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  1. If you place the order using the code the cups and beans will be added to the delivery automatically.
  2. Little bump in case anyone wants rid of a set!
  3. Just been on a bread course at Bakery47 in Glasgow.
  4. funinacup

    Brewista Scales

    After another set of brewista scales. Ideally the new rechargeable version if possible. Let me know what you have! Thanks Michael
  5. Espresso Services in Glasgow. Ship to them and they'll ship it back sorted!
  6. Mythos Ones are the best around. Yes we sell them, but we also use 5 of them in various locations due to their performance. In that budget though we have an ex demo Eureka 75E. Same burr size as the Mythos but not Ti coated. You can PM me if you want any info.
  7. Swapped to lower power elements before with no issues. Perhaps going bigger could be problematic. What's the machine and are you going bigger or smaller?
  8. Where'd you buy your ek43 from?
  9. Clearing out a cupboard and found a set of used Vario burrs. They were in my Vario when I got it and I changed them to try and cure a problem, but it didn't help. So these burrs are in good condition but obviously not new. Also comes with upper burr holder and the screws. £20 delivered in the UK.
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