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  1. Good luck. Will be interested in what base you go for and how you find it.
  2. No worries! Hope you find a Force!
  3. @JA92 I don’t have a force tamper, but I have a Decent self-leveling v3 tamper if you’re interested?
  4. Welcome! I’m in SE London. On the bottomless portafilter spritzing risk, don’t worry - it happens to us all at some point! But it’s a good thing to think of when you’re doing your puck prep and wondering why you need to take such care over it!
  5. Thanks @tompoland I actually went ahead and bought one (DE1PRO) and I love it! I have also kept my Londinium, for now, but I’m only using the Decent these days. Here’s a photo of my setup.
  6. I’d just echo what’s been written above. Don’t give up! You’ve got the kit to make good coffee, just focus on two additional things: good quality beans, and getting the right grind size (in your case, grinding finer). Once you’ve got that you’ll be making good coffee!
  7. I expect there’d be some retention!
  8. Interesting video, and good point about the imperfect understanding of burr geometry and its impact on coffee. I suspect James focused primarily on brew grinders because of the genesis of the idea for the video... In the video he alluded to making the burr change on his Wilfa and noticing the grind setting drift - so I wonder whether his thinking was along the lines of, “I know, I could make a video about this. What other examples / potential issues might I point to? How about negative impact on a motor?” And then from there it was straightforward to find something - in this case a brew-f
  9. I don’t own a Lagom, but FWIW from everything I read it seems that SSP HU burrs are generally what’s recommended for espresso-focused consumers (as opposed to Unimodal / Low Fines / etc. If I were you I’d opt for HU only - rather than going for Unimodal + standard - but just my two cents.
  10. With more suitable flour (Caputo Pizzeria or Caputo Americano) at 280 in your oven, and with somewhat higher hydration, I think you should be fine
  11. My pizzas take around that long to bake as well. Maybe you’re already doing this, but for hydration >60% I find it helpful to use a stand mixer for the initial mixing, and then to use a combination of wet hands and a plastic dough scraper whenever I’m handling it. I don’t do any ‘stretch and turns’ when cold proofing - I just let it do its thing. I do the final stretch on a thin scattering of flour (coating both sides) so that’s easy enough. In any case, if your pizzas are nice then it sounds like you’re already doing enough!
  12. @Like Medium Strong Coffee Nice. You’ve got some good colour there - both in terms of toppings and also what I can see of the crust!
  13. I have an EK43 that I would be willing to sell for the right price. It’s a 2015 model, to which I’ve added the Titus burr carrier and changed to SSP ‘low fines’ burrs. The SSP burrs have had about 5kg through them - I only got them in March 2020 from Titus when I bought the burr carrier. It’s only had so little through it because I have continued primarily to use my other grinder (Titus) for espresso, with the EK being used mainly for filter and only sometimes for espresso. Personal preference. The EK itself has had about 1000-1100kg through it - I bought it in 2016 from Edgcumbes (r
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