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  1. Yep, gone with Origin. Great offer, 20% off & free delivery. Didn’t want to take advantage too much so went over budget with the Alko. Sounds immense.
  2. Very tempted with the Alko, it sounds great.
  3. From caffeinemag.com https://caffeinemag.com/getbeans/ offers & deals from roasters. Let’s all overstock to keep them going!
  4. Thanks for this. A very good offer during difficult times for small businesses. They deserve a lot of orders on the back of this. I’m ok for beans, but am compelled to buy. Anybody tried any of their current natural’s?
  5. Jez H

    Knockout Natural

    Never ordered from Dear Green, so went for this. Mango & treacle sounds like a match made in heaven, https://www.deargreencoffee.com/collections/coffee-beans/products/ethiopia-buriso-amaje-natural
  6. Jez H

    North east roasters

    Possibly not “north east” enough for you, but these guys are great: http://www.roostcoffee.co.uk/holding/index.html and for a little drive away: https://yorkemporium.co.uk
  7. Jez H

    Knockout Natural

    The Clifton Panama Rocky Mountain is absolutely fantastic. Worth going over budget for. https://cliftoncoffee.co.uk/shop/coffee/panama/
  8. Jez H

    Two Chimps

    Got my sample, plus one extra unexpectedly! Many thanks!
  9. I’m intrigued as to which Yorkshire roaster it was Tom?
  10. Jez H

    Two Chimps

    Worked a treat for me on my iPad. Looking forward to trying this. Thanks.
  11. Jez H

    Knockout Natural

    Agreed. Made my choice a bit easier! Presumably they will have roasted them similarly?
  12. Jez H

    Knockout Natural

    No problem. Let me know your thoughts Jony!
  13. Jez H

    Knockout Natural

    Plumped for this in the end. A tad over my usual £10 budget with delivery. https://cliftoncoffee.co.uk/shop/coffee/panama/ interestingly Crafthouse also do it & under “importer” it says “Clifton Coffee”. Same price, £10, but for only 150g. Anybody know why this might be? https://www.crankhousecoffee.co.uk/products/rocky-mountain-lot-8
  14. Are you sure that’s not a chocolate sponge?
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