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  1. Internals...looks like @joey24dirt & his craftsmanship have popped by, wish he'd left the knife looks well sharp in all meanings of the word
  2. Spiced apple cake... can't wait to break into it [emoji4]
  3. @DavecUK & @MWJB are the guys who should put you right, just wait until they pop by...
  4. Link to the group purchase mentioned above... https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/50701-osmio-zero-round-5/
  5. Tonight at 8pm please forward
  6. The latest installment from @DogandHat arrived yesterday. Cheers guy's & girls for a little ray of sunshine...wishing you all the best
  7. I'd keep that to yourself or...
  8. @MildredM As said above...Hoping you guys are well...seconding Joey's comments
  9. Hi Mrs MAB here. Chris Boardman cyclist retweeted this and as we're going to go ahead at 8pm tonight, Weds. I thought you might want to, too. Also take a look at @nhsmillion. Anything that can be done to let them all know us mere mortals recognise they're wonderful, will no doubt be welcomed! We know first hand how fantastic NHS staff are. [emoji2956] https://mobile.twitter.com/chrisgrant14a/status/1239700131475308544
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