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  1. Your instruction manual or a quick search online will tell.
  2. Having found out if your machine is OK to backflush, it can still be a daunting task, see how to go about doing it here: [video=youtube_share;qwvYCGxV3xI]
  3. It's only really to keep the noise out of the kitchen!
  4. First video made after our house move in designated coffee room! Even though the kit remains the same, still feels alien [video=youtube_share;s51sQcHCx5Y]
  5. [video=youtube_share;4oMT5UisUZk] Planned on pouring a Rosetta but it didn't work, so a quick change of mind ended up with a tulip!
  6. I nearly did a couple of time, but the timing was not good
  7. [video=youtube_share;0j1-Q7-hQcs]
  8. First off, loving the new look, Admin! Couldn't find my bookmark icon for a minute Is there a thin wire, deeper drip tray available that will fit a Heavenly? The STD tray has more closed area than open. Also re. the dial, I have looked into judging a shot by the pressure under extraction, but the dial only goes to 3? Aside: Don't tell the wife, but I'm begining to feel like upgrading something volume-programmable I think
  9. Thanks, that makes me want coffee!
  10. Trying to prevent the back of the rosetta leaf hitting the cup wall, but when I do I lose the definition. [video=youtube_share;Yaktu6SZMns] Can anybody offer any advice, please ?
  11. It's tricky on the Gaggia because of the angle of the range, even with the mid. Slowly lower the jug to get the tip on the surface and you hear a fast chirping sound.
  12. Be sure to weigh your portafilter and cup and extract into the cup on your scale. You want twice as much in the cup as you put in the portafilter. Don't worry too much about crema, that will either be there or not.
  13. Thanks for visiting! I didn't make the video yet because my computer was old and didn't like the editing software - it's in the bin now, hence the latte art shorts. Im in the market for a laptop! If you plan on backflushing a Classic, use a rubber blocking plate and Pulycaff powder, both pretty cheap from Happydonkey.com or eBay. Put the disc in the portafilter and a teaspoon of powder on top, run the machine until it goes quiet, then stop it, the powder will get sucked back and into the drip tray. Repeat this 5-6 times then rinse the rubber disc and do the same without the powder to clear the powder until the water going into the drip tray is clear.
  14. Haha! No, if we insist on saying how bad something is, we need to balance it with the good.
  15. If you're looking for a bean supplier I never fail to be excited when making coffee using Limini beans. Fresh roasted per order and most importantly consistent. No sugar required in the espresso. [video=youtube_share;Dmr_K5hiFO8]
  16. It's the CM70. I like it. It comes apart easy to clean and so far is very reliable. Only thing is it doesn't like small adjustments so to make one you have to go further than you need then back to where you want to be on the dial.
  17. Trying to drink a little latte when... boom!
  18. Thing is the roasting is done centrally so it's never fresh, even from the vacuum pack. I'm not Anti-Starbucks if you ignore the doublefrappacramelattechinos the coffee they serve is good, although I've never had espresso there.
  19. Take pics and videos of everything and you'll be surprised
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