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  1. Just landed here, really excited to try these 🤘
  2. sure, PM me your address and i'll get it posted out. If anyone wants to do a swap for the other 200-250g would be keen to do that as well.
  3. Can't get on with this one and don't want to waste it so if anyone wants 250g or so of this for the cost os postage or in exchange for something else shout up.
  4. Im on espresso, i manage to grind fine enough with the EK getting 17g-45g in about 25-30s. But just tastes wild!!!! Might have to mix it up and see what i can get.
  5. Gotta admit struggling with these. They definitely remind me of the north start 72 honduras fermentation but way less forgiving. Getting very sour and crazy notes coming out. I love a funky coffee but this one might be a step far.... Will keep experimenting!
  6. Received mine today, still beat the last one 🤣
  7. Sounds greta, i'm sure Royal mail really enjoyed this one 🤣
  8. So painful reading this, mine still hasn't turned up Officially hate royal mail now. Had to buy some more beans to get me through the xmas and new year bit.
  9. Yep still nothing for me today either. Might have to jump into the freezer.
  10. Still nothing for me yet damn royal mail at this time of year!
  11. Agree RM flakey at the moment, nothing for me yet.
  12. Tried the 17g in 40g out idea above and its made this bean even better. So smooth, chocolate and caramel with a hint of orange for me. DELICIOUS!!!
  13. Been really enjoying this one. Smooth, caramel, cocoa with a hint of orange for me. My guess would be a brazil, maybe honey process.
  14. First espresso with these this morning getting really sweet and caramel notes, very very nice. 18g -> 38g 35s
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