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  1. Great, thanks for all the replies. The machine is asking to be descaled, so I figured it would need it... It knows the PH of the water being put in, so one would assume that also knowing how many litres has gone through the system, it knows whether it needs to be descaled or not? I bought 1 litre of Urnex Rinza (£10) for the milk cleaning, pack of 100 Urnex Cafiza tablets (£13) for the cleaning, and a tub of 36 Jura descaling tablets (£30). All from Amazon. I'll see how long that lot lasts me for. I think I'll also install the water filter into the machine which should almost eliminate th
  2. I guess the question is also asking whether there is any risk in NOT using Jura cleaning products? I believe that most universal descaling tablets/liquids are based on citric acid. Is this not damaging to coffee machines?
  3. I have a Jura A9 automatic. Yes I know, but it's the perfect balance between ease and coffee which tastes great to me. I've owned it for a month now and it's time to give it a clean and descale. Jura obviously recommend their own (costly) cleaning tablet, descaling tablets and milk cleaner solution. Do I have to use their products? Or is there a cheaper recommended brand which will be just as effective and unlikely to be found voiding any warranties?
  4. Definitely don't want to go down the 'pod' route.
  5. The ritual of making a cappuccino manually on my Gaggia Classic is beginning to get a little tiresome. So, I'm after a bean to cup machine, at the expense of quality. All I want it to make is a decent cappuccino at the push of a button (incl. auto milk frother). However, I am completely at a loss as to which machine will be adequate. For example, both DeLonghi and Jura have a myriad of machines, right across the price spectrum, all with almost identical specifications!? My budget is upto around £1k, but obviously don't want to pay for fancy features I will never use. Anyone have reco
  6. Quick update, no idea what has happened but all of a sudden the coffee no longer tastes bitter or looks oily ! However, the 'shower' is no longer working as it should which clearly indicates more scale has come through. Will need to de-scale again followed by keeping this as a routine. How often should descaling be done for a machine that is used a handful of times per week?
  7. Milk mixes in fine, no curdling. What would curdling mean? That there is still some descaler (lemon juice) inside the machine?
  8. Right, so not the same machine then. The underneath states as follows:
  9. Is the solenoid the 3-way valve? If my Gaggia Evolution is in fact the Gaggia Baby, then I am under the impression that it does have a solenoid (3-way valve)? The Homebase own brand descaler that I have is in fact a "Sainsbury's All Purpose Descaler" and nowhere does it have the ingredients listed...
  10. One other question (sorry fellas!), 6) Would you recommend a backflush on this machine? If so, how do you do one? I have searched the forum and there is a lot of controversy about this procedure however nowhere can I find a guide on how to do this?
  11. Hi Osh, 3) Is the descaler that Glenn linked to one you would also recommend (i.e. from tartaric acid)? 4) Yes there are a thousands of bubbles, however not sure I've ever seen a hot-water tap emitting water like this before...? 5) I removed the shower holding plate and then the outlet valve (small spanner as opposed to allen-key) prior to descaling.
  12. Hi Glenn, a) In what way is that descaler any different to say a homebase (own brand) one? (genuine question, not trying to be difficult, I have some homebase own-brand descaler in the cupboard but was weary about using it on the machine) b) I'd need to check the milk part now that the machine has been 'cleaned', although I haven't in the past, no.
  13. I have a Gaggia Evolution, which I believe is the Gaggia Baby? Never Descaled Before... In the four years that I have owned her, I have never descaled her until the other day and purchased a new outlet valve from gaggiamanualservice.com as mine was so seized up with scale the inner screw split in half whilst trying to seperate the two parts! Descaled With Lemon Juice... I descaled with lemon juice mixed with water over a couple of hours. I then flushed the machine around 10 times with clean water prior to re-inserting the new valve. Flow Rate... Water flows in a s
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