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  1. Doozerless

    Londinium R

    @MildredM Apologies for not getting back sooner but I've attempting to get car issues sorted today, without much success. I wouldn't say I was appalled but I was doing some budgeting based upon your shipping quote. Trusting your judgement I would like to proceed. The timeline you mention is not an issue as I'm heading away tomorrow for the next week.
  2. Doozerless

    Londinium R

    @MildredM I would need it shipped to Hatfield.
  3. Doozerless

    Londinium R

    @MildredM I'm interested in your L-R and I am prepared to offer your asking price but would need to have it shipped. As per your T&Cs that shipping would be additional I presume that you have had some indicative shipping quotes, hence your statement "be prepare to be appalled...". I had originally misread this as applied at the price... So on that basis, asking price + shipping on the proviso that shipping doesn't make it cost prohibitive for me?
  4. @Heligan On the basis that you would consider shipping, I would like to make you an offer for your L1. Would you accept £1300 inclusive of delivery to Hatfield?
  5. Doozerless

    Behmor brazen plus

    I'll take it at asking.
  6. Coffee prices appear to be on an upward curve (notwithstanding the current omnishambles that is Brexit) so I would be reasonably happy to pay a little more. One thing though the way the question is framed is a little disconcerting with regards to "mediocrity".
  7. That's a problem alright although the prospect of the shakshuka when you are in the depths of a hangover does make the prospect of waiting a little easier. Holybelly is probably more popular wrt to its size and the wait there can be similar. Speaking from experience at the weekend, of course. It wasn't too long ago that the prospect of breakfast in Paris amounted to a terrible cafe au lait and a rather expensive croissant. First world problems, eh?
  8. The shakshuka in Cafe Oberkampf is superb. They've also got a KvDW Mirage, which is nice.
  9. This is the same coffee as our last LSOL, no? If so, it'll be interesting comparing roast profiles given it was a 'challenging' brew.
  10. My 500g is waiting for me at the airport and this time tomorrow I'll be enjoying a brew in the SW of France.
  11. SSSSS 2017 #1 won't ship until after the 3rd January. After that it will be roasted and posted to arrive on/around the first of the month.
  12. Doozerless

    Compak R120

    Dimensions are ~ 370mm deep x ~260mm wide. Height without hopper ~570mm and with hopper (to fit one human head) ~750mm but you'd need ~990mm to have the lid fully open. It also weighs as much as Saturn.
  13. Another satisfied customer here. RMR time!
  14. We blew the budget there a few years ago in Arzak but the pintxos trail is just as good. La Cuchara de San Telmo, Astelena, Tamboril, A Fuego Negro, Borda Berri, Gandarias, are just some of the best. Solomillo (small piece of fillet steak), carrilerra (beef cheeks), bacalao (salt cod), morcilla (blood sausage but with less consistency than black pudding), pulpo (octopus), gambas (prawns usually in garlic). La Rampa in the old harbour is a great sit down restaurant with a big emphasis on fish. Txakoli with the big over the shoulder pour.
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