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  1. Hi, what tamper do you use? I have been rejuvenating a Cremina 67 from eBay, and have got to the stage of considering a tamper. The basket is about 49.5mm at the rim for an Olympia Cremina, I think. Where does everyone shop for tampers!?
  2. Hi, I finally found a bit of metal (thought it was broken), realised it was another spade that can be put under the screw. Many thanks
  3. Hi, So I reckon I could probably figure out the wiring, but some help would be nice. I am stuck completely by the earth cable, it looks like it is supposed to attach onto the clamp that holds down the switch, but I can't see how? Thanks
  4. Hi, I am replacing my grouphead to boiler seal on my Cremina67. What should I use? Silicone o ring? Teflon gasket 3mm thick? 1.5mm thick? Any help? Thanks
  5. Just got my hands on an Olympia cremina 67. Was prodding the seals and gaskets, there is little give. What is a way of testing to see if seals should be changed? (Before watching them fail through leaking) Should the seals be very flexible and easily removable? Or is it just best to change them all? Thanks!
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