find I can get pleasing results, but as my wife really loves cappuccinos and my favourite tipple is an espresso, I’m really after a set up which can handle both those things and handle them well. Firstly, the grinder, which is where it all starts. The Cuisinart has to go. What do I replace it with? I’ve seen grinders ranging from £30 to over £1,000. I’m happy to spend up to around £100 – I would have thought that would get me a decent one, but there are so many names – any help would be appreciated. Secondly, the machine: Gaggia – any more word on them? Have Philips got things sorted with parts and servicing? Is it safe to buy one? Are there any alternatives to Gaggia? Whenever I look around, it seems that they’re the only people who make machines that do what I want within the price range – others tend to be much cheaper or much more expensive – am I missing another good brand? Assuming it is Gaggia, on a budget of £400, what am I looking at? Classic? Baby? There seem to be lots of subtle variations, what are the differences? Thirdly, alternatives to the French press: Hario drip pots – I’d like to have a go with one. What are the advantages? Where can I get one in the UK? Lastly, beans: I know coffee oxidises and goes off quickly. But how long do people keep it? I always keep beans in the freezer (does that work?) and use them within about 3 weeks. I was just wondering what people’s thoughts were on this. No point in having all this kit and using crap coffee… That was quite long winded. Thanks in advance for helping out with all this. d
  5. Hi, I've got a Gaggia Classix and I've tried roasted coffee beans from Whittards, Happy Donkey and Ikea (!) I wasn't too keen on the Ikea coffee - very bitter! The beans from Whittards and Happy Donkey were ok - but I want something that'll really enthuse my taste buds! I use a Iberital MC2 grinder. I'm after recommendations for coffee beans. I've been on a few sites and as there's literally hundereds of types to choose from I haven't got a clue where to start. I know a lot of you will say just try and few and go with I'm after an all-purpose general coffee bean that's not terribly expensive, but something that I'll look forward to tasting! I'm sure you must have some recommendations for me - don't forget I'm after something I can buy and buy again - so limited edition, once in a lifetime offers that I need to get a second mortgage for is not what I'm after Looking forward to your responses...
  6. I have tried to clean these by back flushing , the only way that seems to work is with a pin to push them out has anyone ideas as to how i can "dissolve" or otherwise remove these many thanks
  7. Does anyone know of a roaster anywhere in the West Midlands? Or failing that someone who'll supply mail order 1kg of beans without charging an arm and a leg?
  8. Roaster Experience Days are worthwhile events to visit. Yesterday Steve Leighton (HasBean) opened up his roastery to 30+ people for a day of coffee drinking, socialising and coffee education. This included the first live recording of In My Mug, his informative and passionate Video Podcast. The 30+ people that attended came from all walks of life and it was refreshing to get a completely different viewpoint about peoples expectations of what a coffee should be and what it represents to them. Colin Harmon (2009 Irish Barista Champion) was a surprise guest and had been flown in from Dublin to work the La Spaziale machine, pulling shots of HasBeans finest roasts for the guests. The £5 cover charge for the day is being donated to a coffee charity. Guests were able to try coffee's brewed via a number of methods including espresso, filter and Clover, and were walked through the entire roasting process, from green to cup (including a cupping) Thanks for being a great host Steve. There is no word in the dictionary to describe your passion and enthusiasm for coffee. Last but not least, embracing social media, there was a live video feed on UStream and many tweets sent. Thanks everyone for making it a memorable day and to all of those who pitched in to help out at some point, giving the host a bit of time to breathe.
  9. Hi all....as a very raw learner I am finding it very difficult to choose the brand of coffee.... there is an endless list of them. I am the only one in the house that drinks coffee so that brings up another question. Firstly... what would be the best first coffee to get... ground or pods and what brand. My machine is a gaggia classic. Secondly... as I am the only coffee drinker... how should I store the coffee.. in the fridge... in an airtight container or one of those containers that one can draw the air from. My initial thought is to go for Pods but I do not know how the Classic would deal with them. I drink coffee now.. Taylors Rich Italian.. from a caffetaire that I keep in an airtight ceramic jar on the worktop. Please help to get me started with my new machine. Take care all.... Frederick :)
  10. After much thought and research we bought our first real coffee machine, a Gaggia Baby Twin, last December. I bought this through Caffe Italia UK and it was delivered OK and for 6 days it delivered coffee and we were just getting the hang of it; it then packed up, dead as a dodo. I contacted the merchant and they replied once saying it was my fault, further emails, letters and phone calls to try and get a replacement or a warranty repair all un-answered. As I bought it by credit card I am now seeking a refund from the Bank but this is clearly going to take some weeks so we think we will start again. I dare not touch the lmachine I have as I am obliged to offer it back for collection. Apart from it going phut I liked the machine but I have been advised that a twin boiler model is not the most reliable. I really liked the Gaggia but perhaps a Baby Class would have been a better choice. However it is no good if I have a failure that I cannot get service. I am therfore looking for guidance from the experts (which I should have done in the first place I know) Solution one would seem to be to buy a second hand Gaggia, get it serviced and take the risks of breakdown myself, there seem to be independent repair facilities. Solution two - I buy a different make of machine for which warranty service is available. With a budget of say £350 could I have comments about the two solutions please? After only a few days use from the Gaggia the instant is now such a let-down. Barry
  11. fleagle


    We are about to get a new kitchen with a built in Neff coffee machine. Any tips on where to start i.e. types of coffee etc Cheers Fleagle
  12. The head Barista from 6/8 Kafe has left to join the plough in Harborne (my local pub) I do believe (via Twitter) they have a Slayer/Robur-e combo in there , serving Hasbean!!!!! https://www.theploughharborne.co.uk/wp/portfolio-view/coffee-tea/ Weekend boozing will never be the same again
  13. I've written a sort of review on my blog here: http://iamabaldman.blogspot.com/2011/12/north-tea-power-my-favorite-cafe.html
  14. Anyone catch Steve from Hasbean on radio 4 this morning? I only heard part of it, something about the surge of interest in "Proper Coffee" and the popularity of Nespresso type machines!
  15. ive been trying these in my aeropress the past couple of months- I have fallen in love! such a big acidity and lime flavour, works really well with a finer grind and diluted from the aeropress but you get huge full flavour from french press style too. I've tried the other malawi beans from hasbean and they just pale in comparison. If there are any other rivals for acidity do tell!
  16. Hi all, So I've had my silvia almost a month now and I'm having a small issue with the steaming side of things. The milk is heating too quick and the window for stretching is so short I'm not getting the best foam that I think I could do and as I drink caps I like lots of foam. I've got the milk very cold and if I open the steam tap just a little I can surf the surface of the milk longer and create more foam but then I don't have much time to texture and aren't getting the best foam. Was thinking of replacing the tip and trying a 2 hole tip, possibly with smaller diameter holes to see if that works any better. My silvia is a v3 and I know some of the previous versions had a 3 hole tip. Has anyone ever worked with one of these and if so would you share you thoughts please. I know the silvias boiler is small so the steaming isn't going to be out of this world but just looking to try and make things a little better. Thanks Ross
  17. Lovely bright sunny day up here in the North-East, and I'm starting off with an espresso from Hasbean's 2010 Premium Blend. I roasted these on Thursday, going a little bit darker than I normally would, and it seems to have suited the blend well. A subtle sweetness to the aftertaste. What's everyone else drinking?
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