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  1. Whatever you choose, make sure you go with silver cable rather than copper. It won't oxidise over time and ultimately lasts longer. It costs more to begin with, but it'll be a whole lot less expensive than having to replace in 5 or 10 years time. I'm using Cambridge audios thicker silver cable, can't remember the name. Great quality!
  2. That's the one. It's only purpose is to evenly distribute coffee between the spouts. If you unscrew the spout from the bottom. You should be able to unclip the black part from the bottom. I took it out due to the fact that plastic doesn't retain heat as well as the steel. Therefore, it would cool the espresso upon contact.
  3. I have just bought a Nutri Ninja through QVC when it was on their special daily deal. (More colour choices through QVC and a good size range of cups). So far I've made plenty of juices or smoothies and it goes through ice and frozen fruit like butter. I've also made a couple of spice pastes using spices and a dash of oil, and some marinades using yoghurt. Both have been great. The cups are dishwasher safe too. So far so good. I'd recommend it!
  4. Rave signature blend, 17 in, 41, out in 30 seconds. Mouthfeel is great, but there's still a lot of acidity in the shot. Very very tangy, and being a bean that doesn't promote a lot of fruity flavours, it's quite over powering. I've tried up dosing between 16 to 18g, and it's never really made a discernible difference to the end shot.
  5. Hi all. I've recently acquired a DTP and am loving it. I used to have a Silvia and have had a few years out of the espresso game. Just wondering about people's recipes and in out weights with the DTP? I've managed to find a nice balance with 17g in -> 41 out with Rave signature, but it's still not producing a shot that I would call anywhere near perfect. I'd love to hear how other owners are getting on, and the recipes that you guys have found that are producing the best results!
  6. The single barrel is stunning. Think soft, oozy strawberrys in a caramelised sugar syrup.
  7. I'm a drummer, so I'm in to anything with a groove. I was brought up on country music, but at the moment I can't stop listening to a guy called Ole Borud. Groove for days!! Serious soul in that guy.
  8. For the drum savvy among you, you'll know what they are. These have been unplayed for two years and need a new home to find new coffee gear!! There are a few stick marks on the top hat, a little patina on the bottom of each hat. Aside from that they're in great Nick. No keelyholing cracks or otherwise. Pics on request. Price as stated in title. Chars!
  9. Cheers all. Nice smooth transaction. I hope one day I can return the favour!
  10. I'll register with sage and take the hit!! Consider it sold
  11. If this is definitely the 820 (SG Pro as apposed to just the SG) as mentioned previously, and comes with the sage warranty from new, I'll take this for £150 including postage.
  12. Having had experience with a Silvia, the pressure gauge won't be needed as I'll be running weights in and out. I think I'm pretty set on the separates, and the other half seems ok with that too which is a bonus!!
  13. jakebyrne


    I have two bottles on the go. Four Roses single barrel and a bottle of Bowmore 10 year. I love the contrast in whiskeys. Fine bourbons are to me the best of spirits. Vanilla sweetness and woody smoke combined in a sumptuous syrupy affair. I can take or leave scotch, but Bowmore make some of my favourite single malts. The 10 year is just the right balance of peat and sweetness for me.
  14. I use a large Hario cold brew maker. I used to use a large mixing bowl but the Hario makes it much easier. I use 100g coffee to 1.1l water. I grind rather coarse. Coarser than a French press, but then leave it at room temperature for 24 hours, and fridge for another 12-24 depending on concentration wanted. I have no idea why I use a split temperature method, I've just found it works best after months of trial and error. Through the summer I usually make a less concentrated brew, then winter a thicker brew to be diluted with hot water.
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