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  1. Yes, indeed. Most probably, Rocket had faced many claims on broken mushrooms. I read that the ceramic is harder than stainless steel and it is not cheaper, but it is not elastic, which is the issue in context of reliability.
  2. BTW, I didn't find this innovation in other vendors - Izzo, ECM. Now I am googling the difference between ceramic and chromed brass in order to have better perspective of this innovation.
  3. Thank you, Dylan! I missed this innovation from Rocket. Reading in net I just found that after 1+ year of exploitation, there is a risk to break this ceramic unit: https://www.home-barista.com/repairs/broken-e61-grouphead-mushroom-t47678.html
  4. Hi guys, Does anybody know that Rocket uses ceramic material instead of chromed brass for E61 brew group mushroom base? I had not seen this before. My friend cleaned his machine today and foumd this fact!?
  5. Hi! This is exactly my setup at home for more than year without any problems. Thus the grinding is much faster.
  6. Thank you very much for the replies! I am happy to read recently, that Izzo released new generation of Duetto. Similarly to QM Verona, they put the motor above the pump, made the mushroom and filer from stainless steel, made the pump adjustable from the side panel, made boilers drainable, made coffee boiler 0.58 l and included shot timer in the PID. I am sure that DaveC has been serious contribution to the improvements! Cheers DaveC!!! [emoji2]
  7. Hi ChrisPii! What happened with your R58? Did you solve the issue?
  8. Hi Jacobean! Both valves have spare part numbers in Expobar parts catalogue. Do you have this catalogue and how have you bought this valves?
  9. Hi guys! I am interesting to know how the rating plate of your Alex Duetto looks like, especiallly if Generation III (MK IV in UK). Are they a day and a month (except of the year) of production? Also, is there a logo "MyWay" printed in the plate? Sharing pictures of your plates would be most informative. Another interesting topic for me is if the following. Do you mentioned what are your default settings of the PID controller? Does the temperature is set in Farenheit or in Celsius? And do the P,I,D values are respectivelly P=3.0, I=0.05, D=2.0 or P=1.3, I=0.06, D=1.5? Thank you very
  10. Hi Zephyr, Did you find what causes the leak of the R58?
  11. Hi guys, Ian very happy with the CC products and service! ? I ordered Sweet Bourbon Espresso Blend Mahogany Roast Jampit Hit Red Roast Blend and liked them a lot! Thanks for the provided coupon code! ?
  12. Hi Guys, These days I read some publications about the VBM E61 Brew Group and I learned that it is the original one. It has really different view compared to the E61 Group of the other vendors - Expobar, Rocket, Izzo, etc. VBM states that it is heavier than the other ones produced under license thus maintaining temperature stability better than others. Does somebody know more details regarding VBM E61 group? I am almost sure that Dave knows and will be happy to read his knowledge. [emoji3] I looked the E61 groups of Alex Duetto, Rocket, R58, Bezzera Magica without the shower screen.
  13. In the Rocket forum you had shared that the maintenance of AD costed you £ 45. What kind was the replaced part? I am asking you, because I am curious to compare the spare part prices. In BN site I saw that the spare control board of Rocket is cheaper than that of Izzo.
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