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  1. I've sent my little update to Paolo as suggested. Ian
  2. Just a little update from me, PM sent to Paolo but no reply as yet. I have used the machine twice daily since Friday with no problems. I have not heard the autofill come in at all so today AFTER I finished making drinks, with some trepidation I drained some hot water. After about 250ml the autofill kicked in and stopped itself. I used the steam wand and all appeared normal. Drained a further 250ml, autofill kicked in and stopped itself. Now I'm at a loss and the only conclusion is that intermittent faults are a pig to diagnose. Ian
  3. Thanks I've done that, do you think it is ok to keep using the machine Ian
  4. Seems like I have the same problem, advised to email ACS (paolo), does anyone have a current email address please. Ian
  5. Thanks Dave, does this mean that the service boiler fill sensor might be faulty ?? Ian
  6. Pump sounds normal but loads of wet steam. Water reservoir severely depleted, no sign of leak but where is the water going. Ian
  7. I stopped it after about 45 seconds. I don't know what its filling though, where's the water going ? Ian
  8. This is the second time this has happened and now I'm getting concerned. Switched on this morning, the machine did not immediately autofill, no problem this sometimes happens. I leave the machine to warm up while I'm in another room and some minutes later I hear the pump running, it did not stop running until I turned off the power. I took off the lid and all the connections appear ok, there is no sign of water anywhere, I'm at a loss. Purchased new from BB April last year. Ian
  9. I had a similar problem almost from new, I took off the steam wand and removed the complete tap. I taped the threads with plenty PTFE tape and rebuilt the whole thing. Sorted, make sure you use enough tape to ensure a seal. Ian
  10. Hey Mike, I've been hovering but not posting, so healing vibes from here in the dark side, otherwise known as Yorkshire. Ian
  11. I have one, flat 58mm, some use marks on the handle but working perfectly.
  12. You know the forum has got to ratsh1t when there is a place to put holiday photos. Ian
  13. Isn't this what they call "churn", where people drop out and new members come in. Unfortunately for the existing membership the same old questions keep popping up which in itself is enough to let the old timers think enough is enough.
  14. I think if you click on the "Mark site read" at the bottom of the page right hand side, the next time you come on the site it might show only the new posts.
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