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  1. Hi, I am new to the forum and have read the posts on grinders and still cannot decide what grinder to buy. I have a limited budget as my wife prefers i feed the children rather than buy coffee related items. At the moment i have an old Delonghi ec 220 and use pre ground which I would like to stop doing asap. I see the MC2 is recommended a lot but there appears to be doubts it will be consistent for espresso ? I have considered a hand grinder as i am the only (avid) coffee drinker in the house but think the manual grind may become tedious in the long run. I am thinking (guessing) I will get a better brew with fresh ground coffee and an old machine than pre ground in a slightly upgraded espresso machine ? If manual is the only way to get a consistent grind or i need to save for a bit longer I would consider either. I dont want to spend money on the wrong grinder. I currently drink a lot of espresso and use a french press, I also have moka pot for holiday and I guess most grinders will be fine for the latter two. I looking to spend £100 - £150 - ( reconditioned / used would be fine ) any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Hello, After researching grinders from the information on the forum, and each time I think I've narrowed my search done to the "one", there's a post elsewhere suggesting why it may not be the "one". I'm looking for one grinder that is suitable for the Aeropress, and for espresso on a La Pavoni Euro. I like using the Feldgrind, and as I only drink 2 cups a day, it suits just fine, but my daughter finds it a faff, so I'd like to narrow down my search for a grinder that would suit our use, and then just keep an eye open for one with a suitable price. I thought I wanted a 2nd hand Mignon, but surprised, despite it's retail price, that it's not seen as suitable - clumps, hassle to change between espresso/brewed etc. I'm not sure if I want to look at those designed for the home, or which ex-commercial is a better buy etc., which specific features would be suitable etc, on demand, doser, lens cap etc. Just wondering what you would recommend ?, and how much I should be budgeting to spend to get what we need ?. I'm pretty sure once I've sampled the output from a suitable grinder, I'll find out how limited my current setup is, but I'm happy to live in that wee bubble for a bit longer. Thank you for your time. Tony
  3. hi guys, this week im getting my la pavoni machine, but im still unsure what grinder to get for it i dont mind if its a electrical or manual grinder or new or used, just mi budget is limited to 350€ wanted to get the OE Pharos, but its a bit pricier to get him to slovakia any suggestions what other grinders are there for me?
  4. Will a decent grinder I.e Eureka Mignon stop bottomless portafilter spray? (this isn't my only reason for buying a new grinder! Just wondering) Thanks All.
  5. Hi All, I've got the opportunity to purchase a used 2 year old Mingon grinder for £200, which has only been 'lightly used' (but everyone says that) Is that a fair price, I'm not sure what the depreciation is on grinders! Thanks in advance.
  6. I just purchased a Gaggia Classic pre-philips version (after reading lot of blogs). Next thing is to buy rancilio silvia wand, get OPV mod done and buy non pressurized basket. But I understand that even after doing all these upgrades/mod's it will not produce a good espresso unless I have a good grinder. I am on budget and cant buy an expensive grinder (may be in future). Can someone suggest me which grinder I can get to start with? I want to spend around £50 and get a decent used grinder to start brewing. I am new to coffee world and to this forum so please be easy.
  7. Hi I wanted some advice on the options for a grinder, I am looking to a Gaggia Classic what would be a good grinder I looking to budget £150 - £200 for the grinder.
  8. Hi I have decided to upgrade from a nespresso to a good quality espresso maker. I am still researching what to buy in this space although I am leaning towards a lever machine. I understand that the most critical piece of equipment is the grinder. I currently just use a hario for brewing on v60 or aeropress. I was originally thinking of getting a Eureka Mignon and upgrading later. The Mignon seems like a good bang for the buck lower end motorised grinder. However, after much searching I have run across the big hand grinders - the Grist, the Pharos and the HG-One. The cheaper end of this hand grinder spectrum is the Lido E hand grinder at about £150. What I am looking for: Budget ~ £800 ideally much less as that would mean I could spend more on the espresso machine. So this makes me lean towards the Mignon / Lido E as I could probably get the machine and grinder for about this budget. Coffee - I currently use brewing methods but want a grinder that I can use primarily for espresso once I buy a machine. Ease of Use - I know this doesn't seem right when talking about hand grinders but I don't want something that is a lot of trouble to use. I am aware (having used Hario) what hand grinding involves - I just don't want to be cursing every morning when making coffee. Size - I have only a smallish footprint in my kitchen for the grinder so a massive commercial would not be an option. The three hand grinders listed while not small are able to fit. The three grinders. The Pharos - lowest on my want list although it's retail price is right at £250 available in Uk (I think this is the latest version). Having watched it in use it seems to be a bit of a beast to grind with and the whole shaking it to get the grounds out puts me off. I suspect that this would quickly start to annoy me. I do appreciate this is a trade off for the bang for buck for its grinding performance. The HG-One - very pricey and seems that you have to buy direct from the US, also does not seem to have much availability. Looks nice and seems to be quite easy to use. It is the largest of the 3 and would be over £800 with shipping and duty etc. The Mahlgut Grist - I can't find much information about this one but it appeals to me the most. It is similar size to Pharos, is priced between a Pharos and a HG-One at about £600 and seems to be also reasonably easy to use (sticks to counter and has a grounds tray). However, I have found only one real review of it on a different forum which was glowing but I am concerned it has been out for a while and there are not a lot of reviews. This was a bit lengthy but I am looking for people's experiences with these grinders especially the Grist. Ideally, I would like to buy into a grinder I won't need or want to replace for a while. If I am not decided then I will go down the Lido E or Mignon route in short term realising that I can always resell them. Thanks
  9. Hi. i am thinking of going up the ladder a few steps on my grinder in early january. But getting confused. I really want one that i can weigh and throw in my 18g and grind. I wouldnt like having to keep a full hopper of beans or anything too modded, easily adjustable and it cant really look ridiculously industrial!! height is not an issue as no cuboards to worry about, and it would be used for my classic, and various pour overs, but mainly espresso. looking at second hand due to budget, so around the £250 mark Thinking the mazzer mini may be a good noticable step up from my current grinder (sage smart), but open to suggestions... Will keep an eye out on the for sale thread beginning of jan and pray for my perfect grinder to turn up. Any suggestions would be really appreciated Louis
  10. I currently have a DIP DKS-65 grinder which is great actually, but it has got me wondering what the next level up on this would be? Would a Euerka Zenith be considered a step up? Or am I looking at much more expensive territory? Really cant decide what would be a step up, or if I'd be wasting my money with anything else south of £1k. Thanks in advance
  11. I'm budgeting under £600 for an on demand with short hopper to replace my current super jolly. I've narrowed down to probably a Eureka Zenith 65E for £590 or the Nuova Simonelli MDX for £535 (aren't they the same machine?). Any other suggestions for this price point? I only make 1-2 a day..
  12. Looking at buying a new machine to replace my Sage Barista Express, it has served me well over the past 2 years but feel the time is right to upgrade. Looking at either a Londinium R or a Profitec 700 but thats for another discussion. Due to the above I understand I require a Grinder that will get the most out of my new setup. I have spent hours (days) researching and have now narrowed the search down somewhat but still struggling to know if I am barking up the wrong tree so to speak, the 2 Grinders that "seem" to fit the bill are as below - Eureka Olympus 75e (with titanium burrs) £899 Ceado E375S £1,089 (currently reduced) I would welcome any advice on the above or if anyone can recommend any other models I should be looking at? I guess its hard for me (as I haven't spent this much on a grinder before) to understand if the differences will only be subtle and how to make decision without experience of using them?! Any help is much appreciated before my eyes go square Thanks in advance Mark
  13. Hello, we have just joined the forum. We are starting a small mobile coffee\food business and have found this forum really helpful and informative.....thanks to all the knowledgable folk that have taken time to share their wisdom. we went for a Fracino Contempo 2 group in the end as needed duel fuel, but are still unsure about which grinder. can anyone please advise? we have a budget of up to £1000 We want an on demand. At least 65 mm flat burrs. The grinder will be powered off an inverter. any suggestions gratefully received... We would like suggestions of 2 or 3 models that we can then do further research,read reviews etc. thanks in advance phil.
  14. Hi All, I've been lurking for a while and decided to finally pick some brains about my predicament. I've been drinking V60 and French Press for a while, but last year decided to get into milk based espresso drinks. Being naive, I bought a consumer espresso machine (at a good price compared to its RRP) which turned out to be rather poor (surprise surprise). Just before Christmas I decided to start looking into more prosumer machines and decided on the Silvia (with a Rocky grinder). Something inside told me that this wasn't right, so in the end I didn't purchase either. Since, I've researched various machines and finally settled on the NS Oscar 2. The lead time kept slipping and it eventually arrived fresh from the factory in the middle of February. For my V60, I'd been using a Hario Mini Mill. Obviously, I didn't expect this to be useable with the Oscar, but I had no idea what to actually purchase. I took a chance on the Mahlkonig Vario and got some interesting results. I only managed to pull about 10 shots before the thing started to sound like it was labouring. I quickly backed it off to the coarsest setting, but it was dead. The 10 shots I had managed to pull were all rather speedy and under extracted, even with the grinder on some of the finest settings. The company I purchased from agreed a refund with no hassle and collected the machine. Going forward, I'm not sure if I should try another Vario (because I do like the timer, form factor, etc), or whether I should look at something else. I'm working around the £250-£350 price range and size is a factor. The Eureka Mignon has caught my eye, but I'm not sure whether to believe the hype. Any opinions and suggestions are welcome. Apologies if this is in the wrong board. J
  15. Hey, I've finally got around to trying to calibrate the grind settings on my MC2, following the instructions on Happy Donkey. Despite doing a number of grinds, and making the grind finer and finer, it only takes around 11 seconds to get 2oz of coffee, but should take 22-25 secs apparently. That's from approximately 14 grammes of grounds. I'm wary of continuing down this route as I'm worried about the blades touching and blowing the motor. Is this just a consequence of the reputed (over) high pressure that the Gaggia Classic ships with, or am I doing something else wrong? Thanks, Keith
  16. Hi to all. I'm fairly new to this coffee brewing. I have bought a second hand Gaggia classic which had a Roncillio v2. I have upgraded this to a Roncillio v3 which I saw on one of the forums. I understand that a grinder is needed. Can anyone give me advice on which one to get. New or second hand upto around £80 OR £90
  17. Hi everyone, Alun here, im looking to buy a grinder, id spend up to 300£ as id fancied the mignon, but ive seen Foundry coffe with a compak k3 for sale on the forum. or does anyone rate the gaggia mdf? Which one would should i get? any help would be great thanks! Al
  18. I use my Mazzer Major E for whichever bean I have a decent supply of (I tend to buy by the kilo). I do however quite like a good decaf, as well as the option of having a guest espresso available - I can't purge, redial, etc the Major realistically, it's too wasteful. So I'm after a second grinder, but I've been told in no uncertain terms I can have no extra worktop space. I've interpreted this as I can have a bit of space. I think my options are either a very small Mignon-ish sized grinder, or a hand grinder. My key criteria are therefore: - small - ideally under £200 - easy to dial in for espresso due to less frequent use - smooth stepless changes suitable for small grind adjustments - the less clumpy the better I'm leaning towards the Lido E - my logic is it'll be a better grind quality and less clumpy than any small grinder under £300, and it's grind adjustment would be better for my needs than the feld/hausgrind. Has anyone used the Lido E a decent amount? Have I overlooked a small electric grinder which would deliver what I'm after?
  19. I am using a Taiwanese made Mini replica, not bad at all, thinking to upgrade to a SJ or used model with a 75 mm or bigger burr for home use, mostly for 6 double shot daily, and old brew for the weekend and once a while French Press
  20. Hi there! I've had my trusty De'Longhi KG79 for nearly 3 years now and have generally been very happy with it. I generally utilize it for V60's or Aeropress based coffees. However, I guess like a lot of people who stumble across this forum and are then quickly transfixed by all the possible upgrade options I am now thinking about upgrading this piece of kit for two reasons: 1) everyone says it's likely to produce the biggest change in coffee-tasting results and 2) a potential move towards an entry level espresso machine such as the Gaggia Classic. Having done a bit of research it seems the Mazzer SJ might be a good step up and a quick look through the sale forum and other auction based websites suggests there might be a bargain to be had if bought cautiously. My questions are: 1) Am I likely to benefit/experience from such a grinder for humble V60/Aeropress made drinks as much as I am if used to grind for espresso and utilised in conjuction with a Gaggia Classic for example? 2) What specifics should I be looking out for if buying second hand from auction-based websites (other than standard cosmetic stuff)? Thanks!
  21. I currently have a Mazzer SJ and R58. I would like some feedback from anyone who owns any of these grinders regarding any difference in extracting the full potential of beans in terms of flavour notes?
  22. Evening all. I've recently won a Fiorenzato grinder on eBay that'll be winging its way over to me soon: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302048036813?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2648&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I'm fairly sure it is, but can someone confirm I have actually bought a T80? The plan is to refurbish as necessary, replace the hopper with something smaller and remove the doser. I have a 3D printer at home so will probably try make most bits entirely custom. I'm expecting to have to do the burrs and have read that Mazzer SJ burrs would also fit - can anyone confirm and recommend if I should go down this route, or stick with a set of OE Fiorenzato burrs? Once it's here I'll be on with the strip down, modification & rebuild images! Cheers, Ben
  23. Have recently seen this advertised and wondered if anyone knew of the model please? Thanks
  24. So I am going to buy my first espresso machine for home but really need some advice as to what I should get. I initially was leaning towards the barista express as it has everything all in one but I am mainly a cappuccino drinker so steaming is very important to me so now think I would be better saving a bit more and going for a dual boiler. I use a commercial machine at work everyday ( San Marco 85e ) so am used to high speed steaming and would like to get as close to it for home. I like the look of the sage dual boiler and a sage dose control grinder but what do you good folk think? Should I go down the route of second hand to hopefully get more bang for my buck? What about the expobar leva would it suit me more? Thanks.
  25. Sooooo, this is a bit of a weird questions, but I am actually getting married in the coming months and am playing with the idea of putting a beautiful grinder on the registration list. Of course I don't want to put something too expensive and have guests feeling like I'm trying to milk them for as much as I can get.....because let's be honest, that's no fun. What would you consider to be a good quality option that isn't jaw droppingly expensive? And if you were checking out a registration list, what price point would you think is reasonable and at what point would you exclaim "are they nuts!?!?!?!" Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!
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