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  1. I have done a bit a research and think it may be a greater bee fly. But I'm still not sure.
  2. Thanks. I'll be honest and admit to not having a clue as to the type of bee it is. But I think I will try and find out.
  3. It is nice to see so many bees about at the moment.
  4. I am the same, makes a big difference to the overall look of a photo. That said every now and then I like to be rebellious and break some of the rules.
  5. Jedi oh


    Finally, a protest that I can get behind!
  6. Jedi oh


    I'm really pleased. Pretty easy too, apart from one nut that didn't want to budge, but got there in the end. 👍
  7. Jedi oh


    I have been loving my new washing machine drum fire pit. It's great. Thanks for the suggestion. 👍
  8. Infrared of the local church.
  9. Local church this evening.
  10. Jedi oh


    Thats an option, but I really want the option to move it around. Looking at the washing machine drum option which looks good. Cheers for the help everyone.
  11. Jedi oh


    I have seen some nice copper ones. Washing machine drum a good call too. Our washing machine has started playing top so may be getting a new one soon, so I will have one good to go.
  12. Jedi oh


    Hadn't thought of that but great idea. A bit different too. I will look into this. Cheers.
  13. Jedi oh


    Ideally not much more than £100. And just for fire.
  14. Jedi oh


    Hi, I am looking to buy a firepit for the garden, so I can hopefully have some peace and quiet and enjoy fire. I was just wondering what people use, and if anyone is improvising with something else that works other than a shop brought one. Cheers, Chris
  15. Basil is very good. Keen to learn and responds well to training. Much better than our Minature daschund who is lovely, but rubbish at training. Basil is feisty, he has personality, but he trains well.
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