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  1. Yeah... The black is less easy to pair things with, but still wanted the black to match the grinder. To be honest, I watched a clip of them making the top rail on their website and interestingly after watching that, you kinda think it's not a bad price given the hand made nature of it! I was quite surprised of the work that went into such a simple looking thing. You'd imagine it'd be £50 from the look of it, tops! When you see how hand made they are, all of a sudden you can seemingly justify it! Well, kind of!
  2. Really?!? How do you stop it from being a gusher? Is the basket so densely packed, or have you turned pressure down quite a bit from 9 bar/using a lever? I definitely couldn't leave mine untamped and pull anything other than a gusher I wouldn't think. Interesting.
  3. I'd be absolutely stunned if the levelling of the motta one differed (i.e was any worse) to an OCD or similar price. The cost different must purely be the cost to manufacture/hand finishing etc. The motta one is certainly no slouch in the finishing either... and levels grounds pre-tamp. Can't imagine a better taste with a better/more expensive one. I'm 100% happy with mine. More than anything, it's just a matter of making things more consistent and less messy for me. It does both perfectly!
  4. I've already looked at those! Whilst I like the wood ones, I like the black look I've got. I've seen that black acrylic and steel are now available. One think I don't like about the custom knobs though is losing the branded end caps! I'd prefer to have branded caps, but in metal. I am considering the pantechnicon cup rail for the top though!!
  5. You know what, I've seen/heard that before to be honest. I've always thought though, that beans that are wet (or spritzed) is going to end up corroding the insides? If it doesn't, I may well end up doing that!
  6. Yeah, it's a really nice finish... Much nicer in the flesh than the pics. Matches the EK perfectly! I still feel very lucky and grateful to have it. Very pleased!
  7. I think the shipping was €8.90 as I specified it as DHL air. It arrived within 24hrs. Could not ask for better... very impressed in all honesry. I don't think that's too bad for the service I received and to be honest you pay not far off that for UK delivery. Obviously, it helps to order several at a time to offset the cost, but I needed a few so all good. First impressions... Excellent! Have another few bags to try, but from the first one (and this is only their signature espresso blend) it's a very good first impression. I'm leaving the SO ones to rest for another few days. So yea
  8. First time giving this stuff a try. So not this morning, but will be in my cup in the morning! Must say, superb service/delivery... Great packaging and information about each of the coffees. Not cheap, but not crazy either! Let's hope they taste as good as they sound.
  9. BTW... you will still need the tamper though! The leveller/distributor is just for that... Spreading the grounds evenly and flat. You will still need to push the grounds down firmly with a tamper.
  10. I have the 58.5mm Motta distribution tool and it works perfectly. It's plenty adjustable, in fact I almost have it at it's minimum as I put 18g in a 17g basket. I was in the same boat as you... couldn't justify so much on an OCD/Saint Anthony Industries leveller. I went with the motta for a quarter or the price... and you know what, it's brilliant. Incredibly well made, really can't imagine the quality getting any/much better and it works a treat! Can't recommend it enough... Go for it. Good luck!
  11. Well spotted... It gets covered in grounds every day!
  12. Maybe I've made the mess issue out to be worse than it is. It is a bit messier due to grounds speed out and static, but as long as it's contained in a dosing cup or similar, it's not too bad. It's just not a neat, tidy single dose grinder like the e80 supreme, or mythos etc. Yeah, it's infinite in that it you can easily move it round the scale of 0-16... It's not 16 notches, it's literally anywhere from touching burrs to as coarse as you want. Just that for espresso, mine specifically, hovers anywhere from 0-1 on the dial. For me, the rest of the dial goes unused! Unless I do a caffetier
  13. Wow... well if there's is running at 2-2.5 on the standard dial, then yeah... there's quite the variability. I do tend to use light roasts more often and to stop them being anything other than properly fast run through a, I'd be looking in the 0.3 - 1.0 area. This is with the ek43s with coffee burrs. Regardless of the number on the dial, the coffee is still pretty darn good (even though it's a tight margin)... so can't complain. I agree though, that for the money... You have every right to expect consistency and perfection. They're a heck of a lot of money for something that only gri
  14. Well... I wouldn't let it put you off, just be more aware of what it is and isn't. It's not a micro-adjustable espresso type of grinder (though possibly is with different burrs/Turkish burrs). Also, my idea of messy may not be the next persons. I guess they were never really made for the home. In a coffee shop, I'm sure the amount of mess it makes is pretty small. In a kitchen though, I find it a tad dusty. Like I say, just the speed the grounds fire out. If you can contain it with an acaia cup or similar, it's not bad at all... but it's something to be aware of as a potential buyer.
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