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  1. Evening New member here , just looking in to what grinder people would recommend for around £500 ive seen a similar thread in this section with recommendations for new grinders . So what about 2nd hand grinders "preferably with easy to source replacement parts if a break down did occur" cheers
  2. Hey I want am electronic grinder to use for single dose silter, aeropress, possibly secondary espresso/decafe. I'd love a Mahlkonig EK43 but not sure I can justify £2000. Anyone get any reccomendations in the sub £350 mark. Thanks Jimmi
  3. Hi guys, Does anybody know anything about Lelit Fred grinders. I'm thinking of getting a La Pavoni Lever machine and read somewhere that my current Iberital Mc2 might not be up to the job.
  4. Since I have an espresso machine now (as can be seen in http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?30102-Got-the-2015-Gaggia-Classic-as-present-what-to-do), my stepless grinder is not very useful for doing the occasional Aeropress or French Press, as it would require re-dialling in, but I still like to enjoy brew coffee once in a while. I was thinking of getting a hand grinder, but they seem really tedious. On the other hand I don't want to take over even more counter space with coffee stuff. I'm sure somebody else here must have had the same problem, so any suggestions are very welcome!
  5. Hello, Joining coffeeforums could be the financial ruin of me as I feel a case of upgradeitis flaring up. I currently have a Gaggia MD85 grinder, it's old, in good condition and works very well, I understand that the burrs are the same as those in the Mazzer Major. The downside is that it retains a fair amount of coffee in the chute and because I only grind three x 17g a day it feels like a waste of good beans. I'm wondering whether to stick with the MD85, put up with the retention issue or change it for a Mythos which is modern, has a great reputation and doesn't retain anywhere near as much. What are your thoughts on this please, am I likely to notice a huge difference in the quality of the grind and what might that be? Thanks for taking the time to read this post and for any thoughts and advice on whether it's worth the upgrade or not.
  6. At the moment I have Krups GVX2 Expert coffee grinder and use a plunger (French press) to make my coffee. My wife and I want to get the kitchen done and want to treat our selves to a proper coffee machine (not pod to be clear). I have been reading up on bits and it seems everyone says getting a good grinder is most important rather than the machine. I understand why burr grinders are better than cut grinders but as I will only be making coffee for my self and the wife at once we don’t need to be super efficient or make huge quantities so what wrong with my current grinder? I have about £500-£750 but could go a bit over for my machine and grinder if you think my current one isn’t good enough. Any pointers at all, the guides don’t specify machine just some good brands etc. Also can anyone recommend any places we can go to actually try coffee made using different machine so we can see if we think the extra spend is worth it etc. I am in Essex but can easily get to London UK.
  7. Hi, As I've posted in the "What did the Postie bring you today" thread, I received a MC2 today. I've been dialing in my coffee beans and had a few questions. Is there a rough rule of thumb for adjusting the fineness setting? I've noticed as you adjust it it clicks as you go round, does anyone know the ratio of clicks to seconds for extraction time? Just because I've noticed the adjustments are very fine and it took me a long time to correct (wasting a lot of beans). I've also noticed there is quite a lot of residual grounds stuck in the chute when it finishes grinding, so I'd imagine a purge will help before each grind, is there a way to do a short purge without adjusting the timer? Also is the hopper supposed to jiggle about when it is grinding?? Cheers, Rich
  8. Hello all Due to personal circumstances I haven't been able to test my second hand grinder properly since I bought it a short while ago. Very annoying as it doesn't seem to be working properly. It just seems to make noise and doesn't actually grind any coffee. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks Matthias
  9. Hi folks, been following for a couple months whilst over-thinking first serious machine and grinder purchases. Think I've come up with the usual suspects for used (or new) grinders but came across this in my neck of the woods: Fracino K3 Elite - £300. It's 2 1/2 year old and been in storage for a year. Obviously had a look online but not a great deal on this. Should I play safe with a Mignon or similar or is this every bit the beast to keep me going for a few years? Looks like a doser but I can live with that. Thanks in advance you fine fine people
  10. Hi all, I've been looking for my first real grinder and think my heart is set on a Eureka Mignon as it seems more than a match for my Gaggia Classic and I'll have the potential to make half decent coffee. If anyone knows the best/cheapest place to buy one or any sellers are offering discounts could you let me know. thanks in advance, Andy.
  11. I made a wild purchase online for a grinder with a price that was too tempting to ignore. It has a slightly broken doser and bean hopper so I need to identify this grinder to look for replacements When it arrived, the only label on it is a DonCafe sticker and nothing else It has an extremely unique outer shell very similiar to a Mazzer Stark. Unfortunately, it only has 64/65mm burrs and not the coveted 83mm so definitely not a Mazzer. Also, the burr direction is unique like those on Malkhonigs I would think this model originated from somewhere in Europe. Any help would be so welcomed Thanks
  12. Hi, i would like to start a mobile coffee business for the local markets etc and i already have a rickshaw to use as a base. Which brands are good to use? Does it have to be a dual fuel system? Is is better to use a larger generator for an electric coffee machine (if that's even possible)? I am open to ideas and would like to get some advice from someone who is already doing something similar.
  13. I'm brand new to the coffee world and I'm in the market for a Barista Express but I have a couple questions to the people that have used one. I understand the grinder isn't the best but I'm new to this and I'm sure it's going to be fine for me, no doubt I'll upgrade in the future but for my first machine I'm going to be more than happy. My question, as I'm new to proper coffee I would like to experiment with different brew methods, whether that be Aeropress or maybe pour-over in the future. Does the grinder on the Barista Express have enough range in order to achieve good results with these methods? I realise the grinder is tailored towards espresso grinds but I can't seem to find information anywhere on the internet answering this question. If it isn't I'll buy one of those Hario hand grinders but it would be great if this grinder could do everything for me. Any help or feedback would be amazing. Many thanks, Ryan
  14. Hi everyone, my name is Jaco and discovered the art of espresso making in 2011 when my wife bought me a Gaggia Classic as a present which I paired up with a MC2. My experience has been a mixed bag to tell you the truth. Pulling consistent good shots have been a challenge due to quality of grind, beans and probably user experience. So I have fallen out of love with my Gaggia Classic but I'm willing to give her another chance You see I met Aeropress, she satisfy my coffee fix to a point, as she is convenient, easy to use and I can even allow my other half to have a go on her! Anyway to cut a long story short, I am on a path of Upgraditus! I'm going to give the Classic another chance. I'm intending to upgrade my grindr with no fixed budget. I have considering all the following: Mazzer mini e (not sure why this one is in my list when I'm also considering the SJ) mazzer SJ (second hand with mods) Eureka Mignon (seems to be a budget favourite) mahlkonig vario (concern about its quality) eureka zenith 65e (will be a tight fit in the kitchen) Ceado E37S (if I rob a bank) I'm thinking that if I upgrade I'll keep the MC2 for the Aeropress and pour-over duty or should I sell and get a quality hand grinder? I'm thinking of upgrading the grinder first and see how I get on with the classic until funds allows me to get either a Rocket R58, Quick Mill Verona or Izzo Alex Duetto (my current main three choices) I am guessing that single dosing will be the norm, so grind retention, clumping, consistency, easy of use, height (should be less than 45cm) is important, I am willing to do mods to achieve better results and I don't mind buying second hand. I know this is a mouth full but I hope you guys can put your comments below Jaco
  15. Hi I'm trying to decide what grinder to buy second hand for £200-£300, I want it to grind for a variety of methods from a lever pavoni to a chemex and Sowdon, any help or pointers would be very much appreciated thanks
  16. Evening All, Slightly random post - I wanted to pick the collective brain of the forum and hopefully find out a little more about my grinder. I picked this up a couple of years ago and haven't been able to find out what model it is and if it's actually any good. Thoughts and feedback much appreciated. Thank you, John
  17. Am looking to buy a new grinder and wanted some advice on what one to get. Price around £50-150 but would like to get the most for my money. Any advice would be welcome.
  18. So I realise that "Grinder options Having recently replaced my Gaggia Classic with a Fracino Ariete, it's the Kitchen-aid grinder's turn to do the walk of shame. I feel compelled to stick up for it now, as it's not as bad as you think. In stock form it's distinctly mediocre, however with Mazzer burrs and a stepless mod it's passable for espresso, even "decent", relatively speaking. But that was with a Classic, and it's now clearly the weakest link, more so than I am, and that's saying something. Moving swiftly on. In the ideal world I'd have something that's minimal faff for single dosing, but I'm not sure that's something that's really doable within my budget (looking squarely at the M3) or lacks the required level of WAF (EK43 has already been vetoed). So that means on-demand grinders and having to think a little bit more about chopping and changing between beans, but I'm fine with that. I've got the Zenith 65E and Compak E8 and E10 on my shortlist at the moment as once BB have the Compaks in store I'll actually be able to sample them side by side and compare what I think of good/better/best. Being able to try before I buy is fairly important to me since I have zero experience of grinders of this calibre and would like this to be the last grinder I buy, certainly for up to 10 years. Am I doing myself a disservice selecting from those three and leaving out, for instance, the K30? Any other suggestions?
  19. Hi guys New to the forum and also to the world of coffee. Am setting up a new vintage mobile espresso and slow drip brew bar in Worthing west Sussex and would welcome the opportunity to talk to similar business owners for advice and any do's and dont's i should be considering. What grinder and should i be looking at two as will be serving up various single origin coffees pour over style. Have already posted for similar re a dual fuel espresso machine and will also be looking for a local coffee supplier/roaster, someone who can create that special blend for my business. Check out the Facebook and twitter links for regular updates on the restoration and conversion of our 1961 vw split screen panel van. http://www.facebook.com/thecoffeecamp Twitter @thecoffeecamp Thanks for looking Nick The Coffee Camp
  20. Dear forum members, it is my 1st post here, however I am frequent reader of its pages. My birthday coming up and I decided to treat myself with a new grinder (currently have Mazzer Super Jolly). Looking at the write up online Robur E seems to be the best choice however it is quite big. Compak E10 came out quite recently which is smaller but has the same size burrs, unfortunately there is not much write up on it online. I would like to know what the difference in the cup? Unfortunately I don't have much experience with grinders above Super Jolly's level so please be kind. I was also considering HG ONE but not decided that I don't want manual grinder. EK43 is also out of the question, cause reasons =) This is a purchase for years to come so I don't mind to buy the best grinder available. Any suggestions are much appreciated!
  21. Mornin All... Well, the journey continues. Further to my http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?23417-My-Little-Corner-of-Coffee post. I have upgraded to an MC2 grinder (bit excited). Bought it off ebay as spares/repair job but the description says 'Not working as the plastic drive gear has stripped.' What does this mean and how do I go about fixing it? The grinder hasn't arrived yet so can't put any photos up... I'm assuming it's an easy job - if you know how. All help would be greatly appreciated guys! Cheers
  22. I'm looking to buy a new grinder for my cafe. I have always been set on a malkoning K30, but I have recently discovered the nuova simonelli mythos one! Seems like a nice grinder and the guy who talked me through it talked a good talk. And gave very good reasons as to why it is the most consistent grinder on the market? What are people's opinons on this? Do the heated burrs really make a difference or am I better of going with the k30 air?
  23. Just a question for a future purchase , is the Eureka Mignon and the Nuova Simonelli MCI made to the same design as they look identical from the images on google ?
  24. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a Mahlkonig K30 Vario but before I go ahead I wanted to check if there was anything else out there that people may suggest? Thanks.
  25. I have a Macap mc4 ... It has a spout, an on and off switch, a grind dial and a hopper. I throw 18g ish of beans in and with the use of a chop stick, 18g ish comes out into my PF. i am happy with the grind ... My naked PF says it's all good. upgradeitis however is a biatch, and I can't help but wonder if I need a fancy electronic control panel. so how well does electronic dosing work .. Is for example 5.2 seconds always 18g or does it change per bean type ... And more importantly does it change like grind setting as the bean ages .. So 5.2s today but 4.8 tomorrow. So if I tighten the grind, do I need to raise the dose time ?
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