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    Coffee Compass Mystery 11

    If yours was one of the bad batch I'm sure it would have been replaced just like the others. Had mine today 5 days post roast. At first I thought mexican rancheros then I thought fruit salad. Not sure what to make of it yet but at least seems interesting.
  2. Probably best to save it...I have realised though you asked for tips for the 1200 and I'm giving you 101 tips. You should be able to do the same kind of thing but you've got two heaters to deal with. I take it what you want is a digital temp probe in place of the analogue one on the drum that sends data to a computer? That should be easy enough to do.
  3. You haven't made any points. The DE1+ is an interesting machine with a lot to go wrong. What it is setting out to achieve is maximum flexibility, repeat-ability and practicality - I believe you can program a declining, rising, or flat temperature profile, flow rates, and pressure profiles. You wouldn't be able to do that kind of stuff with a saturated or e61 group which works by heating a large amount of brass to the water temperature for thermal stability. I'm not sure about it being the right or wrong way to go, I guess time will tell; if you see the machines breaking down and having problems, failing to read and regulate the temperature correctly, or even just having regular bluetooth connectivity issues with their scales for flow profiling etc then you'll have your answer. How long would you be happy for a DE1 to last? 10 years? Less? Maybe it won't break at all and maybe it will be really easy to replace parts and calibrate the sensors in the group head. Can anyone say at this point? Nikko seems to believe a 2 second time to ramp up to full pressure makes a difference to the shot quality. He's never really explained why he thinks this he just like to make the blanket statement that pre-infusion helps to reduce the chances of channeling by slowly saturating the puck which is true but not terribly informative when it comes to answering the question of why a 2 second difference matters. The E61 mechanical pre-infusion is necessary with rotary pumps but not with vibration pumps which have a low enough flow rate to slowly saturate the puck automatically. I'm not denying that mechanical pre-infusion and extending the pre-infusion stage might help reduce channelling even with a vibration pump, I'm just pointing out that if you have a quality grinder and your prep is good then you shouldn't be having issues with unassisted vibe pump re-infusion. The bottom line is the Minima will only ramp to full pressure once the puck has been fully saturated and resistance can build. I moved from a full E61 Expobar DB to the Minima and haven't seen a decrease in shot quality, if anything I've seen an improvement. I would sometimes get channeling with the Expobar just as I sometimes get channeling with the Minima and the problem is solved in the same way, by improving the grind and distribution. Pre-infusion time effects the fineness of the grind you can use with a longer pre-infusion allowing a finer grind and higher extraction; the Minima and Expobar demand a very similar grind size for the same bean with the Minima perhaps benefiting from going a touch finer which would indicate no real difference in mechanical pre-infusion Vs no mechanical pre-infusion at least in this case. The Bianca and Vesuvius are different beasts in that they allow for an extended pre-infusion and flow or pressure control through the shot. My personal preference would be a Minima with a paddle on top of the group for near full control over the pre-infusion stage and ramp up/down. Unfortunately it doesn't exist yet. The Vesuvius is probably all the machine you'll ever want and maybe you could stick a paddle on the group of that in the future.
  4. Yeah, so you've got the hard polystyrene cut to form that is in the niche box? That should keep it safe in shipping. You'd still need to pack it in a box and ram it with shredded paper or whatever so it can't move around prior to a courier collecting it. It's good info for any prospective buyers to have. I'm considering making an offer but am in two minds about it really. Would you consider a part exchange for a VDD modded Pharos or are you looking to just regain your expense on the Niche?
  5. Do you still have the original box and packing for shipping?
  6. The github for the inner electronic replacement and temp probe is still around: https://github.com/evquink/RoastGenie Fairly certain I modified it a little to be compatible with roastlogger (which again unfortunately no longer seems to be around).
  7. I've added a thermocouple to the drum that gives me bean temp I documented it here the link is in my signature. The mod I followed appears came from a site that appears to now be down unfortunately but the guy who did it also completely removed the inner electronics of the Gene and replaced them for full automation, he even made it possible to alter drum rotation speed (and I think fan speed too).
  8. So it went all the way through? If it just chewed up the top of the burr it's nothing to worry about but if it went to the bottom it obviously is. The motor shouldn't be damaged by stalling assuming you turned it off before it started to over heat. I doubt you'll get a grinder replacement but good luck.
  9. I would usually say save up and get the best things you can afford right away but since you've specified immediate spend is more of a concern than overall cost I'd say go for a Niche and a Europicolla/Professional. You can save a bit on the grinder and get an OE Pharos, but the lighter the roast the harder it is to use. Eventually when you've got your deposit just upgrade to a Londinium if you're set on a lever. You'll probably want to try a large flat by that point...
  10. I'm really hoping the Minima has sold well enough for ACS to bother making something like this as an optional upgrade. The pressure gauge is already in the right place for it.
  11. How do you know how much it cost? Had a little look myself and noticed the insect damage on the bean near the top. I admire the honesty.
  12. They do degrade rapidly. Best to get through the bag within two weeks from roasting I think.
  13. How did I miss that thread. I could grind these with my little finger the problem was getting them off the bottom of the Pharos due to static and oil but the shots were always good -- bags of dark fruit, dark chocolate and caramel. Loved them but tend to steer clear just because of the mess they make.
  14. Try the one mrboots linked too from China it looks the same as the one I have which doesn't appears very close to the BT wedge in terms of how pronounced the wedge shape is. The one I have from Scarlet Espresso cleans the sides of the basket quite well despite only measuring 58mm probably because it can easily move around and catch the sides as it spins.
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