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  1. Tried the 17g in 40g out idea above and its made this bean even better. So smooth, chocolate and caramel with a hint of orange for me. DELICIOUS!!!
  2. Been really enjoying this one. Smooth, caramel, cocoa with a hint of orange for me. My guess would be a brazil, maybe honey process.
  3. First espresso with these this morning getting really sweet and caramel notes, very very nice. 18g -> 38g 35s
  4. Got mine to, excited to try them out tomorrow. Perfect timing!
  5. Any GS3 owners care to share the temp their coffee boiler is set at? Im not sure the offset on my machine is that accurate and or the coffee boiler temp might be off to. My only issue is that to low temp will also give bitter notes as well as to higher temp which does make things tricky!
  6. I've recently switched to trying it through the EK been having good results 18g - 50g. Seems to mitigate some of the harshness at times.
  7. Is that 93 at the group? I was at around 92.5 on my GS3.
  8. Just threw a shot through the EK instead of the monolith and WOW!!! 18g - 45g 30s. Super super smooth and butter, way less astringent taste that i was getting from 18-40 on the monolith. Super surprised by the difference.
  9. Im sticking with anabolic fermentation Honduras. Maybe 48 hour fermentation.
  10. Certainly preferring the shorter shot times on this for me. First shot today was 36s 18-40 tasted kinda ashy and bitterness. Second was 18-40 in 29s and much more balanced and fruity. Great amount of funk in there though!
  11. Great espresso today. Very funky. Reminds me of the honduras anabolic fermentation i had from north star last. Definitely some fermentation going on. FWIW 18g - 40g 92.5 degres 26s
  12. All arrived here. First shot today 18g-40g, 92 degrees, 31s. No flavours jumping right out at the moment but it is the first one. Beans smell lovely though!
  13. Haven't got anything to test the TDS so will try the bicarb. Might go back to waitrose water in the end.
  14. Ohhh so you don't wait till it finishes and then empty and refill? I assume the remineralisation filter comes as standard?
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