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  1. All arrived and all good. From order to delivery it was about 4 days. Tempted to get some more now.
  2. Mine are on the way, got the despatch notice quickly and the hardware should be here in a few days via DHL. Will post something here if there's anything up with the sets.
  3. Acme are flogging off their old coffee cup stock. Tulip, Latte and Mighty cups are 12 Euros for 6 in the basic colours of red/brown/black/green/yellow etc. The nice bit is...if they have matching saucers in stock, you get them free: https://wholesale.acmecups.eu/product/257/pack-of-6-acme-tulip-cups-brown-170ml Shipping seems to be 12-20 EUR for small orders to UK. They don't take paypal but Visa/cards work ok - add around £1.50 for the Blighty bank fee and you've still got a proper barg. Placing this here as I originally put up a 'Wanted' post but then realised how cheap they
  4. Hey. I first had this as my setup with a Silvia V3 and a MC2 that I picked up by this forum. All in all it was pretty good for a £500 setup and the brews were sound. After a while though, I noticed how much ground coffee was spilling around in the kitchen. The Iberital does a good job, but it's not a tidy worker. Not so quiet too. Switched to a Eureka Mignon (Mark 2 I think) and lost a lot less beans overall, although on the earlier versions there are clumping probs to be had. The new Eurekas are now much fancier with Digi displays. You can easily bag an older model for <£200 an
  5. Dammit - tried for a couple of hours yesterday to get the old stock group head gasket out of my Silvia V3. It is simply not having it. Any tips of levering it out without damaging the brass that surrounds it? It bends, but doesn't break, and It's as stiff as a car tyre. I've tried everything in my toolbox, even crochet hooks, guitar picks. No joy!
  6. Please mark as sold- All received in good time and good nick. Cheers Ross
  7. Sounds good....i'm currently Mignon hunting. Could you deliver this to Sheffield centre?
  8. Hi Ross Would you consider £180 posted for a quick sale? I'd come and pick it up, but from Derbyshire it's a long old drive...
  9. Still got the bloody things. Somebody come and get, they're going in the bin next week.
  10. Pic! Plastic weights are 6kg (13lb) each, not 10kg as originally stated. Blame late 30's memory loss!
  11. Shed clearout! Need to get rid of some stuff. I've put this up here as I have promised to never, ever use Gumtree again. 2 x 5kg York Iron plate weights to go, suit dumbell bars. 2 x 6kg Body Sculpt Plastic barbell weights too. They are a little bit dirty but fine for lifting. Will post photo when I have time. Pickup from SK23 7LY, Whaley Bridge, Peak District sometime 13th-18th July. PM for address! Cheers Kitch
  12. I'll quite happily have this for the asking price. Payment today work for you, post to Derbyshire? PM'd.
  13. The grinder is now sitting in a kitchen in Derbyshire, happily whirring away and annoying the missus! Many thanks to amarafenga for a quick and easy buy - top bloke.
  14. Quite right - my apols. Still getting used to the regime here. As I have a fair bit of distance to cover, I'll pickup and offer £70 cash for collection at the weekend?
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