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  1. Suggest patience here, a purchase from Bella B has massive advantages. Ian
  2. Another happy user here, I'm surprised that no-one has asked for a dedicated ACS or minima forum. On second thoughts is it that nobody needs advice or has anything to moan about. Ian
  3. No pictures showing on my screen just a "no entry sign", is this something I've missed on the new forum?? Ian
  4. Life on the forum has become much much more involved unfortunately. Ian
  5. Cover the feet with felt pads then simply slide away your machinery to clean the worktop without scratching. Ian
  6. I would happily give you the asking price for this. Ian
  7. Eyedee


    Still have to go to Wisbech and have no idea where to find a good coffee shop, Kings Lynn ? Hunstanton? Cromer? Ian
  8. Eyedee


    The country is being flooded with coffee shops, plenty that actually have no idea how to make coffee but nobody has yet had the nerve to try Wisbech, sounds like it's crying out for a good coffee maker. Ian
  9. Eyedee


    I am planning a visit to Wisbech next month and looking for recommendations. I have searched through numerous threads and although these are old threads they do indicate that Wisbech is a coffee desert, has anyone an up to date recommendation please. Ian
  10. If you post your location someone might be able to offer aa more apt suggestion. Ian
  11. Am I correct in thinking that : (a) the machine will perform perfectly well with the pressure set at 12 bars as supplied from BB, (b) the pressure reduction is a little bit of advice from Dave, which in his opinion will improve the overall taste of the coffee. Ian
  12. Eyedee


    If you are single dosing try putting a few drops of water on your beans or a fine mist. Ian
  13. Eyedee

    Expobar DB

    It's yours Cozzie Go to PM and we'll sort out the details. Ian
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