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  1. Okay - so I'm a bit of an idiot. I took the grinder apart and there was a bit of something stuck in the burrs. I think this was making it sound like the burrs were touching when they weren't so when I was trying to calibrate the grind it was much too large (can't believe I didn't notice this with the number of pours I did...) Anyway, once cleaned I've managed to calibrate the grinder again and get a decent pour - yay! I must have forgotten to recalibrate after using the grinder for aeropress or knocked it or done something stupid before I'd had caffeine... Thanks again for all of the help. I will now also pull the second tube up further to keep an eye on the OPV.
  2. Right - I'm going to do a thoroughly clean and fiddle with the grinder as I'd been focussed on the Gaggia. If that isn't it I'll get a new group head. The temperature control seems fine (coffee is about the right temperature when it isn't all over my clothes). I gave the shower screen a quick wash but it was pretty clean. Thank you so much for your help - I don't think there's anywhere else I'd expect to get so much knowledgeable (and nice!) feedback within minutes. Definitely need to donate a few pennies, Glenn!
  3. Back from new year and still coffee starved. I use VST baskets, although I have tried both the normal (not pressurised!) basket and the VST. Just to make clear - I've never had anything even close to this happen before and have changed nothing about my technique. I've also tried several beans (fresh and stale). I used a blanking disk and water is coming out of the metal tube so I'm assuming it isn't a stuck OPV? I took the grinder right back to chattering burrs, then gave it about a half a turn twist which normally puts it in the ballpark as I'd got completely lost from trying so many variables (this has been what has been happening no matter what I do). The following happened, covering my sideboard in mess: [video=youtube_share;rh5H_v6BNu8] It has been doing this no matter what I do ... a bit worried it is very poorly.
  4. I changed it about 6 months ago. There is a little escaping around the edges of the portafilter if I don't tighten it in place hard but the main problem is mad channelling through the puck (sorry - didn't make that clear!). I'd think it was me if it had happened before but I've pretty much never before had channeling (other than the odd time I've had to rush). I'm away from the machine now but videoing is an excellent idea - I'll do that ASAP. Thank you for your very quick responses! Phil.
  5. I've had my Gaggia classic (second hand - its about 10 years old) for a year or so. I'd gotten pretty good with it, but all of a sudden I can't do anything without it spurting coffee everywhere. I've not had this at all before - my preparation and tamping are pretty good - but now I can't even pull a simple espresso. I've tried several coffees, drastically changing grind settings (Eureka Mignon), I've tried tamping light, tamping hard, nutating, WDT, praying to the coffee gods and sulking. None of these things has worked. When I pour without the portafilter in water comes out fine, although it might well be a bit quicker than it used to be (I never really paid attention to this before so I don't know but it does look like the water is coming out pretty quickly). Is my machine dead? Or is there a simple fix/something I'm missing? Thank you very much for your help. Phil.
  6. Thanks moomaa (great name). Going to see how feasible it would be to diy PID at work I think. If I did that would only cost 30 or so quid so not much lost either way.
  7. Hmm. I've realised I can maybe get the tools to diy PID at work so tempted to give that a go but yeah, I feel I'm inevitably going to upgrade at some point (and being a tight arse brewtus ticks the boxes for me). Thanks again for all your help people.
  8. Thanks for all the advice. I'm fine with pissy bonfires, my main concern is not spending money that is then wasted. Hmm...
  9. http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?19674-DIY-PID-Steam-and-Brew/ aha! Found this. Tempted...
  10. Hmm, NJD, are there any good guides out there? A quick google has opened a pandoras box of people arguing about PIDs! I would have exactly the same set up as you if I did it, including the tamper! Thanks!
  11. I was thinking about doing a DIY PID but as someone with limited DIY knowledge and no tools other than a couple of screwdrivers in my tiny London flat, I thought it might end up being a false economy as I'd have to buy EVERYTHING and would probably never use half of it again.
  12. Aaron, for someone just starting out and generally making one drink at a time, do you reckon I would get much benefit from buying a Brewtus (obviously slightly less shiny but in the ballpark of your Profitec) compared to just PIDing the gaggia? My main worry with the PID is that they don't seem to add much resale value (compared to their price tag!) to the classic and I don't have the funds to do both - just about 1 (brewtus) or much easier t'other (PID).
  13. So after a few months of owning a classic and a mignon I'm pretty hooked. I've got a consistent routine, I'm generally happy with my coffee and I feel I'm learning a lot about beans, extraction ratios etc. However the thing that is currently annoying me at the minute is temperature, and I feel like I'm fumbling in the dark with it. I was thinking of just saving my pennies and buying something like a brewtus in about 5 months time and be done with it. Life being what it is, this might not be the best use of my money at the minute and as I generally make one or two coffees a day mainly for myself it seems a little bit overkill. I was wondering if, for one off drinks (about 50:50 espresso:flat white) getting a PID for the gaggia might give me similar results for a lot less money?
  14. I got the impression the OP didn't have a specific problem but there's just so much to learn! For me I think temperature is my enemy at the minute, feel like I'm stumbling around blindly with it on the classic. Progress feels good (and tastes delicious!) when you make it though.
  15. As someone about 3 or 4 months on from you - yes. The plus side is I'm constantly wired as I try new things. What grinder are you using?
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