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  1. It read as though you were using the Mignon for a few days and needing to adjust the grind, then switched to the Mazzer and noticed you didn't need to keep adjusting. It didn't sound like you had them running side by side. From what you said about the grind compression in the basket it does sound like it is grinding coarser than previously. So the grind setting is drifting, if that's the case you should be able to see the dial has moved too. It does sound as if you've done something to the grinder when cleaning it but no idea what that would be. I supposed it could have coincidentally de
  2. I don't think you have a right to return an item unless it's faulty once it has been unboxed and used. Distance selling gives you a cooling off period but I don't think you're allowed to use the goods in that time. Happy to be proven wrong though. Many retailers will accept returns just for the sake of providing good service. From what you've described it doesn't sound like there's definitely something wrong with the grinder, but if there is it sounds as if you may have caused it somehow while cleaning, though I've no idea how you would have done this. The mignon isn't a single dosin
  3. Maybe not tamping level is a problem but not pressure unless your'e varying between gorilla and feather. 18g pre ground? You mean 18g before you put it in the grinder and you get 17.8g out of the grinder? Weight in weight out refers to weight of coffee in the portafilter (the dose) and weight out refers to the weight of the shot in the cup. Volume is a poor measure because crema will vary and throw you off.
  4. Your distribution tool doesn't distribute, just levels off, so that could be the reason for the channeling. What kind of profiles are you using and how does the shot taste? I've not had chocolate point but I'd probably just use a standard profile based on what I've heard.
  5. What coffee are you using and what are you doing with it? And what have you done that's made things worse, and in what way are they worse?
  6. Christ, looking at the comments they've got people really don't understand how to read through the specs.
  7. I'm sure everyone who downloads the software will report it to HMRC
  8. It depends what it does to the water. They're especially and deliberately vague about it all. Ask them to list the minerals in the water pre and post filtration so you have some idea what's happening. I have no reason to believe Magnesium will improve the taste of coffee and would be more concerned about what happens to the alkalinity which isn't mentioned, along with anything else added to the water like sodium and chloride.
  9. Ok. How many amps is that rated for? There's a problem with fake Fotek ssrs on ebay and that looks dodgy to me. I have a Crydom PMP2425w in my amazon but you probably won't need one rated that high or one that can switch between burst fire and phase angle control. There are cheaper ones that do one or the other and they should be cheaper at lower ratings too if you can find them. I had one like yours initially and couldn't get it working with Artisan and Phidgets but would probably be able to have got it working using the IO pins and Artisan. With the amazon I thought about just usin
  10. @MediumRoastSteamI use a proportional control SSR with a PWM slider in artisan to control the heater. It's basically a digital version of a dimmer.
  11. 60ppm of what? Presumably hardness? You need to know the alkalinity too which can be calculated from bicabonate or carbonate content.
  12. There were distributors but I forget who. I got mine off the forum. Torr sell on ebay as well as via their website, or at least they did last I checked.
  13. Not sure. You'll notice the difference between 58 and 58.55, I'd guess you'll probably notice the difference between 58.4 and 58.55. 58.55 and 58.5 probably not so much. The Torr goldfingers are as much about the handle shape as the tight fitting base, they're perfect for me. I didn't like handling the motta and MBK ones I had. I'm not sure how much a Bravo is, probably about the same as Torr.
  14. Torr sharp edge for me, but they're expensive too. If I were starting again I'd get one of those new style self-levelling tampers like the force and bravo tampers. I think that style might even be available cheaply on ebay and amazon now. If you contact Bravo over instagram I know you can get them direct with custom designs and probably custom size bases too.
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