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  1. Watched London has Fallen. Beyond terrible, 90 minutes of my life that I won't get back.
  2. sorry, but I didn't enjoy this at all. Thought it was terrible.
  3. Saints fan here. Love my rugby but not seeing much rugby this season as Saints are awful. Expecting big improvements next season. Missed the Tigers game yesterday. (And I probably shouldn't talk to you!)
  4. Another BBQ/smoker here. Love it. Learning the piano too which I find relaxing. It's the perfect sound for me. Gym and exercise too but don't really class that as a hobby. Photography also takes up quite a bit of my spare time and now using my DSLR to make a film.
  5. Enjoying Star Wars battlefront. Rubbish at it but do enjoy it. With a nice cup of coffee.
  6. I can't but feel that some of the driving moans (mostly I feel peoples pain here) are linked to bad manners, and a disregard for other people - not saying thanks if someone lets you out of a junction for example.
  7. I can't tolerate bad manners. No need for it.
  8. Jedi oh

    Cover versions

    This has already been mentioned, but here is the link. Its brilliant. Sounds of Silence - Disturbed.
  9. Jedi oh

    Cover versions

    And a bit of Willie Nelson; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAjY-jHNXvY
  10. Jedi oh

    Cover versions

    I like a bit of Ane Brun.
  11. Jedi oh


    Used to drink a good amount of port, preferred a 10 yr Tawney. Drink gin now. That said saw a nice bottle of Port in the cupboard the other day so will enjoy that next time we have friends over.
  12. Jedi oh

    Game of Thrones

    He is a liability. He'd be better off in a circus.
  13. Jedi oh

    Game of Thrones

    I can't get over how rubbish Jon Snow is. Other than that thoroughly enjoy GOT.
  14. Not sure what the deal will be but hopefully a few ££££ off.
  15. This is up on Amazon daily deals at 0635 tomorrow morning (18/08/17) if anyone is after a pour over.
  16. Good to see people still enjoying good coffee when camping. May try the V60 next time as the wife thinks I'm stupid taking the syphon. If it breaks it breaks. I cab get a new one. But I prefer the coffee from the syphon. May invest in hand grinder though.
  17. I'm just back from a camping trip and had a great time. One of the highlights was still being able to enjoy a nice coffee. I took the syphon and it was perfect for camping. I had to pre-grind my beans as I've only got an electric grinder but they served me well. What other methods o people use for coffee when camping?
  18. Jedi oh


    Looks like you've had some good replies. Personally I would go for.....; Hendricks Warner Edwards Harrington Gin, Plymouth Burleigh. Probably my favourites.
  19. Watched Dr Strange. Visually epic, too much so in fact. Story line left me feeling bored and easily distracted by a spider walking across the wall. I was more interested in thinking what life would be like if the spider bit me and I developed super powers. Anyway, found the film a bit boring and was expecting better, especially due to its high rotten tomatoes score of 90%.
  20. Shoulder of lamb smoked for 10 hrs, basted in a black dip every hour. Was delicious, and most likely my best effort yet. Even the wife enjoyed it!!
  21. Watched this the other day. Looks like its going to be very good.
  22. I watched War Dogs. Based on a true story which I always enjoy and leads me to do a bit of research on the matter. Film was enjoyable without being great, a bit a fun but won;t win any oscars.
  23. I only found out today that he had left. And I go there every week!! I can recommend it, its really rather good.
  24. Yes, Steve Peel. He was at Monmouth I believe, then the Roastery and he's now gone on his own. He has a nice little shop and roasts beans on site. Think he'll do well. Top chap.
  25. Today I tried my first Nitro cold brew. It was fascinating to hear all about it and as I'm not a big fab of cold brew I wasn't expecting much, but it was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Found it to be very refreshing, especially on a hot day like this. It was at a relatively new roasters in Northampton, Yellow Bourbon Coffee Roasters in Northampton. Its owned by the chap who used to roast at the Roastery at Bella Barista. He has now set up on his own. I had a very nice macchiato too.
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