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  1. Any yellow acme cups for sale ??thx
  2. Both Rocket and Mazzer SOLD.
  3. Missed the first part of your question. Yes it can be used as tank only, you can either plumb it, or use tank. I used it plumbed in for 3 almost 3 years, and then tank only for about 3 months. I also have filter pouch from rocket to get you started.
  4. Hey man, I can show it to you if you interested, I'll PM you address, just let me know. Its tube feet, but that the only difference i think. Its a very good machine in great condition.
  5. Sorting out, where can upload hi res files? I have about 20 pics, cant upload here can i?
  6. Hi Guys Selling my beloved Rocket R58v2 with Mazzer Superjolly Electronic, trying to sell as combo but willing to split. Purchased from Machina Coffee 4 years ago. Machine is in Excellent condition, always used protective slip mat on top of cup warmer and drip tray (See pics). Also used a take away container to limit drip tray removal for back flushing and every day use. Always back flushed with water and regularly cleaned with puly caff and puly milk. It was plumbed in for 3 years with bwt. NO BOX though, had to make a speedy getaway from my ex partner, left everything apart from coffee machine and grinder. This machine has only been used regularly during first three years, Since opening my own place and drinking coffee at work, this machine has been unplugged since august last year. Only used water tank this year to clean the machine. I only drink espressos and flat whites, so water valve is barely touched on this machine. Usual coffee drinking habits as well, 2-3 coffees a day may be less. So machine is in excellent condition throughout. NOTE: the only little cosmetic issue, is the paint around power light, which not chrome and only silver paint, which peeled off partially, probably due to steam purge. Not sure. It comes with two portafilters, all original Rocket, double spout and naked. IMS 18g basket, blind basket, IMS precision shower screen and extra cafelat blue gasket, also have Rocket filter pouch. Also all original Rocket baskets, double, single. PID controller still has plastic film on it. Never removed it. Overall you will be super happy with this machine. If you want to come and view it, I'm located in Glasgow, I will not ship it, due to weight and no box for protection. Mazzer Superjolly Electronic has been also used in at home, as a main grinder. The counter on it just reset, so it only had about 10k shots, right now used as a decaf grinder, and selling due to lack of usage. It only takes space. New burrs been installed and only about 25-30kg went through since. I'll consider serious offers. Location - Glasgow, Scotland. Rocket - £1400 Mazzer - £350 Combo - £1600 Pics - https://imgur.com/a/Jn65qN7
  7. I think you totally right in this, I was trying to get a figure, but I was thinking to put it out there for about 1.5k for both, I think it’s fair price, plus a few additions with shower screens baskets, all that, but with out box it would level itself out at that price.
  8. I was asking what they go for, on average right now, and what should I aim for, I want to sell as combo, both rocket and mazzer
  9. My apologies, hi res photos will come this evening, but for now iPad photo. bought it new from Machina coffee, directly from Steve in Edinburgh, I picked up machine myself. Lightly used at home, was plumbed in with btw filter, but only managed to grab coffee machine and grinder from previous relationship, reason it’s coming without a box and the rest of it. Used water tank from January until April this year, but since opening my own place in April. Since then it’s been cleaned and back flushed. It was regularly looked after with back flushing and pull caff flushing as well as pully milk. Water valve is like new, no americanos in here, only espresso and occasionally flat whites. Since water tank use I bought rocket water filter pouches, still have 1 new. From day one I used protective foam for top and tray to keep scratches at minimum, also used take away tub to keep drip tray removal at minimum. Lovely condition a few light scratches here and there. Mazzer was purchased second hand, serviced and cleaned, new set of burrs.
  10. Hey guys how much should I ask for this combo? I have no box though. 2 portafilters double and naked ims basket 18g ims precision shower screen brand new water filter pouch from rocket. More baskets from rocket and a blind one mazser has new set of blades around 30kg went through counter restarted from 0 so about 10k double shots, had it for about 4 yeas both.
  11. are you looking to put scales under group or just to weight your shots? I can recommend ohaus navigator. great scales fast and precise plus you can rest entire portafilter on them.
  12. I'm also looking for acme cups particularly for flat white and cappuccino cups in yellow colour. only yellow with saucers please. looking for 2 of each size.
  13. I can offer 1k. It’s been on eBay for a while now
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