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  1. Funky stewed fruits anyone? This is my local roaster who works, literally, 200 yards from my work in historic Saltaire. Top bloke too. Just ordered a bag of these: https://jollybeanroastery.co.uk/beanery-1/new-ethiopia-bookkisa
  2. Agree completely. Gave both mine away. Very disappointed So far.
  3. Sorry, bought from my local cafe, so no code. always Aeropress Zeak. Bean of the year for me.
  4. Ok, I know, I’ve mentioned these before. But just picked up my 2nd bag on the bounce, something I never do, they are that good. All for £8.50. Experimental, yes. Funky, yes. Win win!! https://www.northstarroast.com/product/honduras/
  5. Cheers for that. Mikey, you press on to the hot milk? I’ve been adding the milk after. Maybe where I’ve been going wrong?
  6. I will pay for this error by drinking instant all day tomorrow.. Noooo...........drink tea instead. Preferably Yorkshire Gold!
  7. Schoolboy error! 😆
  8. Plumped for these Instead. Tasting notes sound bang on the money for me. 90 hour, macerated, natural. Barista in the cafe where I got them from says they’re insane. https://www.northstarroast.com/product/honduras/
  9. Ooh, hello.....great price too! https://wogancoffee.com/product/la-bastilla-natural/
  10. Anybody attempted a flat white with an Aeropress & fancy sharing some tips please?
  11. Just picked a bag of these up from my local cafe & they are genuinely “knockout”. https://www.northstarroast.com/product/ethiopia-natural/
  12. Thanks for this Philip. There’s a few there I’ve not heard of. 👍
  13. Jez H

    Filter Roast only

    No, apple, pear & nougat!
  14. Jez H

    Filter Roast only

    Ah, ok! Just resting the Aguilera.
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