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  1. It shouldn't be an issue with machines of this type. I'm not sure it would be an issue with any machine without a fault. Maybe if you have a machine prone to water levels in the brew boiler dropping but the Minima avoids the usual cause of that....unless there's a leak somewhere between the brew boiler and the group that allows the level to drop and the group to cool?
  2. It's extremely unlikely to be temperature related assuming the machine has been heated for 30-40 minutes. Fairly certain there is something to be gained from running water through the group for 5 or so seconds prior to the shot (I use the water to heat the cup), you probably gain an extra degree in the portafilter and group. I don't know what you mean by 'pressure working' but there's no need to backflush.
  3. Halving the recipe won't solve the issue. You wouldn't be weakening the shot, you'd be producing half of the same. You don't need a 2:1 and you don't need to get it in 30 seconds. No magic happens with that recipe. If a drink is perceived as too strong it's likely the ratio is too short. Using the single basket will result in a different taste though, likely much less body and more clarity which might solve this but then you're going to have to change grind setting.... In answer your question, as you can probably guess now, no you wouldn't just halve everything.
  4. You should be able to see where those notes are coming from even if you don't agree. The water could well be the issue of not technique. I always say switch roasters if you don't agree with tasting notes.... though you might want to try water with a higher alkalinity first. Maybe mix volvic and Ashbeck or some other combo.
  5. Doesn't look like Lelit made a mistake.
  6. I grind into the portafilter, tap the side to level it, tap once on the counter to settle and tamp. Otherwise I might stir it with a prong thing, use a spinning 'distribution tool' (they all just level) and then tamp. Not noticed any real difference with different methods or different variations of the above. Main thing is to get it done quickly with a repeatable level tamp and to tamp onto an even bed. After trying soft and hard tamps I've settled in between.
  7. Inconsistent prep. e.g. -Dose out by a fraction of a gram or more depending on the accuracy of the scales. -Inconsistent bean quality/roast (not something you can control except for removing obviously pale beans). -Other inconsistency with routine like the way the coffee is dosed into the portafilter (how evenly it goes in in the first place), how much you move the coffee with your palm, how hard you tap and how many times and how these things affect how the ocd tool moves things around.
  8. I'm assuming that's 1/4 open in the second picture not full closed.....
  9. With a coarser grind? You can get a higher flow rate and lower pressure with a very long pre-infusion or bloom phase using the same grind size you'd use for an ordinary shot and normal conditions.
  10. Not necessarily. If there's less compression you should get a higher flow rate. I'm not sure how the opv fits into things re flow rate. I want to say you'll get a higher flow rate to the group but maybe it'll just be the return to the tank that changes. If you're pulling at a lower pressure and coarser grind are you not just getting a lower EY unless you go for a significantly longer ratio like 1:5?
  11. I'd have thought the slightly slower ramp up would help with this type of this...I assumed the whole point of 6 bar was to prevent the puck being compressed and essentially allow a higher flow rate so you can grind finer at 6bar than 9bar?
  12. Looks too fine based on clumping but really impossible to judge grind by looking at it unless differences are extreme.
  13. I'd rather go for the Minima purely for the solenoid e61. My beta is louder than production machines and it is annoying but it's not like it makes noise beyond the 40 or so seconds it takes to make coffee and clean the group. I'm still tempted to look into getting the Mara X pump in there though.... If they were both the same price or close the Bianca is better value objectively speaking though. There are other machines worth considering as mentioned above (discounted V if you have the space).
  14. Afraid not, no idea what the filter does. I'd assume it's a salt softener but maybe not. IIRC volvic will scale the brew boiler too. I was never really happy with volvic muting acidity too much anyway.
  15. Maybe they've changed it over the years. I got the serial number with one, I think a 22g I bought long after an 18g that returned the serial number as a link that went to a scan of the basket holes and measurements....or maybe it was the other way around.
  16. The leaflet included is the same as what you get when you scan the qr code.
  17. The difference between conicals and flats is interesting really in terms of taste. I have a good 83mm flat and the shots do have more clarity.......but they are less interesting, for lack of a better word. For me the the flavours don't get lost moving to the Niche at all, they are rounded or 'integrated'. I find I can pull longer ratios from the same dose and get a similar body/mouth feel without losing flavour. In other words it gives me what I want in a way that's more efficient in terms of coffee grounds used and yield. The Niche doesn't give as much clarity but that's not to say there is no clarity: on a scale of 1-10 the flat would be a 9 and the Niche would be a 7 or 8. At least for me. Some people drink Whisky at barrel proof and can't taste anything but tannins and alcohol burn. Some people drink Jack Daniels and look at me like a crazy person when I tell them I hate it because it tastes like a sack of dirty Bananas....but it contains isoamyl acetate they just can't detect it over the alcohol (even though its only 40%) and tannins. Point being the stuff that contributes to flavour is still there in the espresso assuming a normal extraction, some people just can't detect it.
  18. Speak for yourself. I have no problem picking out the flavour notes at all. Some people might be overwhelmed by the flavour profile of conicals but fortunately I'm not one of them. Interestingly if you look at some of the threads where people have been blind tasting coffee (e.g. the LSOL threads) and they're all describing the flavours they get most of them don't come close to what is written on the bag. I took part in one and watched people saying they were pulling shots short to highlight acidity and were banging on about exotic flavour notes. The thing I took away from it was people will convince themselves of anything if they think they're doing the 'right' things and they've got the 'right' equipment, when the reality is they're probably pulling underextracted and sour shots that they've grown accustomed to and learned to enjoy as an acquired taste because they think that's how things 'should' be...In the one I took part in I got 3 out of 4 flavour notes at least compared to many people with flats and ek43s who somehow managed to get citric acidity from a brazilian natural described as having floral notes, grape, chocolate and nougat (I reached for chocolate digestive rather than chocolate and nougat...not had nougat in about two decades though so I wouldn't really recognise it).
  19. If you're spending more time with the portafilter out of the group head when using the WDT tool the temperature of the portafilter could be lower when you make the shot which might have an affect on shot time. Alternatively the coffee could have more time to heat up in the portafilter again with the same result. I'm guessing you'll lose more heat to the environment than to the coffee so overall the temp through the shot would be lower....
  20. Rob1


    GTO is interesting. A saturated group that might be modern and actually looks good.
  21. Will probably be stupidly priced, though maybe the existing competition by comparable grinders will force the price down to something more reasonable around lagom levels. Not holding my breath.
  22. Crankhouse, Cartwheel, Dark arts. Obviously pay attention to tasting notes.
  23. Well what does the filter do? You can get all types of fancy filters, some are just charcoal and remove odours and tastes, some replace Calcium and Magnesium with Sodium, others replace Calcium with Magnesium etc. Short answer is no, you're not going to really gain anything. Long answer is you might reduce the hardness and increase sodium, or replace some calcium with magnesium, whether or not you want to do this is up to you. I doubt it would be 'worth it' but I guess that's subjective. You'd still need to descale a service boiler or be prepared to toss away a litre or two of bottled and then filtered water on a fairly regular basis even if you reduce hardness with a salt softener... So the best answer has already been given. If you're using volvic keep an eye on scale and aim to keep descaling light so you don't have to use an aggressive descaler and get big chunks of scale floating around.
  24. I wouldn't add anything to it, certainly not bicarboante, and I would test a 20ml sample to get a more accurate reading. You just divide the steps e.g with 20ml 4 drops = 1 drop.
  25. I assume you used a 5ml sample if you're going off the instructions. You're somewhere between 35.8 and 71.6 if you've used a 5ml sample. Quite a wide bracket. If its 53.7ppm gh/kh you'll get scale in a service boiler.........however this is only true if alkalinity comes from carbonate sources which is apparently not the case with the Osmio remineralisation filter. If it's not from carbonates then you're ok at least from a scaling perspective regardless of temperature.
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