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  1. meet you in the middle at £95 posted?
  2. I have a spare Hario v60 brewing station, brand new and boxed. comes with hario brew station (acrylic) hario brew scales v60 dripper 02 hario coffee server. cost £140 but is surplus to requirements. after £105 posted [ATTACH=CONFIG]38196[/ATTACH]
  3. I am, and as far as I know we are the only speciality coffee shop in Bedfordshire We also won Best indie coffee shop in Bedfordshire at the Beds food and drink awards, even had a mention recently in the sunday times. we are based in Leighton Buzzard and called Espresso-Head
  4. Thanks for your comments guys. ill just keep an eye on it for now, I just wanted to understand really why this may have changed as nothing that we have done has been altered, and the coffee is still the same blend and according to the roaster has no change either. its just odd it’s been stable for nearly 3 years but for some reason has changed recently. and @ajohn we are using a la marzooco fb80 machine
  5. Unlikely that there is channeling and the taste is fine. its just something I’d like to understand as it’s run differently for the last 2 years but for some reason has changed in the last couple of days. Will keep an eye on it as if it increases by any more I’d assume it would taste over extracted. and not using bottomless filters as we occasionally split the shot so a spout is better for our use. its the same with multiple baristas making drinks we would leave me to assume its a pressure change on the machine rather than anything else. although the pressure looks like it hasn’t moved either :/
  6. Hi all, im having a bit of a tough one and wondered if I’m missing something. for the past day or so I am having issues with the start of my espresso pours, usually I’d expect the pour to start around the 6 second mark, however for some reason at now starting at 11-12 second each time. now the confusing part is that I am still dosing at the correct amount, the grind size is spot on, the yield is correct and the extraction time overall is correct. ive tried adjusting these variables however because everything else is correct any adjustment knocks out my yield or extraction time. the machine is also religiously cleaned so no issues with filters, baskets, shower screens etc. any ideas?
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