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  1. Thanks Mr.Snaky fantastic video which is now downloaded for reviewing again & again till I can at least manage a b####y heart...[emoji813]
  2. Possibly the best video on tamping, others may differ, but I found it really useful...https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SnieoHAGlds This is well worth reading through if you haven't already...http://coffeetime.wikidot.com/tamping Hope this helps
  3. I'm happy to go light as I've mentioned in another thread light theme perhaps, just feel it needs dimming down somewhat before someone suffers retina burnout. I believe I mentioned grey before if that would suit others. One other [email protected] I know your busy doing all sorts to try and satisfy all and sundry but please could you put in an option to unsubscribe/ignore threads people don't wish to follow, this has been asked for before just raising it again in the hope you can add it to your long list. Thanks
  4. My vote for whats it's worth goes with the Light Theme, I find the Dark Theme far to muddled or want of a better word and as for the brown which dominates its awful reminds me of visiting aged aunts who apparently had as little taste in there color choice as who ever picked that for the DT. As for the Light Theme its not perfect and could do with a little dimming down, that or more regular eye tests because of the brightness. A light grey has been suggested and I would happily go along with that, the very top section Banners + is fine for me, fits much better than the DT one. So there you have it my two penneth worth for what it's worth, like it or leave it.
  5. Is this cfuk special or is it available from the origin website? If so which is it?
  6. Thanks a lot, deffo have them in my amazon wish list to purchase soon
  7. Now you've had time to put these to the test how are they working out? Are you still pleased with them, have you noticed anything you might want to change if you could? Marks out of ten for usability, functionality, and anything else you thinks counts. Thanks
  8. Believe there's at least a five post requirement before your allowed the code, see post #1196 for more
  9. @DavecUK is probably the man to advise on this...way to slow [emoji23]
  10. ^^^^^ [email protected] mentioned in this post I also would be extremely pleased if there was an ignore option for threads I didn't want to or wasn't interested in following. There seem far to many non coffee related threads these days which just P me off and I like Dave would like an option to pick and choose which I read. [email protected] what's the chances?
  11. I called to prove this is working, only needs putting the correct name [email protected] [email protected] I'm also on T.Talk so it's working on this platform.
  12. What post # would that be Jon?
  13. Tried twice to get the 58.5 version but both times ended up receiving the three pointed version which I already own and wanted to compare them side by side. Disappointing might try your link to see if I'm more successful. Thanks
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