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    Dog lovers

    This is a new addition to our family. Humphrey.
  2. This new song from Volbeat is really good.
  3. Using a Nanopresso at the moment. I have a seriously limited kitchen space and this works for me.
  4. For some reason I can't get t into the deals section. This is on amazon daily deals but not foe long.
  5. I was looking at this the other day. Felt like a really nice bit of kit, and was on sale for £540 in the shop. Very tempted.
  6. Been lusting after one of these for a while now. Rather expensive so looking at some cheaper ones that are available.
  7. Looks beautiful there. Luckily I’m not jealous. Hope you have a great time. QUOTE=johnealey;677564]Nothing special camera wise, grabbed with a Nokia 6.1 this evening in Saunton not far from where @Jedi oh was. And they say we don't have the weather in the UK...: [ATTACH=CONFIG]40057[/ATTACH] (screen grabbed to reduce file size, the dots in the water are the hardy surfers, there were many many more earlier!) John
  8. And this is Verity, a 20m high Damien Hirst statue in Ilfracombe Harbour.
  9. Had a wonderful week away in North Devon. This is evening on Woolacombe Beach, beautiful part of the world.
  10. @Mandalorian1310 - great name by the way!
  11. I do the odd race. Thoroughly enjoy them and would encourage all to have a go.
  12. I though After Life with Ricky Gervais was excellent. Several days later I’m still thinking about it. Really do recommend this on Netflix.
  13. This new offering from Radical Face. Great stuff.
  14. I thought the same. But it’s not my bike. It belongs to a friend but I’ll have a word with him. I don’t even have a bike license!
  15. Motorcycle chain. Naturally!!
  16. Thanks guys, looks like I have a few places to consider. Cheers.
  17. My wife likes good whine.........(sorry)
  18. Hi, My wife has a screen test/interview in Primrose Hill on Tuesday. It’s only for 30 mins or so and I’m going down for the day too. Does anyone one know of any good coffee shops in the Primrose Hill / Camden area where we can grab a good coffee?? Many thanks, Chris
  19. Bum. Thats not good. Good luck getting it sorted.
  20. Lake near me, under a full moon.
  21. Fantastic set of photos. Well done.
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