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  1. Not sure how the warranty would be voided. Changing the group gaskets, using another sower screen and baskets, or putting a new mushroom or cap on the group shouldn't be affecting the warranty, nor should changing the gicleur really. If those things do void the warranty I wonder what else would. Descaling probably wouldn't be allowed?
  2. No they need to be freshly roasted really and also good quality. Not all arabica is equal. If the beans are cheap they're cheap for a reason. Do you have temperature control with the machine or is it pre-set and can you check and alter pressure? Nonsense. Well not necessarily but the manual has no way of knowing whether or not you're over extracting. The manual doesn't seem to make any sense. It really tells you to put the same amount of coffee in every time regardless of grind setting? They might be talking quantity rather than weight, as in fill the basket to a certain height and brew based on whatever weight that happens to be. It wouldn't be the way I'd do it. What weight out are you getting -- as in weight of the espresso shot? If you grind one notch finer from a 20 second shot you end up choking the machine and get nothing out? What do you mean you can't go beyond 20 seconds....as in the pump just cuts out? I think I understand now. You're pressing a button and the pump runs for 20 seconds. Yes you need to alter that or just use a manual mode. You should dose as much as you can get in the basket without the puck pressing against the shower screen. Dose will depend on grind and density of the coffee. Sometimes you might fit 20g, sometimes 18g sometimes 16g. Yes you likely need to some good fresh beans from a decent roaster. You should weight you shot out and weight beans in and brew to a weight. Starting point is usually 1:2 (e.g. 20g coffee to 40g espresso) but you can adjust from there based on taste and/or alter grind. Altering grind and keeping weight in:out the same means altering time.
  3. Ok....not sure why you think it's silly to time before the first drip but whatever. Depends on the type of shot you are trying to produce really. Some people produce quick shots to highlight acidity. You might pull a short or long ratio. It's a matter of personal preference. Personally I prefer balanced shots and tend to extract beyond 30 seconds, typically between 40-50 seconds, and sometimes longer if profiling. I assume you're grinding as fine as possible and the coffee is still gushing out in 17-20 seconds? If so you can increase your dose to 18-20g (as you say that is at the correct level in the portafilter why are you not using that much?). What do you mean you found the method "highly uncertain"? The age of the beans is important. They need to be fresh. If you're using a light roast you might well find increasing your dose is the only option to slow the shot down.
  4. Yes so long as it only switches when the set temp is reached. Mine drops between 3-5c before switching on again.
  5. Pfffffffffft. Go for 40, 45, 50. If you want to know what over extraction really tastes like pull for over a minute (try not to cause your pump to cut out). Force yourself to drink it. You might not think it's that bad at first, you might like the powerful flavours, maybe there will be some obvious bitterness or something too. Just wait for the aftertaste (no rinsing your mouth when you're done).
  6. Rob1


    The government can't -- or a least shouldn't -- be playing guessing games. Health officials can't advise people to do things that might be deleterious. The long term effects are unknown; a small study in china found that 2 out of 12 patients had a 20-30% drop in lung capacity but the virus also attacks the kidneys. Mutations are generally harmful to viruses but that doesn't mean they will be. The median age of the UK population is 40.5 years and there are just shy of 68 million people. Even if 34 million people (the number would be much higher if you go to under 60s) went out and got the virus in a short period of time it would result in many deaths. There are about 4000 ICU beds in the UK (lets just assume they're all empty). The fatality rate in China was 0.2% in people aged 10-39. If more than 0.01% of people under 40 require intensive care at the same time then the system will fail which is assuming the beds are distributed evenly and cases will be distributed evenly across the country (which they won't be). If our fatalities mirror China's at 0.2% between 10-39 we will see approximately 68000 deaths. I don't think I can find reliable statistics without a lot of effort so I'm just going to use Obesity statistics as a guide to general health as obesity tends to be linked to heart disease and diabetes, and a poor diet is linked to a poor immune system. The current obesity rate in china is about 6% compared to the UK's 28%. It seems reasonable to suggest that if 34 million people in the uk between 10-40.5 get the virus approximately 68000 will die. Even if 6800 people die that's still too many for the government to be telling people to go out and get the virus. The current ambition of our health service is that 20000 people will die from 50000 confirmed infections. We're ignoring cases from contamination, people over 60 ignoring advice not to leave the house. We're also ignoring the issue of doctors and nurses getting the virus and passing it on to other patients in the hospital and the fact symptoms can be delayed for 14 days allowing people to unknowingly transmit the virus to elderly relatives and friends they might visit and deliver shopping to. Also lets not forget the impossibility of actually making this suggestion (that people should go and get it) work. 1) People cannot know for sure if they have been infected without testing unless symptoms get so bad they require hospital treatment so they don't know if they have immunity and they don't know if the immunity will actually last. 2) Not everyone will deliberately get it because they don't want to or live with people who are at real risk of death. 3) How would you know the virus has gone completely and is not just being passed around by a population that don't show symptoms?
  7. Rob1


    The problems with the idea that "only the vulnerable need to be in isolation" and everyone who will survive should go and get sick are numerous. Firstly, and maybe most significantly, is the fact that scientists do not know yet if immunity is gained or for how long e.g. the virus could be seasonal and a 2 months immunity might be adequate to see people through but maybe it won't be seasonal and if that's the case there's nothing to be gained from catching the virus and gaining a short term immunity; it goes without saying there is no evidence long term immunity is gained and there have been reinfections (or at least positive tests, followed by recovery and negative tests, followed again by positive tests) suggesting at least in some individuals the immunity does not last long. Similarly the virus can (and already has) mutated, these mutations are more and more likely to occur the more people get infected so transmissions between 90% of the population could result in an outbreak more deadly and more contagious than the virus in its current form, and if it does mutate into a strain capable of reproducing any immunity gained from the previous strain might not be effective. In other words if 90% of the population get it not only might it never go away it might become more deadly. So "Why don't the government advise the over 60s and those with pre-existing health conditions to stay indoors and let everyone else go and get it?" simple, because a) there is no evidence to suggest that would be effective, and b) it might make things a whole lot worse and c) at least some of the healthy people who get it will die, especially if the ICUs fill up.
  8. Rob1


    Well it'll be good for the economy in the long run if the elderly and sick are culled by the virus. The tories would have to invest less in the NHS and save money on winter fuel and pensions so I'm not surprised our government's response is to let it work through the population. In other countries the response has been to save as many lives as possible, in ours it's to save the economy. It took one confirmed case in Poland for them to go on lock down. Until recently we were letting people in from areas with high rates of infection without any quarantine or testing. The man in the video can play around in his garden with a bucket all he wants. For starters there needs to be a pin hole to represent the dying patients, secondly the larger bore hole needs to feed back into the bucket, thirdly he needs a constant stream from the bucket into the bottle at a rapidly increasing rate, finally the bottle needs to be on fire so it shrinks which represents the doctors and nurses getting sick, and equipment breaking down requiring maintenance.
  9. Rob1


    You can be reinfected after having it so the hole in the bottle needs to feed back into the population bucket for a nice infinity stream.
  10. Rob1

    NFC shipping

    I don't get the complaints. You pay for shipping from china, simple. They sell their grinders all over the world why should they import the discs to the UK and then distribute them free of charge? They shouldn't is the answer. People somehow feel entitled to free things but the reality is Niche have made something available to purchase for cost of shipping when they really didn't have to. They could have just bundled it in with all grinders being produced now and called them Niche v1.2 and left everyone else to 3d print their own.
  11. Used one of those knock-off blind tumblers from ebay today as a funnel to grind directly into the portafilter. Just a couple of taps to get an even bed, tapping down didn't make it collapse into an uneven mess. Just an ordinary tamp and I got a really good pull with even beading across the basket and a shot that held together beyond 40 seconds. Might have to give this straight into the portafiler business another go.
  12. @poolfanDo the production machines have a plate you can remove under the group to get to the solenoid? I'd imagine they do...remove that and have a look inside. I had an issue where the dispersion screen bolted to the solenoid would fall off and get trapped underneath, the result would be water splashing up and into the machine. On mine it landed on the wires going to the pump and made it run even when I switched it off. It happened again recently and was accompanied by a burning smell which was coming from one of the (wet) solenoid cables in contact with the group syphon. Easy fix in the end was to turn the machine off, dry everything out and use a wrench to fix the solenoid dispersion thingy into place rather than finger tightening. Problem hasn't recurred since. It was most obvious when backflushing with a blind filter as that meant a much larger volume of water going through the solenoid than usual. From your description you should check the solenoid first as the fault will be immediately apparent. If not that you'll be looking for small leaks in piping.
  13. You have outliers hitting first crack quite early on. You start rolling around 20:50 (which is something like 13 minutes into the roast?) I think and it slowly coasts along (you turn the temperature down) and then you turn it back up again and push it well into second rolling which is when you dump the beans. You probably turned the temp down a little too much and really shouldn't be turning it up after first. You might have some outliers in first crack while the majority are in second but I hear a pretty distinct first crack, then a slow then, then second crack. Regarding bean quality, put crap in get crap out. Some beans won't roast properly because of defects so if you have cheap beans (seller making a profit for less than £10 a kilo) don't expect to be able to assess your roaster or profiles. Do your beans even come with cupping notes?
  14. Rob1

    Coronavirus humour

    I know someone who went to Thailand on holiday and came back via Dubai. There were thermal imaging cameras at the airport in Thailand and Dubai with multiple people being pulled off and quarantined at both airports. When they made it to England guess what...no checks. Just come right on in. They were told to self isolate for two days (despite symptoms possibly being delayed by up to 14 days?). Biggest joke I can think of and its response. Either 0 from the government or total over-reaction from the public i.e. panic buying toilet rolls, wearing ineffective face masks (instead of just letting sick people wear face masks which might actually be an effective method). Why don't they have thermal cameras at our airports as a bare minimum, why don't they take swabs on the way in for testing and give them the results in 2-3 days? A lot of people will get it and have either no symptoms or very mild symptoms and spread the virus. Some people will get severe symptoms and spread it anyway because they don't care. Why are we allowing people to come into the country for things that are non-essential like football matches, holidays? Simple. The government cares more about the economy than a few hundred thousand or even million lives. When large numbers of people test positive for the virus in areas it's already too late to stop it spreading but they'll start closing schools and businesses anyway. Too late for every confirmed case you've probably got four or five others pre-symptomatic and then it just spirals. It can and has mutated into a more aggressive form before and it will likely do it again, question is whether or not it can reproduce after the mutation which it usually can't but the more people who get and transmit the virus the greater the chances of a 'successful' mutation taking place.
  15. Pulled a double this morning that took 75 seconds.
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