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  1. Hey Mike, I've been hovering but not posting, so healing vibes from here in the dark side, otherwise known as Yorkshire. Ian
  2. I have one, flat 58mm, some use marks on the handle but working perfectly.
  3. You know the forum has got to ratsh1t when there is a place to put holiday photos. Ian
  4. Isn't this what they call "churn", where people drop out and new members come in. Unfortunately for the existing membership the same old questions keep popping up which in itself is enough to let the old timers think enough is enough.
  5. I think if you click on the "Mark site read" at the bottom of the page right hand side, the next time you come on the site it might show only the new posts.
  6. Why not make your own half and half blend, it's not rocket science. Ian
  7. Well the 5 post restriction was easily overcome with multiple pieces of rubbish. Ian
  8. Suggest patience here, a purchase from Bella B has massive advantages. Ian
  9. Another happy user here, I'm surprised that no-one has asked for a dedicated ACS or minima forum. On second thoughts is it that nobody needs advice or has anything to moan about. Ian
  10. No pictures showing on my screen just a "no entry sign", is this something I've missed on the new forum?? Ian
  11. Life on the forum has become much much more involved unfortunately. Ian
  12. Cover the feet with felt pads then simply slide away your machinery to clean the worktop without scratching. Ian
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