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  1. happy for Missy to take it since she had dibs on including postage. I'll take it if it falls through.
  2. @jjprestidge can I just ask where we are with these sales? I guess I'm a little confused with who is buying what. thanks, K.
  3. Thanks, I'm happy to pay postage for aeropress. Also happy to have @Missy take it if she wants it.
  4. Put me down for the aeropress if postage is included
  5. Definitely will @mcrmfc. The scales have arrived, ready to go. Need the rest of the stuff to arrive now.
  6. I bought the delonghi to start with. I switched it on once and returned it to john lewis immediately. Buy a second hand Gaggia Classic if you can't go for the silvia. What grinder are you pairing up with it? That is as important as the machine if not more.
  7. Thanks @mcrmfc, @timmyjj21 I take it you have the SSR wired to the same location? thanks.
  8. Hey @mcrmfc, would you be able to share what you connected the SSR to (diagram or a photo would be great)? I presume the way you have hooked it up, the solenoid kicks in after the shot has ended, right? thanks
  9. lots of good discussion here: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?28527&p=379835#post379835
  10. The brass plate will only act to stablise the temprature that much more, it will not burn the coffee. You should test the portafilter against your shower head dry, I know that with a new seal, you may need to adjust the dose slightly as you might not be used to exactly how tight you need to lock the portafilter in (the tighter the lock, obviously the closer you get to the shower screen). Basically prepare your shot, tamp and lock portafilter in as you would usually. Then take the portafilter off and see if there is an imprint on it. If there is, lower your dose slightly. As it has been mentioned, the imprint post the shot has been pulled could be due to the solenoid action. I have done all the mods you described in addition to a VST basket, a super tight fitting torr tamper, a dosing funnel, a mini sifter and a WDT tool. In my experience, the IMS shower screen makes no difference, it's just prettier. The VST basket however I think does make a difference. BUT The single biggest improvement to the whole coffee making process was the PID (thank you @MrShades). I know this is not what you were actually asking but in my humble opinion, if you are serious about getting the most out of the classic, get yourself a PID. If you can spend the $$, don't be scared of the process, the instructions are very clear and the support @MrShades provides is second to none.
  11. Thank you for this @mcrmfc, fantastic inspiration. A while ago I remember seeing someone had wired the scales through to a dimmer switch to vary pump pressure. I really wanted to do something like it but did not know how to. Not only what you have done here is really fantastic, but I think it opens the way for a lot of other things. Thank you again. K.
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