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  1. Check out this video by coffeemachinist
  2. Fold down the two halves of the shower screen and see if you can twist it out.
  3. The switch should have some adjustment in how much it protrudes from the body. You can loosen the lock nut on the outside, and there's another locknut on the inside which sets how far it can stick out. I'd be looking into why it's changed since lubricating the cam first though.
  4. Could be a failed bearing but unlikely. Have you removed the lower burr carrier to check for coffee buildup? There will almost certainly be a fair bit of compacted grinds in there if you've not had it off in a couple of years.
  5. Worth removing the group solenoid valve and checking for dirt/scale build up. Or try backflushing with detergent.
  6. https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/us/Rancilio-Silvia-Steam-Valve-Kit-New-Style/m-4381.aspx
  7. Odd that they had to send it back to Rocket to get it fixed. Kinked water lines are very common and a very easy fix, but I guess that's what happens when buying from retailers who don't have in house tech support.
  8. Pics of the valve you say is leaking please. Is the machine plumbed in?
  9. Sounds like the pump relay on the board has failed in the on position. If you can solder you could order a new one and fit it, otherwise its new board time.
  10. I'll probably hang onto it for now as no interest. Thanks.
  11. Likely culprit is the flow restrictor at the top of the group. Undo it with a big spanner, remove with a 7mm socket and soak it or use a paperclip etc to clear out the hole.
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