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  1. http://pmimages.worthpoint.com/thumbnails2/1/0308/13/1_88d86319247d4c3c4cdfd55ca05cf0d6.jpg I have this moka pot and it has this little lid that apparently has something to do with the coffee basket. I want to try using this pot but I'm not sure what to do with the lid-like thing. Does it go over the ground coffee? How far do I fill the basket with grounds? Thanks for any advice.
  2. frank


    Another sign or symptom of this condition is leaving paperwork unfinished in the office at the end of the day because that sweet hot cup beckons you to come home to her. This one bodes for a poor prognosis.
  3. OK. I don't use the pressurized set up and yes I did the bathroom scale thing. I am just wondering whether or not there is any reason to spend $'s on (other than esthetics) something that can be done with a cheap, free gizmo.
  4. Ok guys and girls. I got a new Gaggia Classic. I'm using the plastic enclosed tamper. It looks cheap but is there any advantage to getting a 'real' one other than looking cooler? I mean, will that cup really taste any better? Let's hear your responses! Thanks.
  5. frank


    Or another symptom could be ogling the machine at an espresso bar instead of ordering your coffee!
  6. frank


    Greetings fellow addicts. I have developped a peculiar thought disorder that can only be properly termed a coffee obssession and am wondering if I have company here--most likely I do. My obssession manifests itself in thinking(at the end of the work day) about getting home from work to make myself that sweet rich concoction known as espresso. Other days it is to make Cuban coffee in my trusty moka pot. But I also find that I actually enjoy perusing the net looking at stampers, roasters' sites, types of coffees and just reading about all the ideas, problems and joys that others have with espresso. I find it enjoyable reading about the different shades of flavors in different roasts. I like to look at different types of espresso cups also. Ok. Now I have confessed. Anybody else here like to join me and publicly confess their 'obssesson'? Go for it. It is liberating!
  7. Just bought a new Gaggia MDF grinder with my new Gaggia Classic as a package deal. I grinded one bean at a certain number and it worked fine. I grinded another type of bean from another distributor and it was way too fine---nothing came out. Are these typical kinks that need to be worked out with the machine or do different beans need different grinds? Thanks.
  8. Cuban coffee refers to the way the coffee is prepared and not the blend or origin. It is actually quite good and is traditionally made using your trusty old moka pot. So it is not really made with espresso. You start a moka pot and at the same time you put into a measuring cup one teaspoon sugar per cup being made(ie. for a 3 cup pot put 3 good teaspoons into a measuring cup). When the first small amount of moka comes out into the top basket you add it to the sugar and stir very well until you make a syrupy-like paste(just add a small amount). Once the pot is finished brewing you add the rest of the coffee slowly to the sugar and stir well. You'll see a crema-like top to the mixture. First skim a few spoonfuls of this into your cup(sweetness) then pour the cup to the top and enjoy! I make this every day with my Bialetti when I get home from work. Go to youtube and type in 'cuban coffee' and you'll see it made with a moka pot. I love this stuff!
  9. Dumb question:do you fashion the backflushing disc or but one? I don't want to take any chances messing up my new machine. Thanks.
  10. Hey y'all. Hailing from Niagara Fallsm NY, USA area. Addicted to espresso and made the transition from instant to espresso over the past 35 years or so(started drinking coffee at 25) in similar fashion as most of you. Slowly and embarassingly. Evolved to the Gaggia Classic and am learning on it daily.
  11. I've been heating my milk to 74 degrees based on what I have read on another forum. What is the disadvantage of overheating? Taste would be better with a bit lower on the temp you think? Thanks.
  12. Hey guys and gals! New member from the US. Just a question for a guy that just bought a Gaggia Classic. What do you recommend for maintenance cleaning and with what? I know this sounds basic but when I searched this site there was nothing I found on basic cleaning. How often should the machine be cleaned and with what? This site and it's discusssions is great. Thanks from across the pond. Frank
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