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  1. ^^^^^ If I decide to give them a try I'll report back here so other's know the outcome
  2. Still debating, wondering why you ask? Out of interest or do you have some background information on them?
  3. On Tapa so please could some kind soul add me to the list if not to late, thanks
  4. [emoji4] Emailed D&H at 5pm today to request an alteration to next months sub, Su replied by 5-30pm with a can do, fabulous service & late on a Saturday afternoon to boot. [emoji4]
  5. MinesAbeer

    Black Friday

    Workshop have reduced pricing on SOME of there accessories, brewers grinders etc not the biggest reductions going but maybe of interest to someone @scribblez https://workshopcoffee.com/collections/black-friday
  6. Whizzed through thread hoping I haven't missed these, apols if already mentioned, https://kissthehippo.com/collections/limited-edition-coffees/products/christmas-blend https://kissthehippo.com/collections/limited-edition-coffees/products/christmas-bundle
  7. Took a bit of research but finally got where your coming from 'a bit of a lonely place' [emoji4]
  8. just to update you all, I've had a nice email back from Josh (whoever he may be) answering all the questions I had re the dripper along with providing a lot more info besides. They Macondo Coffee UK are apparently the exclusive distributor here in the UK of the Origami Dripper and the website price includes the wooden dripper holder and and a free !!! retail bag of coffee I'll think this one over and decide after the weekend if I will go for it, depending on how many B.F. deals I get sucked into
  9. Hi anyone had any dealings with https://macondocoffee.co.uk/ seems to be little on the website re contacting them, only a contact us link, no email address, no telephone number, makes me all suspicious. there's a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MacondoCoffeeUK/ and an Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/macondocoffeeuk/ neither platform I go on, again seems little info, although did find an email address which I have contacted them on still awaiting a reply anyways was wondering if anyone has any enlightenment on them. and to save answering the question I'm looking to purchase an Origami Dripper in case anyone knows of anywhere else within the UK or Europe I should be looking into Thanks
  10. Were well used to a drop down this way & are happy to wade and pay cork age fee's you may apply to the byo [emoji4]
  11. If it's possible to get through the flooding can I prebook a table for two next weekend? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  12. Worth reading... https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/26650-londons-best-of-the-best/
  13. [emoji42][emoji42][emoji42]
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