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  1. Yeah you'd need to be able to switch it in and out of circuit if you ever wanted to use the roaster without computer control though. The SCR controller is different because it's always in the circuit and you just turn it to max to effectively bypass it. A toggle between live and the heating element to switch to the SSR then on to the heating element to use computer control and switch it out to just send live straight on to the heater is the most logical solution. It is basically the same as the gene dimmer mod in that way. Could potentially be done wirelessly with a DC psu and arduino in
  2. I think you'd wire it the same way as with the gene if you wanted yo retain functionality of the switch in the amazon. So basically with a switch to bring it in and out of circuit. Would have to check. I think Dave produced a guide for adding pwm control to the Dalian so you could probably just follow that but with the ssr in place of the pwm module used. Actually you would need a switch to bypass it or make the SSR 'normally closed'.
  3. Turning it on off rapidly with a zero crossing ssr which in effect controls how hot it can get. It's similar in effect to using a dimmer but instead of manual control with a potentiometer you use a DC signal from an arduino or raspberrypi to switch an AC load via the SSR.
  4. I wouldn't recommend grinding coarser, unless it tastes like you should. Go longer if you want. When you go longer you might also want to go coarser but first just go longer.
  5. Taste is king. You might improve by adding pre-infusion and grinding finer, you might not. You might like a longer shot....it's worth experimenting for a couple of doses to see what changes and settle on whatever was best.
  6. @frederic @CJV8 Sorry to bring this back up. Before I purchase parts I thought I'd ask a couple of questions. It seems I should be able to hook up a Raspberry Pi with LCD display and Artisan with a 1101 4 x TC module and a 0000 Vint Hub. To control the heating element I would have to add an SSR and use the PWM pinout on the Raspberry Pi or Vint hub. Mainly to Frederic, is there any reason I wouldn't be able to use the PWM function of either and avoid a TC4 shield altogether? To CJV8, could you link to the pre-drilled bolts you found on ebay please, and do you have any input
  7. Ok, I don't know what to suggest then. Heat transfer might be effectively changing the grind setting. To help other people help you: Are you making these shots consecutively? If not, consecutive, are you letting the machine heat up for the same time and following the same routine (like flushing the group) before each shot?
  8. Well, not really. I would be able to order from Taiwan right now if it weren't for BB being the sole UK distributor. As it is I have to wait until they get certification and then pay an additional fee to the middle man. If the roaster improves it will be worth it. If the additional fee is only small (similar to the 1zpresso grinders) it will be worth it for parts. You're in France so you can probably order direct now or wait for BB, so good news for you I guess....
  9. Ok well if there's 10g per shot that could be the source of your inconsistency. There needs to be a fairly consistent weight on the beans forcing them down into the burrs for the grinder to operate consistently....up to a point. You'll see inconsistent shot times as this starts to be an issue before you get a gusher. If you aren't weighing your dose from the grinder then the inconsistent weight pushing beans down will also cause dosing inconsistency.
  10. So it's filled consistently from one shot to the next, or do you allow the amount to decrease until there's one dose left and refill?
  11. So it's filled consistently from one shot to the next? As in there's always an additional dose in there on top of what you're grinding? Or are you single dosing? If single dosing there should be a degree of consistency, if always running the grinder with the same amount of coffee in it again there should be some consistency, assuming dose and coffee used is the same.
  12. Bella Barista will be the UK distributor for this roaster, which is annoying because I just tried to order one from Taiwan. Who knows how long CE certification will take and what the markup will be. I will have to wait and see, and probably further mod my gene cafe in the meantime.
  13. Cleaning the grinder with salt and vinegar for a start. Is there a reason you did that i.e were there visible rancid oils in the grinder you obviously needed to remove? Ordinarily you'd just brush out the retained grinds, brush the burrs down and reassemble. I usually wipe mine down with a bit of isopropyl to get ride of the really compacted fines on the bottom of the burrs and mop any oils but that isn't necessary really and the main reason I do it is to remove oils from my hands on the various parts. The bad taste is likely coming from the group head. Run some water through the group an
  14. Yeah I doubt that's normal. I don't even know how something like that could happen but it's not like it's going to affect anything. Look at it this way, you've got a limited edition.
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