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  1. I've heard from quite a few people about how bad the service is at The Barn! I think this is a hard thing to find but yeah the Lauria is supposed to be lower caffeine.
  2. I would say number 2 is the Robusta and the rest are Arabica
  3. Rompie

    Atkinsons beans

    Sounds awesome, I'm in.
  4. Not sure about Scarborough but there's a decent little spot in Bridlington called North Man Coffee. Worth a check out!
  5. It's likely that, being that the Sidamo is from a local roaster, the roast is alot lighter than the commercially roasted Aldi beans. This will affect the flavour and percieved 'strength' alot - Ethiopian coffee made into espresso is a huge aquired-taste in my opinion as well.
  6. Hi guys, Just a quick plug for a new coffee shop I am barista'ing at. Feel to free to move to appropriate page? Rockcity is an indoor climbing centre and skatepark in Hull and we've recently opened a new specialty coffee shop space in the venue. We've got beans from Manchester-based Heart and Graft in the hopper and plan to have changing local coffees on v60 and batch brew. You can even spectate the extreme sports whilst you sip your flat white (safe and risk free!) OR you could give it a try! Anyone in the area drop me a line or stop by for a drink!
  7. Rompie

    Ethiopian beans

    I saw an Ethiopian coffee stall at Camden market last year (not sure if it's still there?) where, as mentioned before, they were roasting beans on a skillet over an open fire. Was really interesting to watch and smelt really good, can't comment on how good the coffee was though [emoji1]
  8. Trying to perfect my Rosettas in 6oz cups earlier today.
  9. Hey Beanosaurus, I'm currently working as a barista at The Brew Bar in caffe Gelatos - its in their new venture which is actually located on Princes Avenue. Come and check it out soon, we have a great filter on from Atkinsons at the moment. Self advertisement over!
  10. Rompie

    Oat Milk?

    I've used most dairy alternatives (not used hazelnut however) in a commercial capacity and reckon oat or almond are your best bet for decent milk. The Oatly barista stuff is pretty good and tastes really neutral in my opinion compared to say soya or nut milks.
  11. Great place - recently started working in Hull and it seems the in place to go for coffee. Their brunch burger (made with sausage meat and black pudding!) is killer as well. Also check out little kiosk called Caffeinated in Trinity Market - he uses the same 'Jones' blend from local Roastery The Blending Room and pulls a cracking espresso with yummy cake offerings.
  12. Still think this is one of the best cafes in Sheffield, and there's some tough competition!
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