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  1. Hello, Since my Dualit grinder adjustment dial was damaged, I've been using a Hario Slim mill to grind for espresso (using a Rancilio Sylvia). I've carried on with the Dualit for brewed coffee, although it's not going to last many more months. I think the time has come to move on! I'd like to find an electric grinder ideally for under £200, which can cope with espresso better than the Hario. If it's a specialist espresso grinder, that would be ok as I could probably start using the Hario for the coarser grinding - it'd be a little less time-consuming than what I'm currently having to do! Does anyone have any advice? I'm happy buying second-hand if need be. Thanks...
  2. After a lot of searching I'm thinking of going down the Fracino cherub for my espresso machine, What would be a good grinder to go with this? I'm looking around £250 and the same size as the cherub 40cm.
  3. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hario-Acrylic-Coffee-Grinder-Ceramic/dp/B00BD1NTTY/ref=sr_1_46?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1420830542&sr=1-46&keywords=coffee+grinder Does anyone use one of these for grinding beans for consistent espresso? Thanks
  4. Hi, I have several options to buy an entry level grinder to accompany my Gaggia Baby and Aeropress in my mornings. I have seen two new grinders, Baratza Virtuoso and Sage Smart Grinder for about 150. Also, someone on the forum advertised a Brasilia RR45 for 120+delivery and SanRemo SR80 for 170 on the internet. What would you buy? Thanks for the advise. Cheers
  5. Help me justify my spend on a grinder. I started with intention of getting an MC2 because it was the cheapest. Reading more I thought well if I'm going to do it, I might as well do it right the first time. So I decided to increase my budget, looked at the Rocky and then the Mignon. £300 is the maximum. For my situation specifically is it worth spending the extra money? Theres no room for a massive grinder in my kitchen. I'm irrationally bothered by the idea of excessive clumping, purely based on things Ive read on the interwebs. Grind retention, a term that I'd never heard of until a couple weeks ago, angers me. I hate the idea of wasting good coffee because the grinder (I haven't bought yet) collects more than it dispenses. The grinder would be used with a Gaggia Classic. At £300 I want a warranty or If second hand it needs to be well built and easily DIY repaired. I'm just trying to get a good shot, I don't need the "God shot" at least not yet. I don't want to upgrade for a long time. I've never pulled a shot I thought was close to a good coffee shop standard. Using a LOGIC machine (borrowed from my brother), with pressurized baskets, supermarket ground coffee (Lavazza oh yes), always producing shots of total disappointment. It's only after a lot of reading lately have I figured out why I was never able to get close to coffee shop results. So with all that said, being a total novice, will I see the benefit of Mignon Mk2 over an Iberital MC2 for example. Should I spend the extra money and on what?
  6. Hey guys, I'm in the market for a burr grinder, preferably electronic. I don't have too much money to spend, and at this point it seems that my two best options might be the Bodum Bistro or Copresso Burr Grinder. I primarily prepare coffee in a siphon or brew it Turkish, but also occasionally use a French Press and cook espressos on the hob. Does anyone have any advice regarding the grinders I've mentioned, or any other good options? Thanks
  7. Morning! Just wondering if anyone could advise how to decipher the serial no to date the machine? I removed the serial number sticker and emailed Mazzer but have had no joy as yet.... I see other threads where some of you know what year they were made and as I have no details I thought I'd ask.... Finally got ALL the paint off and it's going for painting next week...... Then I'll have the fun task of rebuilding everything without scratching anything..... Can't wait till it's finished..... Thanks for any help Mike
  8. I posted this in the new members section but I think it belongs here... I'm a newbie but have been lurking reading alot of the advice and banter around grinders and machines. I used to run a gaggia classic and MDF grinder for years but got sick of it due to inconsistency and with house moves etc i just stopped using it and moved to nespresso. Now with nespresso at home and the office im pretty much sick of the disgusting taste of it but at least its consistently bad So against my logic side I've decided to take the plunge and purchase a proper coffee setup. I really enjoy coffee and especially espresso and so am looking to purchase a grinder and new espresso machine. I live in Ireland so second hand is not really an option and to be honest I rather buy new. So after reading all the posts and reviews i've come to the following short list and would sincerely appreciate the pros review. Just as an aside worktop space is a premium so size is an issue however I dont want to waste my money buying a setup that I wont be happy with and feel I'm getting the best from. Budget is €1500-1700... Id like to keep it no higher, its extravagent as it is... Grinder: Eureka Mignon: Seems to be a solid performer on here at a nice price point. Small foot-print and would appear to punch above its burr size. Cons: Clumping and small burrs Eureka Zenith 65e: Seems to be highligly rated. Solid build and great performance. Larger burr size and consistency of grind. Fast on-demand grinding. Small hopper is a nice feature: Cons: Size of the unit and cost Fiorenzato F4E Nano - Seems to have good reviews but nothing spectatular - Good price point and can get a small hopper for it. Cons: Doesnt seem to be en-vogue Espresso Machine: Lelit PL62S - HX machine with good steaming capability and small footprint. Nice price point too. Cons: Not a brand I've really heard of and I'm concerned about the quality of the components. (I'm still tempted by this machine) (€1000) Izzo vivi III PID: Hx machine. Seems to have a good build quality?? Price (€1390); Cons: Not familiar with the brand and service etc. Footprint on the larger size Bezzera Magica MN (S or R): Hx Machine...seems very large in footprint but good quality build. E61 group, good price €1100 (s); Cons: large footprint Rocket Cellini V3 with PID: Well what do I have to say about Rocket?? Cons: Cost (€1330) and is it too much? Footprint is large enough I'm spoilt for choice... I'd appreciate if folks could reply with their machine/grinder pairings from this list or any other recommendations. Ideally I'd love a machine with the Lelit footprint. Maximum height for the space where I would like to but the machine is 36cm but I cna consider somewhere else that doesnt have that constraint. Thanks in advance for your advice...
  9. Hello to all you lovely coffee people, So my first post and also looking to get my first (proper) grinder to go with a Gaggia Classic. Have a budget and the Compak K3 Touch comes in just under it. Looks like a decent machine but I'm tempted by the Bezzera BB005. Doesn't seem to have made much noise in the UK but reviews of it here and abroad seem to be favourable. Whilst a smaller bur set it is conical with intrigues me (and my uneducated mind lol). I only want to do espresso as the 0ld grinder can do everything else. If you haven't seen it before heres a link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bezzera-BB005-Timer-Espressomuhle-/252001048196?hash=item3aac6ed684 Not a looker but i like the honesty of the simple design. So what do people think and am I mad considering it? If so what do people think of the K3 Touch and any other options under £300 you'd recommend. If you've made it this far thanks for reading (I know this type of question gets asked a lot) and I'd appreciate any advice you can give me. DTB (James).
  10. I bought a second-hand Iberital MC2 just over a year ago, making it 2.5 years old. It's had light use over the year of my ownership (1-2 shots every other day). It started jamming a couple of weeks ago but could be revived by up-ending and shaking out the beans. Until yesterday, when it came to a complete halt. There is a sinister smell, as if something has burnt out. I took the base off to take a look but the innards are too complex for me so have left alone. Any ideas on how it could be repaired would be most welcome...or is it time to say goodbye and replace?
  11. I have a mignon for espresso. I am thinking of a hand grinder for infrequent turkish or eg clever dripper coffees. What is the best value option around at the moment please? Is is still the Rhino? TIA
  12. Watched this on fleabay for a few days and saw no one bidding. Listed with little info except "left behind in coffee shop" & "don't even know if it works". Gambled a last few seconds max bid of £20 and beat one other bidder with same tactic. Mine for £5.51 !!! Just got it home and basically the motor runs & sounds smooth, but it's in a grotty state (yes, that is mould on the beans left behind in the throat). So about to start stripping it down. May need new burrs etc but we'll see. Would be grateful for any info on what other badged versions exist, what spares are compatible, is it likely to be any good etc etc.
  13. Currently trying to diagnose issues making espresso and I'm suspecting its my elderly Baratza Preciso. Would anyone in the York area be willing to lend me anything equal or above a Mazzer SJ for a few hours? Would be happy to leave my Hausgrind as a deposit. This week would be best. I can come and collect. If anyone is able to, it would be massively appreciated! Thanks
  14. Hi folks. I'm at my chemistry lab experimental phase at present and waiting for my Gaggia Classic & Aeropress toys to arrive. I've been purchasing my (current favourite) beans from my local store and having them ground. I've been making simple filter coffee at work with this. At some stage however, I'd like to grind my own beans, simply because it's so much easier and neater to store beans at home and grind them as required. From the helpful sticky list of brands and prices, my shortlist so far is as follows: Hario Coffee Mill (ceramic slim) £30 Hario Coffee Mill (skerton) £37 Dualit 75015 Grinder £80 Iberital MC2 Auto Grinder £114 I'm very tempted to go with the cheapest of the lot until I become more proficient but I don't want to waste time and coffee either. The Dualit seems very good value for money in terms of spec but again, some may argue that it's best to spend a little extra and go for the Iberital as a basic electric grinder. Your opinions most welcome please...
  15. Hello, So I've my home set-up sorted but I still have no grinder! I'll be running it off a battery! Space is a concern but unfortunately I've no dimensions with me. Anybody have an idea about this one? Brasillia about 150 euro? http://www.donedeal.ie/cateringfittings-for-sale/coffee-machine-and-cofey-grinder/6505068 *worst case scenario we get a grinder to practice with and then another when hitting the road! Many thanks, your advice is much appreciated, Philip
  16. Hi All I currently have a Worn out Baby Dose and Krups grinder (I know!) and want to upgrade both. I have been looking at a small grinder for 2/3 Coffees a day use in a Gaggia or Silva machine. I read a lot of posts and appreciate a used Mazzer Mini is popular, but size is a real issue. The Rancilio non doser & Eureka Mignon Mk2 seem decent starter ginders and comparable price wise. Is one better than the other or would I even notice the difference on a domestic espresso machine. Thanks for any advice ECS
  17. Hi guys anyone had any experience of this grinder? http://www.johnlewis.com/graef-cm80-coffee-grinder/p699306
  18. Hello everybody. So I'm a few weeks into owning my gaggia classic, I'm turning out ok coffee at time but lacking the grind consistency. Currently I'm working off a prolix hand grinder, and despite the advantages of it being a workout at the same time as grinding coffee I'm getting a bit tired of it. It's pay day coming up at the end of the week and I've put aside a budget of £200-300 to buy a grinder, a space has also been cleared in the kitchen, all I need moe is the grinder. When it comes to grinders I'm clueless and so would really appreciate some advice on what to spend my money on. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere, I've read a lot of posts on here but have so far not found one to answer my specific query. I currently have a Hario Skerton manual grinder and an Aeropress but after spending some time on here I now have my heart set on a Gaggia Classic. Now I don't fancy grinding coffee for an espresso with the Skerton so naturally I have been looking at getting an electric grinder before taking the plunge on the Classic. The go-to grinder combination for a Gaggia Classic seems to be the Iberital MC2 which is right around my price point (a big factor). However based on a number of forum posts I see dialling in the MC2 is an art form in-itself. I had imagined being able to easily switch grind size between espresso and brewed coffee as required (I only intend to single dose). So my question is this... are there any grinders around the similar price range to the MC2 that would permit easy changing of grind size for different brew methods? If so, would this be to the detriment of the grind? - ie should I accept that the MC2 must stay dialled in for espresso and revert to the Skerton when brewed coffee is required? I had looked at Rancilio Rocky (though this is a bit too pricey for me) but it seems to be only one I have seen that permits quick changing of grind size. Budget is around the £120 mark (give or take). I suspect I might be asking too much for that budget but thought I would ask those in the know. Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hey i have a vario home which i was using for making espresso and brew coffee. i now realise that continually switching from one to the other is making it hard to keep it calibrated for espresso. I think i need to keep the vario for espresso and am thinking of getting a second grind for brew coffee. I have a hario hand grinder but need something electronic and fast for the mornings. I was wondering what grinders people recommend? I assume you can get away with something cheaper than the mignon etc. Thanks
  21. Hello, I'm looking to invest in my first electric grinder in the next month or so (currently using a hario manual for my pour over set up). I am okay with spending up to £700 but it needs to meet a few criteria: It needs to be able to grind for espresso (I'm also thinking of getting the Sage DB at the same - I'm a creature of convenience and it ticks the boxes for me) It needs to be able to grind for pour over (looking around, the general concenus seems to be to buy a dedicated grinder for espresso and keep the manual grinder...but I'm lazy, OR, buy something like a Mazzer and then get a second grinder for pour over....I'd love to do this but the misses wouldn't let me take up that much counter space) I would rather it isn't giant but it's not a deal breaker I looked at the Mahlkonig Vario but it's a bit plasticky feeling and I hear it doesn't switch that well between espresso and pour over. I then came across the Baratza Forte AP at coffeehit and coffee omega (ceramic burrs by ditting i believe). Looking at some reviews online it can apparently switch quite well between espresso and pour over, also it's apparently v sturdy with a metal construction. (Also it may keep the other half happy as it may look quite nice beside the sage DB) My questions are as follow: Am I kidding myself to think I could get a grinder in that price range that will switch between the grind range I'm looking for with ease? Has anyone out there got experience of the Baratza Forte AP? If so is it as good as the reviews I have read elsewhere (most of which were admittedly from shops. So probably biased to get a sale) Based on my budget and criteria is there a better option out there for me! Any guidance would be appreciated.
  22. Hi all, Hoping you can help - I have recently purchased a Atom 60E off a forum member (thanks Stuart!), and now need to get to grips with dialling it in - not using it as a single doser as flat burrs aren’t the most forgiving for retention. So I find myself now having had it a day struggling to dose by time (and weight and then relate that back to the time), so my shots are all over the place to say the least. It is a learning curve for me - being a previous single doser with the trusty Feld2, but light beans were not very forgiving on my arms! So my question is - can you recommend any reasonably priced beans (not Starbucks/costa etc.) that I can dial in to get used to the new grinder, or if anyone has any tips? Ideally looking to buy a KG - not looking to spend more than £25 shipped, and have already tried the Rave signature blend/ have a Pact subscription monthly, so looking for something different to those really. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated! Cheers all!
  23. Hey all, I joined this forum a few weeks ago after purchasing a De'Longhi Eletta ECAM 44.660.B Bean to Cup. After a few weeks I've decided it isn't for me due to average taste in coffee and actually not very hot coffee. Also with reading a lot on this forum I'm going for the more manual option so..... I have a budget of around £500 for a coffee machine and grinder. I've read around the classic and i'm not a big fan of the looks (I know it's not all about the looks) and I think you need to like the look of the machine you are wanting to use. Basically I'm a huge fan of flat whites and want to really focus on getting a lovely flat white therefore this is the priority in coffee. I would just like (like many newbies) recommendations for machines and grinders. I've read the 'what can i get for my budget' which has been really helpful but I would love to hear more from members experiences and recommendations - especially from fellow newbies who maybe made a mistake in their first purchase and therefore have a few 'what not to dos'. Thanks all
  24. Hi Guys, do I buy new Sage smart, Baratza virtuosa for example or go for something second hand like mazzer mini E, super jolly etc. I'm quite happy to buy second hand, but obviously that would be more risky as I know nothing about grinders. Also what kind of price would I be looking at for a second hand mazzer for example. I'd be grateful for any advice or suggestions.
  25. Hi all, I am a beginner and have my eyes set on a GC. What do you think of this edition by James Adams sold by gaggia direct UK? Do you think the 'unusual' colour will affect the resale value if I want an upgrade? See link below https://www.gaggiadirect.com/refurbished-machines.html#!/%60Refurbished-Gaggia-Classic-Red-Pre-2015/p/131478280/category=9805018 Also, I have been struggling to decide on a grinder for espressos. Can anyone help? My budget is around 120. Thanks!
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