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  1. Agreed with the 1:3 on the EK is about 25-30. This is what i normally do with it and it is tasty, all be it still very different to the mazzer.
  2. Which is exactly why i sourced the mazzer to run this experiment.
  3. Ohh cool yeah, it could well just be my preference in taste is that that come from a normal espresso grinder over the EK. In the end what tastes amazing to one person may well not to another.
  4. Just out of curiosity what are you referring to? I know the two grinder will produce a completely different espresso or are you stating this shouldn't be the case and it's more down to user error?
  5. Standard coffee burns. Its a 2015/16 model. I have also made sure the burrs are aligned.
  6. So just did this experiment. 19g in 38g out in about 30 seconds on both. Using The Barn's himalaya bean https://thebarn.de/collections/beans/products/himalaya Tried both as a 5oz long black What i noticed EK43 - shot tasted ok, - not as good as the 1:3 ratio - lack of body and bold flavour, just tasted sweet to me Mazzer - More punch and way more body - I felt like the flavour was better Tomorrow going to switch i up and try both as 19g in 50g out.
  7. Good idea, will give it a go!
  8. Agreed i just struggled massively to ever get that thick full on body like you do at fed in a shot with the EK.
  9. yeh it was just on the side after checking ti was clear!
  10. Kinda dream set up. Just been finding some beans taste way better not through the EK Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Haha yeah i move quickly!!! Plus the opportunity came up!
  12. Dunk

    EK43 - £500

    Might be almost to good to be true or just used to death https://marketplace.unitedbaristas.com/en/listings/798050-mahlkonig-ek43
  13. So to update this this is what I have left 2 x ACME flat white cups and saucers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. So i have been on a bit of a road of discovery with the EK43 and still not getting the flavour i have been wanting. So i took the liberty to source another high end espresso grinder (mazzer major) and compare shots side by side. What i've noticed now is thus for both grinders. This was extracting at 6 bar with 19g in and 52g out for the EK, 38g for the Mazzer. EK43 - Such a sweet extraction, delicious but almost sometimes too sweet and flavour can be los. - Drink it straight or with limited water, max 5oz long black - Big crema (not sure if it's a good thing) Mazzer - Way more body and richness but you do sacrifice some sweetness - Much better in milk based drinks - Works better with darker beans - Less crema I feel i need both in my life, maybe a little over kill but hey!!!
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