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  1. Thanks! Yep, not for the coffees though except for that guest that wants them. I use them for occasional hotchocolate. Using the gold plated pourers, rather than monin pumps. The pourers dont crust over or have syrup/ sugar residue. So they never ever ever get blocked up like pumps do. It just means I have to pour by the second to ensure accuracy. Pumps on the syrups get blocked up within a day or so then you need to clean them out or unblock with with a temperature gauge :x Not practical at all. Only good thing of pumps is that they are semi accurate at dispensing same amount each time. But pouring by timing will always get you same amount too.
  2. Right ! So here we have a Gaggia TS (modified with tiny tiny monkeywrench instead of steamwand knob as mine broke) Mazzer SJ, with Telescopic tamper. However this is also modified as the disc on this is actually a custom made 80.32 manual tamper disc from my purple heart tamper ( swapped the disc from manual to the telescopic, using some ptfe tape and impact glue as there is a size difference in threads) Fits basket 100% (I now have a purpleheart wood handle with no disc currently available if anyone needs?) Everything else can be seen xx save for the modifications done to the grinder chute which were done by previous owner from a guy on here, I forget his name though. commercial knockbox under grinder, and Coffee catcher. The extended fork to allow the telescopic tamper to be used properly is in the mail now, it should be with me by the 4th of January. Currently using the Christmas blend from RAVE coffee xx Lovely stuff!
  3. Cana

    Gaggia TS

    Gaggia TS is lovely
  4. Macadamia with chopped nuts on top with some vanilla icecream on side. Pardon my absence from the forums! Been moving alot! I suspect i'll be posting on here abit.
  5. Gaggia Always Gaggia. But keep in mind to get the old model of Gaggia, the new one is rubbish.
  6. Cana

    Tenor banjo wanted.

    No tenor here unfortunately. However I have a bluegrass standard resonator 5 string. I also have a openback longneck banjo. Unfortunately I don't play them as much as I should.. Haven't touched them in years.
  7. At the moment looking for something to play around with, so I am looking to invest around £80- 1xx I am also considering buying a non-working one to fix up myself. I would also be interested in trading my Gaggia d90 alti twogroup with all the extra panels, external motor, spare glass tubes, steamwands (pannerello and others some strange ones) Extra top pannels, side panels, drip trays (i think spare drip trays) I got the machine to turn on, the boiler heats up. But I have not been able to hook up water to my shed to be able to run water through the machine to check it with water yet.
  8. Looking into buying a lever espresso machine that I can dabble in. Looking for a nice "enthusiasts" machine. Looking to do the occasional hot chocolate or cappuccino via the steamwand. Anyone have anything laying around that they wouldn't mind selling? I had my eyes on a Gaggia lever espresso machine for around £80 but unfortunately it completely disappeared from ebay, I assume the seller took it off. Please and thanks!
  9. If you would like to arrange viewing of the machine let me know.
  10. I'll edit thread with price, I'm looking for around £200 including everything or nearest to. Also willing to look into swaps for a lever espresso machine.
  11. Sad to say, in need of money and honestly cant really afford to do up my entire shed to restore this big machine.. Really sad to see it go. Looking for around £200, or nearest to. Willing to consider swaps or trade for a Lever espresso machine that is counterspace friendly. The machine turns on, the boiler itself heats up. The left controller for the shot times has lights and seem to work. I also have a motor to go alongside the machine and a separate replacement part for every outer part of the case in very good condition. http://i.imgur.com/XkcpG25.jpg (A spare pannelello wand, and a few more spare parts) http://i.imgur.com/gyvEz9o.jpg (spare side panels) http://i.imgur.com/X1fMTnD.jpg (water pump motor) http://i.imgur.com/h3MaocQ.jpg (Spare front panel) http://i.imgur.com/xdrKKhm.jpg (Various spare parts) http://i.imgur.com/SO5AYBp.jpg (Picture of machine) http://i.imgur.com/RnPq3lS.jpg (double plugs) So to sum up the whole listing. Entire Gaggia D90 two group alti, and loads of parts coming from a different d90. The machine turns on, but I had alot of trouble trying to get electric out to my shed where it currently is.. Unfortunately redoing the entire shed to get it into a usable position to be able to work on the machine is unfortunately too much for me at the moment. The machine looks really clean on the inside, it turns on nicely it heats up the boiler just fine but unfortunately I cant get water and electric out to the shed to test it more thoroughly. Really sad to see this go, I really want to see it in action. Item location is in Bedford, Item pickup/ collection via courier or in person is fine. Please feel free to come have a look at it. Dont worry about the outside appearances in the 4 photos in a line, I am also including the rest of the parts and panels from a different gaggia d90 so mix and match as you please.
  12. CoffeeChap, How are you alive with all that counterspace taken up? My other half has luckily stopped complaining about my machine and my grinder taking up room, and has actually started using them. Similar situation with you?
  13. Cana

    Lever espresso machine

    A la pavoni would be perfect, could you send me a few pictures of them to me please? Looking for one that will fit in the 9-12 inch gap between my SJ and my Gaggia TS.
  14. Cana

    Lever espresso machine

    They did yes. They made them under the name Gaggia Factory. Very common practice among companies to do this type of thing. Similar to when a phone company employs another phone company to make the screen for a certain phone.
  15. Looking to buy a lever. Would love to buy a Gaggia, but i'll consider others. Also will consider them with missing parts/ in need of restoration.
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