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  1. Did you try using these? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B005X6QQ90/?coliid=I2QQ0HG0BNGJE1&colid=1CC5SI8Y1QYJB&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it&th=1 I'd thought of just cutting the top and bottom off and using as bellows you can even dose through.
  2. It sounds like it might be useful with reference tiles so you don't have to compare the beans and tiles with the naked eye, instead using the machine. Would be an improvement I guess and may be a good cheap option. Hang on, that thing costs £450. https://www.timstar.co.uk/co04570-colorimeter-wpa-co7500-colourwave.html
  3. No because it depends on how fine or coarse you're grinding. 10 seconds until first drip (pre-infusion end) is good to aim for and would indicate your grind setting is in the right ballpark. Pre-infusion time is part of shot time. If you get first drips at 10 seconds and it takes a further 25 seconds to hit your target yield you have a 35 second shot time.
  4. It doesn't really matter where you are on the scale in comparison to others but it sounds like you've calibrated it at or very close to zero now which I guess it better as it means you're not going to slip off the scale. As MWJB points out above: if you were grinding at 1 before and have further TIGHTENED when calibrating you will now be grinding at a lower mark (off the scale) than before.If you were grinding at 10 and recalibrated and applied more force than previously you'll be 6 marks finer....if you've tried to recalibrate without cleaning the grinder then you haven't done it right as you
  5. From first drip? So what was the shot time, 35 seconds, longer, shorter?
  6. Well yes but it depends on grind setting and flow rate/pressure. I haven't had a dark roast in a long time (into second crack) and have generally stayed around 18g:45g for medium or properly developed light roasts I've had. I generally wouldn't go down to 1:2 or less unless I had a dark roast or was dealing with something very soluble at a lighter roast.
  7. I haven't had a JX Pro but have had a Lido E. The Lido had 48mm etzinger burrs I believe the same as the JX or at least very similar. Compared the Pharos the difference in shot was obvious. The Niche is a very very small step up from the Pharos/almost identical. I think the Niche benefits from a much more consistent and continuous spin speed. Anyway I don't think the smaller burr grinders are as good. The Lido E was perfectly adequate for a few years and if I were happy hand grinding I wouldn't have spent £500 on the Niche as an upgrade to it. The only reason I got the Niche as an upgrade from
  8. I don't really get the "it's just an excuse" logic. As far as I'm aware there's no obligation for companies to hold stock within the UK if they want to do business here just as there's no legal obligation to ship into or out of the UK from/to the ROW. IOW as far as I'm aware there's no 'excuse' necessary, people/businesses can do what they want for whatever reason they want so long as it's legal. Maybe Cafe Imports have a smaller share in the UK market compared to others.
  9. Are you contractually bound to amazon for all your purchases? Just order from a roaster, there are plenty to choose from. Rave, Crankhouse, Dark Arts, Coffee Compass, Cartwheel and many others like Black cat and Coffee by the Casuals who are members of this forum. If you must buy from amazon I think Union and Rave sell on amazon but don't know how fresh roasted it will be...
  10. It doesn't matter and could be normal.
  11. Rob1

    Fast Coffee

    Ok....but if it was fresh roasted you're going to want to rest it for 7-14 days anyway.
  12. The "popular contributors" sidebar seems broken. Half the people on there haven't contributed anything in quite some time but are still top of the list. Personally I hate this "likes" statistic tracking stuff but it might be nice to actually have this function the way it's supposed to if it's going to be there. Newcomers might find it useful to look out for replies from users posting the most 'liked' content if they start a thread asking for advice (I assume that's what it's there for anyway and not just some terrible popularity contest)...Should likes for historic posts really be counted
  13. Rob1

    Mara X

    Updosing is a focus on shot time and 'slowing the shot down'. Well the thing is there's the "latest development" which is lower doses, faster shots, coarser grinds and I think longer ratios (all at the same time). Or maybe not the last one. The idea is this produces a more even extraction. But it's not as simple as that because it completely changes what the drink is; people might prefer an 'uneven' extraction. The most efficient way to a high EY is coarse grinds and fast shots with low doses and to get the complexity mix a number of different shots together. In a cafe setting this can sa
  14. Guatemala 'washed'. You didn't wash them yourself?.... Ok no more jokes.
  15. Well yes, I was thinking that but just decided to go with benefit of the doubt....I'll never learn.
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