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  1. I do! Going on eBay soon if no one snaps it up.
  2. Excellent condition Rhinowares Coffee Grinder. Used for travel with my aeropress. Recently splashed out on a feldgrind so am selling my other grinders.
  3. For sale is my grinder that I've used at home for the last 3 years. It is a rebadged macap. Only doing a few coffees per day. I've removed the plastic tamper on the front and also removed an switch in the hopper that would start grinding if it detected grounds in the doser getting low. Now it is a simple on/off at the switch on the side. I never used the hopper and I just single dosed into it. Hopper has no lid a a few marks on it. Body of the grinder has some marks on the back which I have pictured. Grind retention is next to nothing with the help of a Giottos Rocket air blower. Features: 75mm flat burrs 900 rpm Stepless adjustment You can read more about it here. Currently selling new in the UK for £870 over at coffee italia. I'm based in N16 London. Collection only or I can deliver locally for a small fee.
  4. It's highest point including feet and cup guard/bar is 41cm.
  5. Very good condition Andreja Premium that I bought off another member of this forum a couple years ago. The limit stat was replaced last year and vacuum valve 2 years ago. There is a couple of spare parts which go with it such as a shower screen, spare pump and some gaskets for the group. Also comes with the Quickmill manual as well as the Bella Barista version. I've used the machine daily for the last couple years of owning. I would make 1-2 flat whites most days. I had it hooked up to a wemo switch which would turn it on for me to preheat for minimum 30 minutes and would then be switched off till the following morning once used. I've always used filtered water through it and regularly back washed and descaled. I've had no issues other than having to replace the fuse and limit stat since owning. I am mostly making black coffees with an aeropress now due to developing a lactose intolerance so figured this should go to a better home! I have lovingly taken care of it! Andreja Premium Machine Made by Knock Heft 585 Tamper - Made to fit the VST basket La Marzocco strada (VST) basket 17/18g 2x original portafilters. 1 has been converted to bottomless. Have both single shot and double shot funnels for the portafilters 1x blind basket Larger container of 750g (approx) urnex cafiza 2 a few sachets of puly descaler Grindenstein knock out box I will post pictures of the internals once the sun comes up again. All in great condition though! Looking for £600 and collection from N16 London. Can demonstrate it is all functioning of course. Can't think of anything else to mention right now but do ask any questions you might have. EDIT: Picture of internals now added to imgur gallery
  6. Haha. Just stole a 13A fuse out the kettle. All fixed. Thanks all for your patience with an electrically clueless coffee lover.
  7. Okay so I've replaced the limit stat (the old one was definitely fried), put a bit of dish cloth around the valve to prevent any further splash and switched it on. No bang this time thankfully but no sign of life either. Is there anything else I need to check/reset? Thanks all!
  8. Right. I've bought a new limit stat from Bella Barista. I'll see if replacing that fixes the issue. Anything else to suggest in the meantime?
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