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  1. I sympathise...us men can only do one thing at a time and even that can be problematic [emoji23]
  2. 1.MildredM 2.NickDems 3.Jacko112 4.Junglebert 5. Filthynines 6.Cooffe 7.Jollybean 8. Rhys 9.MinesAbeer 10.
  3. Just a thought. Try stopping the heating of the milk at 55 degrees as the temperature will continue to rise beyond this to around 60-65 degrees
  4. Has anyone installed the Cafelat piston rings & if so what's the verdict? Reiss doesn't seem to recommend them, just asking as I shall order the group gaskets soon and despite the pistons being good for a while yet I might add them to the order depending on the replys to save on the postage later.
  5. Where did you get the cafelat from?
  6. Starts around here...https://coffeeforums.co.uk/index.php?/topic/23859-Londinium-1-Review#entry694925
  7. @Deidre look what the forum queen has kindly done...https://coffeeforums.co.uk/index.php?/topic/43603-How-Things-Look-Here!#entry695445
  8. Glad it went well for you, the gasket & shower screen should part company easily, just a matter of sliding the two apart, and allows the removal of any crud which has the knack of getting between the two, less crud = better tasting coffee. Won't hurt to ignore this time but next time (at least weekly depending on coffee consumption) try to separate the two and soak in hot water & cafiza for 5mins which will remove the crud (use a soft brush if needed). Remember to check the orientation of the gasket before separation and replace it back the right way, bevel to the top of the shower screen. Repost if unsure of anything.
  9. Welcome to our world... Finding an oasis in the Kalahari would be easier... There is Finca in Yeovil if you can get out there other than that bring your own kit & beans as mentioned
  10. You'd be welcome to turn up here & do a little redecoration if you feel so inclined [emoji23]
  11. No need to remove the Allen bolts, a large flat screwdriver or an old teaspoon placed in the ridge of the shower screen, there is one nearest the screen and gently levered should do the job easily. May need to try at two opposite points, also if its not been removed for a while it may need a little more leverage in which case protect the group head with something, a cloth, a piece of rubber (inner tube) or anything else you have at hand. The ridge is shown clearly in this picture https://coffeehit.co.uk/products/ims-precision-e61-shower-screen This video show's the removal and replacement of the shower screen, remember this is for an e61 group & not a lever although the principal is the same, I find it best to work on a cold machine saves a lot of pain, I use a brush like the following to get right into the hard to reach recesses, a little OTT maybe but it gets a lot of old grinds out which is good, https://www.boots.com/boots-expert-interspace-toothbrush-10231943 All of the above shouldn't take much longer than 15 minutes as long as the shower screen & gasket come out easily, and take note of which way around the gasket is so you put it back the same way, often there's a smooth side and a side with a bevel so look out for that. Phew...hope it goes smoothly... any problems repost & someone will help out
  12. If you've got Puly Caff or Cafiza why not use that? Remember if its for the L1 do not back flush you don't do that to L's. Happy to post some P.C. if you want to try it, should do the trick along with a bit of a soak & a good stiff brushing
  13. @Deidre as I've only used it a couple of times at the end of the day it would be unfair of me to review at this early stage. What persuaded me to get one was the number of forumites on here who gave good reviews, https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/42074-try-the-espazzola-a-nifty-tool-for-easy-cleaning-of-groupheads/ the only thing I've noticed so far is the tight fit on the LR group, don't worry it does fit it's something that's mentioned on the website, although probably also down to me getting used to it. This video explains its use hope this help's a little
  14. MinesAbeer

    Not happy

    And with a lot lighter wallet your cadence will increase dramatically [emoji4]
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