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  1. I take them out one a week for a clean.when it comes to your prep I don't think you can be too clean obviously you want to be dropping them out every bean change anyway. Once your used to it it's only a five minute job to do. I am only talking about removing the top burr carrier to clean them not removing the burrs from the housing I'd only do that if something seemed not right.
  2. I'll let him know and get back to you think it might still be above his budget but I'll check
  3. Friend of mine might be interested in this wanted to check if you have any movement in the price as it's a bit high for him at the minute. He is in Barnsley so can travel over to you for collection. thanks
  4. Just so mods know Mike has pm me to say he will take at Asking awaiting payment and I'll mark as sold
  5. Yeah still for sale I take it you would be getting a courier unless your travelling up this way?
  6. Selling my mazzer SJ got it from yes row when purchasing my BREWTUS from him. I've fully modded for single dosing including cocktail shaker mod, lens hood, 3D printed lid, adjustment gauge, coffee chap adjustment handle. I've also painted it in BMW graphic grey picked up a couple of minor scuffs since the paint so while not perfect as you can see from the photos it's not far off. I've used it every day up until getting my Royal up and running plenty left in the burrs but they are only coppers anyway. I can't remember the issue date from it as I removed all stickers when painting but as everyon
  7. Not sure if there are any left but I'd take an all black one lid only please
  8. How did you go about removing the motor normally the SJ needs to be baked to remove if I remember correctly. Unless by looking at the shape this is slightly older model so was a little different
  9. For between 150-200 you will get a quality used classic on here with a lot of the mods carried out. Keep your eyes on for sale section
  10. How did this finish up after paint @Brewster interested in the same mods myself do you have any finished photos
  11. Keep an eye out on here you just missed out on a royal at a great price which was already modded and powder coated. Sure you will find another royal/ major or even SJ on here I would go for all of the above before getting a mignon
  12. No problem can a mod mark as sold thanks
  13. I'm guessing £3-4 somewhere along them lines
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