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    Mine. Economic Left/Right: -3.0 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.31
  2. You should have the wand just about breaking the surface of the milk so you hear a hissing/tearing sound until the milk is around body temp. You can put less air in if you want in which case use the same technique but start mixing when the milk is cooler, if you want more foam aerate for longer. When you're done putting air in dip the wand in further and let the milk and foam mix around until it's up to temp (no more than 70c). Don't worry so much about "swirling milk" as turbulence and mixing. If it swirls fair enough, but I have it doing somersaults sometimes and it turns out all the same. That's the basic rule. Get the air in you want then mix. I think steam power, pitcher size, hole geometry, and wand position will all play a role on how your milk mixes. Swirling is probably a good way of mixing and aerating at the same time, which would be especially useful for less powerful steamers or larger quantities of milk that are harder to mix before the milk gets to temp.
  3. I've been enjoying a few different bags from Dark Arts recently, they work well as a small Americano at least (about 120ml water to 40g espresso), I haven't tried more dilution.
  4. Or you can run it off bottled gas... I would be buy the Dongyi direct from the manufacturer via alibaba if possible (assuming it's a good roaster). I don't know enough about them to trust the quality.
  5. So your coffee is behaving as if it hasn't been rested as long as usual? Makes sense as it's been completely sealed. Maybe the pressure played a role as they bag was almost bursting.
  6. The only thing that comes to mind is the Decent Espresso Machine. ....not a bean to cup though.
  7. Yeah I used to buy from them 10kg at a time. It was obvious they were selling commodity grade stuff along with speciality and the only indicator you'd have was the price. My experience was if you don't spend more than £10 a kg with them it's going to be commodity stuff. I had one bag that was about £75 for 10kg and I went through the entire thing in 500g batches picking out all of the defective beans to end up with about 700g-1kg wasted. But the coffee that wasn't insect damaged, cut in half, small or immature was fine. It roasted really evenly once I'd sorted it. The started listing coffees from Falcon at one point at a premium price, I bought one or two of them and was impressed but I went back to their website a while ago and couldn't tell if they had stopped getting them in or not. It seemed to me they had redesigned their website, removed the separate green bean categories, and lumped whatever stock they had from falcon in with everything else. You could find it by searching for Falcon with their search bar but otherwise you'd have to wade through all of the crap they were offering. Just been back to their website now and it seems they've brought back the categories again. Weird. It seemed like their speciality wasn't selling properly and people had stopped buying the commodity stuff when they realised what it was and they wanted to mix it all in again.
  8. Yeah I've noticed it goes down quite a lot lately.
  9. But....it's a full e61 so you get pre-infusion anyway. The middle position gives you line pressure if it's plumbed in. Otherwise you're relying on boiler pressure which won't be enough to give you more than a few drops.
  10. Why did you pause about half way up, just checking the camera or something? More headspace = more room for water. It doesn't mean you weren't dosing enough, that's determined by grind. So you weren't dosing enough by volume to get a perfectly dry puck when the pressure is vented but that doesn't alter your shot. Increasing dose by 1g and slowing the shot down a bit might have improved it but then again it might not...grinding finer at the same dose might have improved the shot....but then again it might not.
  11. Rob1

    Fun Competition

    Radiohead Blend Ok Commuter - Filter good, long steep better Immersion. (Not drinking enough coffee?) Regular brewing (5 days a week) Helps you get on better with your associates and employees Energised Appetite suppressing (no more microwave dinners and saturated fats) More alert, better driver (on your morning commute) Sleeping well (crash when the caffeine wears off) Paranoia (afraid colleagues will steal from thermos) Be careful to clean your equipment Keep in contact with old friends (share some coffee now and then) Frequently check stock (in cupboard) buy more before you run out (always online) Flavours and flavours Good but not great £1 from every sale goes to charity On Sundays brew as espresso (No losing your temper over gushing shots or channeling) Backflush (also on Sundays) No longer afraid of your bottomless Or spritzing Nothing so ridiculously dogmatic No puckology At a better flow rate Slower and hitting your brew ratio No chance of giving up Now enjoying your shots An empowered and informed barista (pragmatism not idealism) Will not cry over spilt milk Less chance of illness (some studies have shown health benefits) A good memory Still cries at a good dattera Still reminerises water No longer clueless and frantic Like a man Still using preground that has joined the forum And has a delonghi (the ability to laugh at weakness) Jittery But healthier, more productive Like a civet in a cage Force-fed cherries
  12. Have you got a grinder?
  13. Rob1

    Fun Competition

    Oasis blend: a Mango medley, bursting with summer fruits, citrus punch, and blackcurrant & apple. Made by blending a natural and washed from finca Gallagher. The farm gained worldwide acclaim and their coffees were much revered for over a decade, but due to a family feud production stopped. This one off blend has been produced after the brothers reunited for a charity event organised to fund local hospitals.
  14. I've never compared the same bean and roast valve vs no valve in that way so can't say. The problem is it varies from one coffee to the next so much. One might need a week, one two, one a few days. But I wouldn't think it makes a difference to the resting time as the beans still give off CO2 with the valve sealed and typically never get to the point the bag is full to bursting like yours did.
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