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  1. I saw that video thanks, quite interesting. However I can have good prices only on the two above and availability of the others is quite difficult for me. Did anyone ever tried the 807 lab?
  2. Hi all, I’m in the market looking for a new grinder and I ended up with these two choices. What I’m looking for is: - High quality - Single dosing therefore low retention - Spacing from espresso to filtered v60 but I don’t mind trying something new when it comes to filtered coffee Considering I could have both grinder at the same price, what would you recommend? As machine I have a R58 but looking at the La Marzocco mini. thanks!
  3. Thanks guys, I will start with 18g - 36g -30" and then let you know and adjust. Quick question, is there a difference in taste between 18g - 36g -30" and 20g - 40g -30"?
  4. Hi everyone, I just ordered from Hasbean the starter pack with different El Salvador single origin: Finca Escocia Washed Bourbon Finca La Ilusion Honey Bourbon Finca La Ilusion Washed Bourbon Finca San José Washed Elefante Finca Santa Petrona Washed Pacamara Any recommendations on brew parameters for espresso? I have a R58 with a mazzer SJ and two VST basket 18g and 20g This is my first order from Hasbean so no idea where to start from and what to expect. Thanks!
  5. I have to admit that, despite I love DIY, for lack of time I went for the auber PID with steam control (paid around 200usd but you can check on their website)
  6. I decided to open this topic because when I was looking for info on how to install a PID on a Gaggia Evolution I didn't find so much so here I am! First I would like to say that is possible, relatively easy (even if instructions are always for the Classic) and the improvement are significant! I took some pictures yesterday but happy to explain more if needed. Let start with the machine, as you see from the picture the inside is relatively emptier than the Classic that makes easier to connect the pt100 and the other cables It's very important to keep everything in order so I started collecting all the parts First step is to install the ssr on the back, quite straight forward The tricky part is to connect the pt100, seems pretty fragile so be careful Here you see a picture with all the cables connected. Obviously the colors do not match with the one in the instructions but following what described in the notes of the instruction and the electrical scheme is relatively easy And here you see the work completed! The first thing I noticed this morning is definitely more steam power while when it comes to the coffee, I still do not have a grinder so I'm limited by the coffee.
  7. Quick update (then I will open a dedicated topic): yesterday I received the pid and then mounted it in the evening. Big difference in the steaming power while not having yet a grinder I cannot judge improvement in the coffee. I will open a topic to explain how to mount a pid on a gaggia evolution for all the people that do not own a classic.
  8. Thanks a lot for the welcome! I have to work on my latte art but for now I want to focus on managing to mount the pid on the gaggia evolution (always seen only on classic) and getting a grinder, I still make the coffee with illy's pads!
  9. Hi everyone! This is my first post but I have to admit I have been reding the forum since quite some time... Loving the coffee and done cappuccino every morning since almost 20years always using a gaggia machine. However, only recently and thanks to this forum I realized what can be achieved with normal home machines. My first step has been to order today an auber pid to install on my gaggia evolution ( I already replaced the steam wand) and the next step will be a serious grinder. Ciao!
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