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  1. First couple of shot this morning. 18g - 40g 7 bar around 30s. Very easy bean to work with. Unsure of he origin yet but it definitely not a natural Ethiopian when comparing to the last bean (sweet shop). There is definitely some berries in there with that floral element so can see why people are saying Ethiopian. I feel i need a few more days rest but kinda expect some fermentation process.
  2. Received today perfect timing too!
  3. I agree with coffee chap it is so simple to use. Why i got ride of mine was the slow warm up time (yes i had a timer but no chance of a quick espresso mid afternoon unless you planned it), lack of ability to change the boiler temperature. Other than that amazing machine!
  4. I couldn't agree more, its one of the few beans i actually enjoy as straight espresso! Gutted i've just ran out, might have to buy some more off the site!
  5. @Hairy_Hogg 204 hour fermentation seems quite exact? Happy with my near correct guess. At least i got the country. Very good coffee sining for me on espresso 18g-38g 35s at 7 bar!
  6. Prefect. Will reply on PM. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Bought over lock down to use at my parents and no longer needed. 3 months use perfect condition. £28 posted
  8. Think it might just be a trick of the eye
  9. Had it as a straight espresso this morning. Wow not usually a fan / can pick out flavour when it is straight but this was smooth with a citrus ending and really really tasty. Flat white yesterday was also delicious, caramel and sweet. My guess could be a colombia or brazil though the espresso this morning did make me think it could be something lie a costa rican....
  10. A really interesting one. First espresso this morning 17.5g - 40g about 26s, a little fast. Really smooth, caramel notes nose smells like vanilla which is very nice. I feel it needs to go a little tigher.
  11. Mine was supposed to be delivered yesterday but didn't turn up and now the tracking says nothing. Little confused. Fingers crossed it shows up today or tomorrow.
  12. Dunk

    Londinium R

    Love all the help!!! @Marocchino do you want to take this to PM or keep it here to see if anyone else can help out?
  13. Dunk

    Londinium R

    Sure offer accepted, now to just work out logistics.....
  14. Dunk

    Londinium R

    @Marocchino Just measured it its 65 high, 65 long 46 wide
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