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  1. I think it is a great shame that it's no longer available. The huge design input from DaveCuk made it one of the best machines of all time. Every time I use mine (daily) I feel so lucky to own it. I doubt I shall ever want to upgrade to anything else as it is nigh-on perfect. In fact my only minor gripe Is that there is no indication that the water tank is getting low until it actually runs out and the machine stops dead - often mid-pull! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Hi Frank... thanks for your reply. Yes, I suppose I do shut off pretty quickly. I'll try it more slowly, but I still think my running the pump for a moment is the way to go. The screen is washed by this and the puck drops cleanly from the basket. No knocking required, just turn the PF upside down and the puck falls out. I always ran the pump briefly anyway, after the PF had been removed, to clean it with kitchen roll paper.
  3. What I'm about to say should be obvious to everyone, but although I have owned a Verona for over four years now and used it daily, it has only just occurred to me. I’ve been experiencing quite a lot lately the spent puck sticking to the screen and the basket coming away empty. It varies, with some beans more inclined than others, but my current batch (Columbia La Crystalina from Rave) is particularly bad in this respect. Releasing the portafilter gently and finding it empty, I have carefully hooked it back on again with the best positional accuracy I can manage then partially released and
  4. Hi Markk. Thanks for your post. My Verona was bought shortly before the PID Timer Mod. But the Steam boiler does appear to be 'stainless steel pale grey' - at least, the top plate, as the cylindrical wall is covered with insulated cladding. I wouldn't have noticed it, but when we had the machine apart for the pump job, I had DavecUK's 'Closer Look' article open on the iPad, and viewing the 'innards' photo from the LHS, the colour difference was immediately obvious. I didn't look at the Brew boiler, so can't comment on that. I presumed it was still brass. At the time when the t
  5. I wholeheartedly agree Dave. My fault entirely and most remiss of me. Rest assured that my maintenance schedule will be much more rigorous and frequent than hitherto. Hopefully I have got away without any permanent damage... just shows what excellent design and manufacturing quality these tough Veronas are! Tony Addendum: By the way, the steam boiler which I believed to be made of copper, appeared to be of S/S if the grained appearance and light grey colour of the top plate is anything to go by. Is that the case? The machine is 3 years old.
  6. Hi All who responded to my non-running QM Verona pump plea for help. In the end it turned out to be excessive scale that had seized the pump. We removed the pump and freed it off by turning it gently with a spanner and eventually running it slowly with a vari-speed power drill. It was then refitted to the motor and it ran OK - no need for a replacement. Since then, the whole machine has been thoroughly descaled with citric acid and is now performing perfectly, the pump running as quietly, if not more so, as it ever has. We also dismantled the Group's lever mechanism, polished t
  7. Hello Dave... thank you for your prompt reply. Yes, I'm sure the pump is not turning. I don't think there can be a blockage, as I have used only commercial bottled water which has always seemed clear and pure. The pump could have seized - I have never lubricated or serviced it. It could equally be a leaky or failed start capacitor. I presume it will be electrolytic, and if so, will have a finite life. If your gut feeling is that it is not a build up of scale, that's good enough for me... I'll look elsewhere. Thanks again. Tony.
  8. Thanks Espressotechno. If it does prove to be a scale problem and descaling won't fix it, I'll go for a new pump. The pressure gauge used to show about 10 bar, but recently, this has dropped to about 8. Tony
  9. Thanks Grumpydaddy. If all else fails, I'll try that. Tony.
  10. Hi All, I have a problem with my three-year-old Quick Mill Verona insofar as the rotary pump has stalled/seized. I can hear it electrically buzzing, but there is no rotation. I'm pretty sure it's not an electrical fault but excessive scale build-up within the pump head as it is well overdue for a descale. But this creates a Catch-22 situation. I can't flush descaler through the machine if the pump won't run, so how do I get round the problem? I know I should have descaled sooner, so it's my fault it has happened... any advice gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation. In all other
  11. Deliverance. Burt Reynolds, Jon Voigt. Saw it ages ago, but was well worth a second veiwing. Tony
  12. God said to Noah "I want you to build another Ark... but this time, I want a really big one; huge; massive; twenty stories high". "But I don't want any animals - just fish. And not any old fish, only Carp". And Noah said "J-just a minute, you want me to build... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (wait for it) . . . . . . . . . . . . a twenty-storey CARP-ARK?"
  13. Three kinds, 500g of each. Peruvian Tunki - my favourite single-origin, Indian Tiger Stripes blend and Breakfast Favourite blend - both delicious. Roasted 12 days ago, actually received 11 days ago and at their prime right now. The Peruvian Tunki, freshly opened today, yielded one of the nicest cups I've ever tasted. I pull 34g liquor from 17g ground beans in 30 secs. or so and add stretched blue-top milk at 55°C. Yum. Tony.
  14. Make sure the rotating burr, the lower one, is perfectly centred... there's a bit of lateral slop to play with from the securing screws. A micrometer type dial gauge helps here. Tony.
  15. My Amazon Prime delivery chappie brought a flying hi-res camera - in the form of a DJI Phantom 4 intelligent quad-copter. Nothing to do with coffee, but pretty exciting anyway. Between it and the Yirgachaffe I'm using at the moment, a most enjoyable buzz! Tony.
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