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  1. @Hairy_Hogg could this be sent in two 250g bags so i can freeze one?
  2. 1. Dalerst 2. Cooffe 3. Dunk
  3. Jealous that bean from the barn is amazing!!!!! One of the best espressos i have had this year in a cafe!
  4. Great find ordered some of the anabolic Colombian, sure its gonna be a good one!
  5. Dunk

    5/6oz Cup

    No worries dude
  6. Dunk

    5/6oz Cup

    In north yorkshire,
  7. Dunk

    5/6oz Cup

    Amid all the craziness left all up cups in my flat before leaving London. Looking for a 5/6oz cup doesn't have to be perfect condition and no real need for a saucer. Notneutral or inker or ACME or ancap or similar. Anyone got anything they are willing to part with?
  8. Sorry need to take my name off the list as no longer needed. 1. Alex_L 2. Alder 3. Tsangpa
  9. Dunk

    La Pavoni

    Looking for either a Europiccola or Professional. Anyone got one they no longer need?
  10. On that note does anyone have any tips on what to look for when searching for a second hand la pav? and price point?
  11. Currently got a GS3 MP at home
  12. Lever might be kinda fun to learn a new skill, that was my thoughts?
  13. If you were away from your espresso machine for a decent time and wanted something cheap to tide you over what would you buy? Max budget £500! Im think la pavoni maybe? Any other ideas?
  14. Tried this as a kalita today 16g-250ml 3:00. Tasty sweet but not getting the same level as flavours as i was from the espresso. Weirdly i think this bean works best in a flat white even though i usually a short black kinda person.
  15. It’s almost like plum or blackberry at the end. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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