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Found 123 results

  1. Ok, so 6 months on, no complaints whatsoever. Fast, fluffy, lovely volcano-like mound, bugger all retention. Great workflow. Ram portafilter in, press button, blink, tamp and go. Having just started faffing about with V60/Aeropress, i've found that i won't grind coarse enough for a V60. Which was surprising. I have installed both shims and espresso hits the mark at step 5.5-7 on the 1-31 scale (1 being finest). Various docs online indicate that 1 shim shifts the grind by 6 steps, so if i removed a shim, i'd be at the very end of the scale for espresso. The Aeropress went fine. If one applies enough pressure, i guess hitting any extraction time is doable. V60, i was aiming for 20g coffee, 330g water, V60-2 size in a total of 3 mins with some probably-irrelevant faffing in that time. Sette was set to step 31 - as coarse as possible. After 3 mins, i had maybe 5mm of liquid left The sheen went and it was dry at 4m10s. Now if i was aiming for that, great. I could just chuck the tablespoon of liquid and forget about it - it makes no difference, in the great big scheme of things. Maybe the recipe is off (is it a bit wild?). I guess i'm just a bit peeved that with 31 steps to play with, miracles are not delivered. At some point i'll remove the shim and see if i can get it useful at both ends. Maybe with stock (not VST) portafilter, one could grind less fine for espresso and definitely lose a shim? How many shims have others put in their 270s?
  2. Hi, I'm selling my trusty coffee grinder, a Compak K3 Touch. I have only owned it for about 4 months, and I bought it second hand from a place called Wogan Coffee in Bristol, so it was a trusted place where all of their appliances are checked and in top condition. This is an absolutely fantastic grinder which can easily from filter all the way to very fine espresso grind, I'm simply selling because it is above my needs - I mostly make filter coffee. I personally have only put around 5-10kg of beans through it, so it really hasn't seen a huge amount of use. I have always cleaned this grinder and looked after it after each use, and it has served me incredibly well. I am after £100. I would prefer pickup from Bristol, in the BS6 area. I'm not totally against posting but it may take me a little while as I'm quite busy. Don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions. Rory
  3. Hi all, so ive just received the Kalita wave 155 in SS as a birthday present, which I’m excited to get started using. HOWEVER, I’m just wondering how the 155 compares to the 185 if you were brewing for just one cup? From comparing the two brewers, they seem to have quite different shapes. The 155 version seems to have much more vertical edges than the 185, which is a lot more slanted. Im only brewing about 14g of coffee to 230g water. So my question is, would the extraction of the two brewers (155 and 185) differ because of the difference in shape? And would I be better off with a 185, or will the 155 suit my needs for a single cup? My final question is this- how should I generally adapt my recipe from the v60 to the Kalita wave 155? Thanks!!
  4. Not sure if anyone else has seen this but I’m certainly interested
  5. Hey Peeps, My other half just picked me up some of this from Prufrock: https://www.koppi.se/shop/guatemala-finca-el-mirador I needed something for espresso but this is actually roasted for filter and I'm stocked up at the moment... Wondered if anyone fancied it? It cost £13 which I'd like to get back but I'll cover first class postage to anywhere in the UK. I've literally been given it 5 minutes ago and it was roasted on the 11th July so good to go! Cheers
  6. I'm looking for advice on water treatment - I know the subject has been done to death, but I also know that there must be several forum members who have very similar circumstances and I'm interested in what has worked well for you. I'm about to have a kitchen extension done and would like to stop using bottled water to feed my machine. I have a Classic now, but of course with a bigger kitchen comes space for a bigger machine, so I will upgrade and am thinking of going with something plumbed in. London water being what is is, that will of course involve some sort of treatment to reduce the hardness - 278ppm according to Thames Water. I have a cheap TDS meter which read quite a bit higher (360ppm) but I reckon their results are more reliable. Taste is clearly just as important so I'll want to reduce the chlorine level in the water too. I will also have an instant boiling water tap, which again needs protection from scale, so it would make sense to have one system to feed both that and the coffee machine. I'm considering: A small Reverse Osmosis unit with reminerlization filter, maybe from Osmio BWT Bestmax Premium Or even this, which I know little about, but seems an expensive option https://www.uk-water-filters.co.uk/Whole_of_House_with_Scale_Reduction.html I like the simplicity of the Bestmax, but not sure that's a reason to choose it. So do any of my fellow London coffee drinkers have any recommendations? What has worked for you?
  7. Hi guys Have just booked a long weekend in Berlin for end of March/start of April. I've read about Bonanza, Coffee CK, Kristiania, NoMoreSleep and TheBarn but would like to hear experiences from you lot since you are fussy like me Anybody been over and found decent places? Cheers Michael
  8. A new pack of Dutch filters from Amazon that look different to others I've had, I haven't noticed this 'V60' imprint before - are these the usual Dutch type? I'm a bit confused because the Dutch filters are usually described as thicker than the Japanese ones, these look thinner to me. A few test pours comparing this to the Japanese tabless type give similar drain times of 41s +/- 1s for 400g of water, but despite looking thinner actual brew times so far seem if anything to be a bit longer. Maybe the paper looks thinner but is a finer weave so flow is more restricted?
  9. Hi all, Im using my aeropress and v60 to make coffee these days, and I am at the moment just using a Brita water filter to make the coffee, I was just wondering whether it's better to use bottled water instead, if so which brand? Would this noticeably change the taste? Thanks! Rory
  10. Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything on a quick search. I'm after a grinder upgrade - I've been using a small Dualit conical burr grinder for several years now, and whilst the rest of my coffee equipment and brewing technique has been completely revolutionised, the grinder has become the weak link with an inconsistent grind that is affecting the consistency of my cups. It needs an upgrade. I tend to prove it a mixture of styles – predominantly AeroPress and pourover/Chemex, with the occasional siphon and French press pot. At some point in the next few years getting the specific machine, but haven't got the space/time/money for it right now. I am after a new grinder for £300-400 that would be usable for the break methods are used now, but also be a suitable match for a heat exchanger espresso machine, which I hope to get in the next couple of years. Thanks, a.
  11. I've gone back to basics recently by dusting off the french press, but dont like the sludge left in the cup. To counter this I've been pouring my french press brew through a V60 filter into the cup. Dead simple and makes for a delicious coffee (without any sludge) but any thoughts on why this isn't done more widely? I've not seen it done in cafes but us this just a financial decision...or am I too fussy?!
  12. Greetings - I've been looking for the best value (minimum negative factors), low-cost (under £100 delivered, preferably under £75) electric grinder for Hario filter, Aeropress and occasional French press. I usually make one quite large, very strong mug of filter with breakfast, sometimes as using as much as 30g of beans, and mornings here are busy, so I'm not keen to hand grind. Based on responses to my post in the Introductions subforum, plus research here and elsewhere, I have narrowed it down to: Graef CM702 ~£85 may have same higher-quality burrs as Baratza? got a good referral on my other thread polarized reviews for similar US version Krups GX610050 on Amazon.com Bodum Bistro ~£60 mostly good Amazon reviews except for it not grinding fine enough for espresso a couple of posts here cited it as not too bad it's got a bit of style, too, which counts I could look for better used machines, but is there a point? I have to say, I hesitated posting this question because the discussion here seems to focus on espresso and much higher-end grinders. But I really like my Hario and Aeropress, only need a basic grinder, and thought it might be of interest to a few people. Unless there's an unexpected option, I'll probably get the Bodum and leave myself a few more £££ for beans Thanks, all. ~KBZ
  13. Hi has any one had any experience of using one of these, http://www.hario.co.uk/water-dripper-clear.html it may be on the xmas list, but I would appreciate some feedback. how concentrated is the end product, could you bottle this and use it as a concentrate in hot water after ? also as a pure cold brew how good is it, can you get the same strength as an immersion method with the grounds into a kiner jar and then filtering. hope someone's got some experience to share. cheers
  14. Hi guys so we at CupNorth got involved with Nordic Approach, Workshop, and Coffee Sourcing in a little project that will help a farming community directly in a little project that we called "cows for Gitesi". The coffee was sold at Cupnorth for £5 a bag (250g) and is currently being sold at £8 in the Workshop website. We have a few bags left and just wondered if anyone wants to buy some great coffee for a great cause at a great price. I would ask the same £5 per pag + postage (if someone wants to advise me the best way to send I appreciate) a bargain for a Rwandan Cup of Excellence! all money goes to the farm. more about the farm/project/coffee on the links above. The coffee was roasted for filter and those that were at cupnorth and visited the workshop stand can confirm how delicious it is! I'll need to check how many bags we have left, but if anyone wants some can you just add your name and how many bags you would like. *for the moderators - I hope this post does not infringe any of the forum rules. Just let me know if it does*
  15. Wanted to know if there is a kit people recommend on here for checking the condition/hardness of my tap water. I'm currently running it through a brita filter jug before it goes into the classic so would like to check it then also to see if the jug is doing much.
  16. I'm going to buy a metal filter for my Aeropress at work (I use the inverted method). Does anyone have an opinion on which might be the best of the three types to which I have narrowed down my choice? The Kohi Labs The Able The Kaffeologie S-Filter
  17. Hey all, just waiting on my car insurance payout then should be pulling the trigger on a new machine. Looking at the brewtus probably with a rotary pump and plumbing it in. What sort of water filter should I be looking at getting? Cant spend a fortune (as the better half isn't overly impressed with spending 1k+ on a machine) but don't even know where to start looking! Ta
  18. For anyone who missed these on Kickstarter and wants one, they are now available to buy from kohi labs for $23.50 posted...http://kohilabs.com/product/filter-for-aeropress/
  19. Im going to be playing around with some cold brew ideas at home, got some interesting ideas to play around with in terms of coffee/gear etc however trying to work out the best and most cost effective way of filtering over 5L of water at any given time. I rent where I live so no options for installing anything wild. Any thoughts?
  20. Hi all, Talking solely for filter coffee here. I have narrowed my next grinder down to two: an Uber Grinder (or Mahlkonig Tanzania) or an EK43. I don't want to be put off by price... Which grinder and why?
  21. Dear all, Hello, I am finally back on track, after having a cup of cappuccino, I felt that the caffeine is working on me again. I am no longer immune to caffeine and I am a normal person now =D. But sadly, I was wondering what's wrong with my gaggia classic at the moment. If I remove the portafilter from the group head, the gasket tends to slide out of its supposed position when the machine has been warmed up. And sometimes, if I didn't lock my portafilter tight enough, there will be a leak of water during extraction from the side of the portafilter lids. Does this mean that I need to change my gasket? How frequent should I be changing my gasket? It has been 4 months since I have this machine and according to the seller, the gasket has been changed to a new one. And one more technique that I am still confused with. Doesn't gasket (rubber) harden when exposed to heat very frequently? And if I am to turn on the machine in the morning for a warm up, is it better to turn on the steam switch as well for a longer period of heat engagement within a short period of time? Or should I only be switching on the power button and let the machine warm up itself slowly one at a time? And while this warming up procedure is going on, is it wiser to leave the portafilter locked up in the group head or should I remove it and place it at a side? Advices needed please, I am still a novice although I have been trying hard for practice ever since the first day I got the whole setup, which is about 4 months ago. Thank you very much if you guys could help. =D
  22. I was just giving my Duo temp pro a spring clean and I wondered if anyone had tried theirs without the filter, and if so, did they, you, get any more pressure through the head? I always use bottled water, because what comes out of our tap tastes awful, so maybe the filter is overkill? All comments or experiences very welcome.
  23. Hi All, I've been trying desperately for a while to not dip my toe into trying to mix bottled waters for the "ideal" brew, and instead settled on using Waitrose Essential with my Aeropress. However, I've just received a Kalita Wave, and after working out how many bottles I'll go through a week it's time to consider alternatives to bottled. While chatting to Chris from Has Bean, he mentioned that tap water put through a BWT Mg2 filter is pretty good, so I wondered if anyone here uses these and can shed some light on how good they are for pour over brewing? I've seen it mentioned in a couple of the other water-related threads but no indication of if it's any good... To pre-empt some responses, I suspect it will depend a lot on the tap water I'm starting with before filtering... Does anyone have recommendations for a kit to test the current properties of my tap water to get an idea of what needs to be tweaked? Cheers, Jon
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