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  1. Hi I'm looking to buy a dual fuel coffee machine. If anyone is selling one or know the best place to buy one. Thanks James
  2. Is that the gauge on the left hand side? If so yes . The light cones on when is filling and stops when it's full but in my case the light is staying on and machine is making a awful sound.
  3. Hello, I have a fracino duel fuel machine which I'm having problems with. The pump is running all the time even when machine is full plus it's really warm. The machine is making a loud noise as if it's trying to fill plus the light is on the water level gauge. Any help would be grateful . James
  4. It's a dual fuel machine and was hoping for a safe way it could be done. As these machine are designed for mobile use. Thanks
  5. hi I have I just bought a coffee trailer and need to fix coffee machine. How do I fix it to worktop so it's safe for towing?
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