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    I am just trying Coffee Compass Sucker Punch blend and have found I need to tighten up the grind quite alot and also use much less milk to get a respectable latte. Of course I am comparing with my usual caffinated beans but that seems obvious anyway. Ian
  2. Could you point me towards this Gicar please as I don't know where to find it from the pics online.
  3. Just for interest (that is if anyone is interested), I emptied the boiler and measured the contents. Took the casing off and inspected the machine, with nothing looking amiss I refitted the outer casing. Filled the water reservoir, let the boiler fill and brought the machine up to temperature, so far so good. Following instructions I drained small amounts of water and found that 30ml seemed to be the optimum before the pump actuated giving an average 5 second fill time. Now when I use the steam wand no water/steam appears just the steam Conclusion: Intermittent fault which as
  4. Sorry for being vague and thanks for your patience. Always difficult to explain and diagnose technical faults but thanks for your efforts to help. Ian
  5. Until Monday when the machine was first switched on it would alway autofill in the region of 10 sconds then not fill again until it was in use. Now when first switched on it autofills for 20 seconds, then it seems to randomly activate the pump for different time periods even though I'm not using it. The pulsing is when water mixed with steam is coming out of the steam wand. The machine was purchased from BB April 2019
  6. Contents of steam boiler, when drained as suggested gives 1450ml. Ian
  7. Dave I can answer some of these immediately, the autofill time was usually 9 to 10 seconds, now more like 20to 25 seconds, water is just Yorkshire water which is extremely soft, yes the steam is very wet and I can hear pulsing when steaming which I take to be water. No leaks have been found.
  8. LMAO, in all seriousness, I have the correct sized jug and I am aware of the steaming characteristics of milk
  9. Once again this issue raises its nasty head, steam boiler overfilling and when I steam half a jug of milk it multiplies to a full jug before I've actually reached temperature. Did anyone ever find an answer to this. Ian
  10. Welcome to the forum mate, I've not found anywhere to recommend in Wakey unfortunately. Ian
  11. Although I'm not posting much (as I don't have much to say) I am am on here probably every day and joined 13 th September 2010.
  12. I've sent my little update to Paolo as suggested. Ian
  13. Just a little update from me, PM sent to Paolo but no reply as yet. I have used the machine twice daily since Friday with no problems. I have not heard the autofill come in at all so today AFTER I finished making drinks, with some trepidation I drained some hot water. After about 250ml the autofill kicked in and stopped itself. I used the steam wand and all appeared normal. Drained a further 250ml, autofill kicked in and stopped itself. Now I'm at a loss and the only conclusion is that intermittent faults are a pig to diagnose. Ian
  14. Thanks I've done that, do you think it is ok to keep using the machine Ian
  15. Seems like I have the same problem, advised to email ACS (paolo), does anyone have a current email address please. Ian
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