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  1. I agree. I think that landscapes work so much better in landscape mode. But I guess they should really. 😀
  2. If I'm honest I've fallen into the habit of not weighing or timing, and just guessing. But I've done so many and know the quantities and it works and I get good coffee. Is that wrong?
  3. I'm really enjoying my V60 at the moment so will give this a try. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Hardwater Mill. Great Doddington.
  5. Just outside of Northampton.
  6. Evening raindow and sunset this evening. Not sure I've ever seen one before.
  7. Jedi oh

    Bodum offers

    Sportspursuit.com have some offers on a few Bodum products. I have used sportspursuit several times before (for sports kit as opposed to coffee kit) and they are a reputable company.
  8. Had some pitta bread that was going out of date, so made pitta chips. Really easy and satisfying.
  9. Enjoy. Look forward to seeing the results!
  10. Dirty tomahawk steak. Was delicious.
  11. Very nice. Similar. Enjoy! 👍
  12. Its a Pro Q Excel. Been after one for a while and the wife did me proud.
  13. This arrived today. A present from my wonderful wife. Doing a dirty tomahawk steak tomorrow.
  14. It may be worth wrapping the wood chips in tin foil and poking a few holes in it. I sometimes use this and it works well, and I reckon it takes less heat to heat the wood chips than the metal box.
  15. Smoked some ribs. Vanilla and honey glaze finished them off nicely.
  16. Not blaming you! Had it for a couple of weeks now. Wanted one for ages but kept putting off, but finally decided that I deserves it. Hope you're enjoying yours.
  17. Treated myself to a drone and this is one of the first photos that I took.. Loving it, Great fun and can get some really interesting photos and videos. This is the village where I live.
  18. Jedi oh

    Cover versions

    Love this too, but its not as good as the original.
  19. Jedi oh

    Cover versions

    This is a great cover, I actually prefer it to the original.
  20. Jedi oh

    Cover versions

    Love this cover by Pearl Jam.
  21. What drone have you got? I have just got one too, and loving it so far!
  22. Ribs. Nice rub, and glazed with vanilla essence, honey, and brown sugar 5 minutes before they have finished cooking.
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