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  1. They had one, but was a test unit. The bullet does not have CE certification so they won't have it in stock. Aillio plans to aquire the certification this summer, hopefully. They ship it to Europe, but Hungary has a 10% import tax and 27%vat, so adding this to the 2600 USD +250USD shipping would be rather expensive. I was hoping somebody sells it within Europe.
  2. Does anyone know if it is available in Europe or not? The machine does not have CE certification (they might have it this summer, based on Aillio support message), so I assume we cannot find stock in Europe.
  3. I will answer all the questions you have or will have in the future as well. If well maintained (which does not require a lot of extra time, other then drying it completely with paper tissue), it can outlast any of us .
  4. The o-rings and the extra base is worth around 30-50 GBP.
  5. I'm selling my Bacchi Espresso machine (same as on the website: http://www.1st-line.com/store/pc/Caffemotive-Bacchi-Stovetop-Espresso-Maker-p6429.htm). It was not used a lot and looks like new. I'll also provide an extra set of o-rings and an extra base. It is known that if you leave it on the stove-top for too long, the base can potentially bend.
  6. Hi Dylan, Of course it is Ok with me. Let's split the fee. It is a fair offer. I'll send you some close shots later this evening. Once you receive the item I'll be happy to tell you on Skype how to maintain it. I'm very particular about things so I've exchanged hundreds of emails with Ross, so I almost know everything about his devices. The device looks and works as a brand new version. Only the plastic base has some scratches on the bottom, the tamper does not. Tamas
  7. Hi Dylan, Thanks for your interest. The multipurpose base is the regular base a on Ross Spencer's website. I'm ok with the price, but I would prefer to be paid first. No offense, people used my trust against me before and I've lost money. If you find the Rossa to be damaged or in not a good condition, you can send it back and I would refund the money. However the Rossa has been cleaned after every use, people in the office asked me if it is new... I can take a few pics for you when I get home and you can decide if you like it or not. Moreover, I can give some advice in maintaining the Rossa, especially the cylinder. Tamas
  8. Hi All, I'm willing to sell my Portaspresso Rossa PG Alu with all its accessories if I get the right price. What is included: Main Body Air Cylinder Cylinder Filling Adapter Filter Basket - 14g Naked Filter Head Tamper Rossa Multi-Purpose Base Instruction Manual in PDF The device has no stains and no scratches. I'm attaching some pics, which will include the Rosco Mini and other accessories, which are not for sale. The device was not used on a daily base, it was used on average every second weekend and during travel. I'm selling it because I'm getting the brass unit to match it with the Rosco. I'm selling it for 250 GBP + shipping , which should be around 30 GBP (tracked EMS post). The device is built to last, it has no plastic parts, therefore it could last a lifetime if the user follows the manual. I live in Hungary so shipping within Europe will save the huge customs fee and postage is reduced also. I am accepting PayPal as payment option. Here is a pic of the Rossa, along with other products , which I'm not going to sell. http://i60.tinypic.com/2cpq1xv.jpg' alt='2cpq1xv.jpg'>
  9. It seems that this thread started to die... Here is a pic of my setup. Rossa PG Alu, Rosco Mini etc. protected by a pelican case. [ATTACH=CONFIG]14271[/ATTACH]
  10. Does anyone own both the Air and HC? If yes, what is your opinion about ease of use? Thanks.
  11. I own both Rosco Mini and Alu Rossa PG. It is the real deal. Expensive, but worth it...
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