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  1. Hi guys, it about time I upgraded from my £10 Starbucks grinder that I have been using for the last year. My espresso making skills have improved a bit and my knowledge of using my Gaggia Baby have improved so I think it's about time to get a decent grinder. Just wanted to know what's price range would I be looking at for:- Mazzer Major Mazzer Super Jolly Im looking to do a full restore including repaint along with some mods, I enjoy doing restorations as have been doing with speakers and subwoofer for years. Anything to look out for when buying, things to avoid etc im going to have a look at a super jolly and major tommorrow, both used and look a little tired. Seller wants £175, same price for each.
  2. V60 was what got me hooked on "quality" coffee after a visit to a speciality coffee shop with a friend who took charge of the ordering. He ordered us both a Filter (V60), to my amazement I suggested it must have had some form of Strawberry syrup in it as it tasted of Strawberry and apatently was just a black coffee! so I went out, purchased a grinder and coffee and the journey began. Now some years on I've been more of a Espresso and Flate White drinker however brushed off the cheap grinder and made a Yirgacheffe V60. I used the following recipe - 32.5g Course Grind (Krupps Burr Grinder/£50) 500ml water It wasn't on the final course setting however it took over 9 minutes to fully extract, I will try the full course setting however I take it the grinder is poor and I need something. Enter for when I fancy a filter coffee at home! I noticed a few dissuasing the Wilfa SVART, any views on this or other grinder purely for filter?
  3. I am a long time lurker who has decided to take a dive into the murky world of coffee forums. I am looking for a new grinder costing up to the £200 mark. For the last few years I have been using a Krups GVX 2 which has served me well but now that is on the blink I have decided to take a step up. I have a Rancilio Silva espresso machine and I am more interested in the espresso grind than grinding for pour-over brews (I mention this because at this price point some machines seem to do better at one than the other). The two machines I have benchmarked at the moment are the Baratza Virtuoso and the Rancilio Rocky SD but I was wondering if anyone has any other ideas - or comments comparing those two? The Krups is noisy and does produce a lot of static (which drives the wife nuts!) so if these can be improved that will be a great bonus but my main aim is more controllable grind and better consistency. Thank you for any help you can give.
  4. Hi all. Can anyone tell me if I can use a Super Jolly funnel and electronics on a Major that currently has a dosing chamber?? Do I need anything else or can I just plug the electronics in? Thank you
  5. Ok so I need some help deciding on a grinder. I think I've got it down to a choice between either a Vario or a Mignon. I've recently bought a Classic but it's very likely I'll be upgrading this in the future. I drink mainly espresso so I'm not that bothered about how easy it is to switch between different brew methods. Got to say, I'm leaning towards the mignon even though there are a lot more love/reviews out there for the vario. So any thoughts or alternatives? Thanks
  6. Hi all, I currently have a Gaggia Classic and Sage Smart Grinder Pro (bought off the forum), I have had this setup for about 18 months and feel now is the time to upgrade. Myself and my girlfriend have 1-2 coffees per day, each. I prefer an espresso whilst she only drinks milky drinks (mainly a latte). She is not as into getting the perfect coffee as myself and her drinks are pretty inconsistent, but slowly improving. Shes not overly bothered about having the 'perfect' coffee, just something that is consistently nice. On the other hand, I would very much like to have the 'perfect' coffee. Whilst we do adequate kitchen space, I don't really want a setup with a giant footprint and do not have the option of plumbing it in. In summary, I think we want something easy for us to both use with consistent results, but also capable of producing a great espresso. My budget is in the region of £1200. I am happy to stretch it a little or spend a little less, its not a rigid budget. I have done a bit of research and have narrowed it down to three options... 1) Buy a new machine and pair it with a better grinder - was thinking something like a Fracino Classico or Rocket Appartamento 2) Buy a 2nd hand machine and pair it with a better grinder - (based on recent sales) something like a QuickMill Anita, Rocket Espresso Cellini Evolizione V2 or Alex Izzo 3) Buy a Sage Oracle and be done with it - seems like an easy option that would be good for my girlfriend to use easily and give me a consistently good coffee too Any opinions or advice about what you guys would do is greatly appreciated
  7. Hey guys. As most know I only really do brewed coffee. I use a Wilfa grinder I bought a few months ago, which, as far as I can tell is fine. However, it's my birthday next month and everyone is asking what I want. So I'm considering having everyone give me some money and get a new grinder. Would a baratza grinder be considered a good upgrade from a wilfa or a lateral move? Perhaps someone else who has experience with the wilfa and some other grinders may be able to give their opinion? James
  8. Does anyone have experience with these grinders for pourover / aeropress ? Is Forte BG pretty much equivalent to Vario with Steel burrs? Or is there some other difference between them? They seems to be the best brewed grinders one can buy without going into "bulk" terriority (Kenia/Guatamela/EK43...). I'm also curious how would they compare to Feldgrind and/or Lido? Are there any other electric grinders that can compare to bulk ones, but with a more wife-friendly form factor?
  9. Hi, I'm new to this site but would appreciate some advice re grinders. Here's how it happened... I only went on the John Lewis website to check out their Christmas baubles, but spotted the Heston B coffee grinder...this set me wondering. Help! So, I'm a long time Gaggia Classic (modded with a Silvia wand) owner - maybe I need a new machine too?! Lol. I've been drinking pre-ground coffee as I've not had the cash to buy a decent grinder. So I think I can afford to spend up to £200 and would like a suggestions list of grinders to check out. Oh I'd prefer new or manufacturer refurb as I like a warranty. Ta.
  10. Anyone know what grinder this is in pic 5? Thanks https://www.gumtree.com/p/restaurant-catering-equipment/cafe-equipment-for-sale-coffee-machine-fridges-and-grills/1202320109
  11. I'm looking to buy a new grinder for domestic use following the demise of my ancient dualit job. I understand the Iberital MC2 is a decent option for the money; any other options?
  12. Hi, There is a huge amount of useful information on here about espresso grinders but I was wondering whether somebody might be able to give me some advice on which grinder to choose for the V60/Clever Coffee Dripper? It will be for home use and probably only 5 cups a day max. Budget probably around £350 although if I can spend less and still get something that will do the job well then great! Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi all, I could do with some help in making a decision on my first grinder: Mazzer Super Jolly - £160 (in good condition, no hopper) or Eureka Mdx - £30-50 (looks like it needs a really good clean, possibly new burrs etc) Either be paired with a Gaggia Classic. Any advice would be really appreciated!
  14. Still looking for a smallish domestic grinder and realised I don't really know the pros and cons or why and wherefore's of doser or doserless grinders. There's lots of grinders on this page none of which I've heard of http://www.coffeeitalia.co.uk/products.php?cat=127 But the Isomac Macinino Prof Inox seems a good price (lol, it's the cheapest) is it any good?
  15. Newbie here. I've a question regarding coffee grinders. I don't want to spend an absolute fortune but understand from all my reading on here how important the coffee grinder is. I do not currently possess an espresso machine however it is something I'd like to do in the future. Budget isn't there right now for grinder and espresso machine. With the above in mind could anyone recommend a coffee grinder for use with a French press that would also be future proofed for use with an espresso machine down the line? Budget is around £200
  16. As per title. I've had a pre-owned SJ for around 4 years, grinding just around 18g per day, double or triple that at weekends. Just wondering at what point burrs should be replaced and on that note, how sharp are the burns supposed to be? Would I get a noticeable improvement in grind quality and shots should I replace the burrs? Finally, is it worth always getting the branded burrs should I decide to replace? Many a question and if anyway can answer any, I'd appreciate it!
  17. Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could help me out with some advice. I have just purchased a used Gaggia Classic as an upgrade to my cubika plus. Using the pre-ground lavazza coffee I used with my cubika I finish a double shot in just under 10 seconds even with heavy tamping. Due to this I have been looking at purchasing a grinder to go with the Classic, at the moment I have my heart set on one of two models: Iberital MC2 ~ £140 Eureka Mignon ~ £270 The problem is that if I go for the Mignon I will most likely have to wait until after Christmas to buy it but I could afford the MC2 right now. I am very tempted to wait to purchase the Mignon but I am struggling with drinking the pre-ground lavazza. So 3 questions really. 1. Is it worth spending almost double for the Mignon over the MC2? 2. Are there any pre-ground coffees fine enough to hold me over till after xmas? (Thinking rave signature blend, but have no idea if there espresso grind would work with classic.) 3. Are there any other grinders better than the Mignon under the £300 mark? Thank you for any help.
  18. Hi guys Merry Christmas, After a couple of days prowling the forums I have decided to source my first electric Grinder. Budget is up to £650 but I would consider second hand. I want something not too imposing that is good for espresso and brew coffee. If the brew option is going to take away from the espresso then espresso is a priority for me, as I will use another Grinder for brew. I am looking to get a DB in the future as I like coffee varietys with milk. Something that is easy to clean with little retention would be great. I'm quiet interested in the Zenith 64E. And will look to pair it with a Rocket R58/ Quickmill Verona or Expobar leva. I would consider saving more and paying a little little extra if it is worth it to save on upgraditious later. Many thanks wayne.
  19. Hi guys, looking for a new grinder between 150-200 second hand, I've been looking at eureka mignons but I was just wondering if there is anything else I should be looking at. Cheers
  20. Hi all, Pretty sure it is Wega / Compak, can you tell me which model/burr set. Apparently, it doesn't have any sticker/labels to help so I'm working from photos only. Thanks in advance.
  21. I have acquired a la pavoni jolly grinder. The grinder works well and the grinds are consistent. However the coffee seems to build up in the chute before entering the doser then is slowly pushed out. This leave a lot of coffee in the chute when the grinding is completed. I cleaned out the grinder and burrs but same result. Only way to fill the portafilter is to use a knife to remove the remaining coffee. Any advice would be appreciated. Graeme
  22. Hi, My Gaggia MM Grinder today suddenly decided to severely slow down. It was mid grind and it went from its normal speed to about half the speed and although the coffee came it out it was much slower. I've taken the hopper off and cleaned insides the bits I can get to but its still the same. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on next steps to try and get it back up to speed again? Thanks Kate
  23. I want to keep this short and simple. I have an issue with my grinder. The Rancillo Rocky. I cleaned it out using Grindz and afterwards when I went to grind some beans they just went through the hole and nothing came out. Before I think my zero point was zero. But after I took it apart to clean the inside (cutting myself in the process) I no longer know what it is. I was using a 5 with fairly fresh beans and that was perfect. Now it is like tobacco. Would anybody be able to calibrate the grinder if I sent it to them? I dont have the time or the patience to try and fix the settings. I did try but I dont want to chop my finger/hand off. Let me know obviously you would have a price but I wasnt looking to spend too much otherwise ill just have to bite the bullet and try myself. Regards Garry
  24. Hi All, I will be travelling to Reading (Berkshire) soon and I would like to take this opportunity to buy a small coffee grinder with flat burrs because these are very expensive in my country. Since I really like the Ascaso i-mini i1, could you guys recommend a high-street shop selling this grinder? Thanks, Kjetil
  25. Hi all, Looking for some guidance - couldn't immediately spot from searching. I'm looking into a first grinder and seems like the Eureka Mignon seems like a reasonable starting point. I'm planning on getting the grinder to use for Moka/French Press until I decide on a machine/get permission to take over the kitchen. How do people find the flexibility of the machine in going from Espresso to coarser grinds? I imagine I'll keep using brewed methods post machine purchase. Thanks, A
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