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  1. Thiught id replied to this already... the rocket was not really in budget for me - the Lelit was a bit of a stretch too!
  2. Yup at some point... finding some limitations now and a few timed grind seems to be between steps. The Graef has done me proud till now though.
  3. Re the questions over water tank space it is v tight but easily resolved with a bit of common sense (nothing to do with me my wife does the common sense for both of us)!
  4. It’s a beaut still really enjoying it, looks awesome getting used to the steaming! i was hesitant to spend so much money but compared to other similar machines it is a no brainier for me. making such an investment does make me look after something better though, just been giving it a backflush and only putting mineral water through it haha
  5. One of the joys of of working from home today! Not the best pour, still adjusting to the Lelit - getting there!
  6. @jimbojohn55 could you pm me your address? Everything else is all packaged up so going to the post office his pm. Otherwise will have to wait till another weekend. Would prefer to get t out of the way today if possible. thanks Ian
  7. Still incredibly pleased with my choice, I was originally looking at an ex display Oscar or s new Oscar 2 but really glad I went for this instead. Some thoughts a weekish on. Steam power is awesome (has negatively affected my latte art as I get used to it but meh) The water filling is no issue now I’ve adjusted The warm up time is good (roughly 20 minutes) It’s easier to see the difference between grind size Most importantly I can definitely see and taste the difference in the cup its a hell of a machine for the price!
  8. All gone will try to get them all posted this weekend!
  9. It only fits the sage baskets I think 52 or 53mm unfortunately
  10. Absolutely send me your info and I’ll send it your way!
  11. Yup pm me and well sort out postage etc
  12. Sure thing pm me your details and I’ll send them off when I have the chance
  13. A few Sage bits and bobs if anyone wants them: A 52mm Motta tamper the steam wand unblocker thingy the cleaning disc the razory doofer a portafilter holder single and double baskets a grinder point the grinds into the basket thingamijig Also have some spare sage filters knocking about somewhere (not pictured) Hit me up if you want them!
  14. It is very compact. The only thing I would say is the tank access is awkward under a wall cupboard. whereas the dtp could be liferd from the back the tank sits inside the machine so you have to lift the whole tank up and out. but a small quibble ?
  15. It’s a beauty! after a couple of unimpressive (under stretched milk) cappuccinos a nice flat white, don’t think it will take too long to get used to the steam...
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