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  1. I do It's edited now. I'll not bore you with the history of places i've lived----hense the mix up. But I appreciate you keeping me in line
  2. I run a little independent coffee shop in Germany, (originally from the UK) and we get a lot of expats in here because all of our staff are English speaking (and French too of-course) Unfortunately nobody is particularly skilled when it comes to computers. I want to create a website for customers, and i've already got myself a domain and a host. (1&1) does anyone know any decent web architects from the UK that can work remotely?
  3. Congrats Johnny....i love the Ts, will there be more comps?
  4. Oh, and the new blur album is due out soon....im v v excited....
  5. I think its the faint taste of oppression and tax avoidance that sours it a-little....
  6. I live in Germay, however I've got family in Budapest, and always try to get down to Rusywurm in the castle district not far from the Danube in the centre. I believe its the oldest coffee house in Hungry. [h=3][/h]
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