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Found 74 results

  1. Hello! I was looking for some coffee lovers and found this lovely forum! If you have some time (about 4 minutes) I would be grateful if you could support my bachelor thesis survey about coffee. Link to the survey : surveylegend.com/s/1xp7 Thanks a lot!
  2. Bugan coffee in Bergamo do V60 and espresso using single origins. Had a V60 of Ethiopian SO. Was decent but 6 euros! Given a standard coffee here is 1 euro I can't see it being a success
  3. Hello, I am moving from Bow, where I've lived for years to Woodford Green. It's a completely new area that I know very little about. Of course part of the fun will be to explore it but I would like to know if anyone has got a recommendation of a good café around there. I am mostly into espresso and lattes but I want to experiment more with other types of coffee.
  4. Paid a visit to here on Monday. Full disclosure I know one the Barista's here from his time in Lancaster. It's a 12 month residency at the Old Bank In Manchester. Directions etc here https://www.swansong.coffee Coffee wise, absolutely Fab. This is labour of love for the guys running it. Roasters changing every two week, with some real variety in there. They had a choice of Huck Roaster or Cloud Picker for filter, with Heart and Graft on espresso. On recommendation went for the washed Ethiopian from Cloud Picker on v60. It was delicious, syrupy sweet citrus. Top three this year. I bought a bag and its been delicious at home as espresso and brewed also. If you see a guy called Andy there, say Martin sent you, and he is more than happy to chat roasters and geek out with people.
  5. swai

    Custom Linea

    Hi all, Just saw this custom Linea in a cafe here in Dublin. Quite cool, seems to be a full refurb. Just wondering if anyone else has seen custom versions of similar or anyone customised there own?
  6. Hi there! My name's Jake, and though a long time coffee enthusiast I've finally signed up to this forum as I'm I'm the planning stages of opening my own Coffee shop! We're opening (Providing everything goes well with our property viewing next week!) In an approx 1800 Sqft unit a Cafe with a roaster in the back to supply our own, and other Cafe's in the long run! Currently planning to set up with a La Marzocco Strada AP, with a couple K30 Grinders to suit, the only thing im stuck for choice on at the moment is Loveramics, or Acme cups, Hmmmm.
  7. I'm taking a trip to the Channel Islands soon- are there any decent coffee shops worth visiting on Guernsey?
  8. Hi, I am selling our san remo opera 2 coffee machine. We have had it for 2 years. In excellent condition, 3 group head. From our shop we closed last year in bath (hunter & sons). Please get in touch if interested. Open to resonable offers. Will organise shipping to anywhere in the uk. Thanks
  9. Hi, we closed our cafe down in bath last year and we are looking to sell our coffee machine (san remo opera 2) and some well looked after kitchen kit. Does anyone have any reccomendations on where i can sell them? Thanks.
  10. More on the edge of Covent Garden but what a find. Ordered a flat white under house blend espresso - dark tasting flat white with a hint of plum (sweet and not the normal sour taste). They also have a range of coffees you can take away - I was that impressed by the espresso blend I ordered 400g for around 10 quid. Easily to replicate the taste 18.5/36g 40 seconds (7 seconds starts to pour). You can have coffees served from standard machine espressos to halogen lamp pour overs. The hot chocolate (according to my better half) was out of this world -I took a taste and it was that rich spicy chocolate taste - not your bog standard sweet sugary stuff. Nice. Couple of pictures _DSF4625_FlatWhite by Mark Barnes, on Flickr _DSF4627_CoffeeBeansSign by Mark Barnes, on Flickr _DSF4585_CoffeeVendingMachines1 by Mark Barnes, on Flickr _DSF4594_CoffeeVendingMachines2 by Mark Barnes, on Flickr _DSF4606_CoffeeStaff by Mark Barnes, on Flickr _DSF4632_Coffeeshots1 by Mark Barnes, on Flickr
  11. At last!!! A real cafe in Aberdeen - Figment Coffee, 70 Countesswells Road, Aberdeen AB15 7YJ. Just paid a visit, had a cortado, met owner (Neil) - doing everything RIGHT! Great news for Aberdeen.
  12. Hi coffee drinkers! I am Swede who is about to start a new café this autumn, and I'm therefore curious to know about your coffeshop habits. I've created a survey with a response time of approx. 2 minutes (answers are 100% anonymous). I would be truly grateful if you could take the time to conduct it. Thank you in advance! This is the link to the short survey: https://goo.gl/forms/IKrnU9NNghr5Gyo52 Best regards, David
  13. I'm working there for a few days the week after next, and can't say I've ever had any noteworthy coffee there, but then I've never really sought it out either. I'm staying at the Aria and won't have buckets of time to trek down to the far ends of the strip. Anything worthwhile, or should I mentally prepare myself for Starbucks?
  14. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/indepth/25-pictures-of-britains-secret-underground-city-—-built-to-protect-the-government-from-nuclear-attack/ss-AAwVWhB?ocid=spartanntp&fullscreen=true#image=14 Yes I was seduced by clickbait. Don't judge me; I'm only human. Looks a great period piece though. Any idea what it would have dispensed? The make looks like Stott.
  15. Hi guys, Just a quick plug for a new coffee shop I am barista'ing at. Feel to free to move to appropriate page? Rockcity is an indoor climbing centre and skatepark in Hull and we've recently opened a new specialty coffee shop space in the venue. We've got beans from Manchester-based Heart and Graft in the hopper and plan to have changing local coffees on v60 and batch brew. You can even spectate the extreme sports whilst you sip your flat white (safe and risk free!) OR you could give it a try! Anyone in the area drop me a line or stop by for a drink!
  16. I'm curious as to where people think is the most exciting city/area for coffee. Berlin seems really interesting and packed full of roasters/cafes and I'm really keen to go, but there's plenty of other fantastic roasters and cafes around the world. I thought Dublin was really cool, and I always enjoy a visit to London. Plenty of Scandi countries look promising too. Perhaps some folks who are better traveled than I could impart their thoughts, I'd be keen to hear them! TLDR: If you could visit one place to drink at some of the best cafes, where would you go?
  17. Just spent a great day refining my self taught skills at Origin Coffee Coffee roasters London shop. It was the Barista Foundation course run by the SCA. It was superbly delivered by Dan O'Regan. Great kit to play with: Linea machines with al the electronics and some lovely Mythos grinders ( I know understand why people rave about them ). More confident and also importantly refined in my approach. Big Thumbs up to Origin ( who also do some great coffees ) for their delivery, passion and enthusiasm.
  18. Saw this machine at the Manchester Coffee Festival yesterday, thought it was a custom jobby but actually just a machine from Sanremo. Nice looking centrepiece: http://www.sanremomachines.com/en/machines/caferacer/
  19. As per Glenn's suggestion here's a new thread for the autumn / winter season London Meet Up, shout out to @jlarkin, @hotmetal, @Hibbsy, @MediumRoastSteam from the old thread and happy to see anyone new interested I'm free most weekends and I do understand it might be hard to pick a date which works for all, but lets try anyway I'll kick it off with: who's available in Sept (weekends, probably best to opt for Saturdays as some places might be shut on Sundays)? T.
  20. So i bought a Gaggia classic last year but I'm looking to upgrade to something a little nicer. I was thinking of starting a coffee van so maybe an industrial machine is the way to go. Any suggestions of makes or models would be great. I'm looking for a secondhand machine with a budget of £1000. Any links would be much appreciated.
  21. Hi there, I mentioned a couple of months ago about the launch of my clothing brand Coffee Clothing Collective. Each month I work with different roasters to bring the best speciality coffee the UK is making with all my clothing orders. I have worked with Quarter horse and Colonna so far and have a few more lined up. If anyone is interested in working together even if you aren't a roaster and you would like me to come and do a pop up shop in your store, let me know. http://Www.coffeeclothingcollective.co.uk [email protected] Cheers guys Chris
  22. Does anybody, anywhere, actually take CaféPay? I've been given a Frank Green cup as a gift and was wondering where I can actually use it to buy a coffee? Having done a google and twitter search, the only place I can seem to find that takes it, close to me, is Social Bite in Edinburgh. You can register for the CaféPay app to see a map of locations but you have to give your credit card details as part of the registration process so I'm not going to do that unless there's a chance I'm going to use it regularly. (Which is very unlikely if there are hardly any places that take it). I guess if nowhere takes it then it's a drip free keep cup replacement!
  23. Anybody tried Su Casa in Ayr? Or is there anywhere better in town? Spending a couple of days there in July & need a good coffee stop.
  24. Hi all, we're just leaving for a vacation to Slovenia, could anyone chime in with some tips on where to go for a good coffee in Ljubljana and the west part of the country? Thanks a lot!
  25. On a short visit to Berlin with my wife we stayed at a hotel on Uhlandstrasse and quite by chance walked past this coffeeshop and roastery. My wife is on a low-caffeine regime for medical reasons (I know, I know... I'll miss her) so I only managed one quick visit before we left. It's a very multi-talented cafe - they roast their own beans on site so you have the option of buying something you like the taste of. There's an extensive menu of nearly 40 coffess with single origin and various blends. They also do a wide range of tea and other drinks as well, plus chocolates and cakes (Oma's Apfelkuchen was delicious). The entire beverage menu was nearly 70 pages and more than half of it is coffee and tea. I'm afraid the limits of my German and time pressure meant I didn't get details about their roasting and equipment but this is clearly a place that takes their coffee very seriously and is well worth a look. It's just off the busy Kurfurstumdamm shopping street, near Uhlandstrasse U-bahn station. Here's a link to an English review site, which also has the shop's website for those who sprechen Deutsche.
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