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  1. Can't say I have ever worked it out , I enjoy coffee lots so cost is not a issue for me it's a pleasurable thing to do I buy a 6kg pack from Amazon and when on the last 1kg bag I buy anothe box of 6
  2. Hello and welcome , It is a nice forum with many talented and knowledgeable members You will fit in nicely , The more you post the better for all and we do like photos
  3. Just looked on Google maps , Birmingham to Dagenham is 136 miles 2 hours 30 mins so slap bang in the middle of your 2 - 3 hours Also my problem re meeting half way is that my car is 100% electric and being a 24 KW model the range is at best 80 miles per charge I got caught out once on a longer journey , Zapmap told me of the nearest re charge point , When I arrived it was not working Double DOH !!! , Now not keen on distance runs for the above reason I am pretty much topped out at the offer I made as I still have to retain funds for life bills mortgage payments council tax etc
  4. Looks in lovely condition and at a competative price as well Hope it sells for you soon
  5. Hello Dave

    Do you know if the Osmio RO group buy is still running in 2021 ?

    Can't find anything after 12 ?

    Or do we now order via Mark Osmio ?

    Thank you 

    1. DavecUK


      No it's been superseded by other offers. Check out the advertisers special offers section of the forum.

    2. Instant no more !

      Instant no more !

      OK thanks Dave 

      Will order direct 

  6. Opps ! sorry , This is what I sent If you can ask re the transfer of the guarantee I can offer £1750 , Not sure how the " I can deliver bit would work " If you can and could let me know what you would charge please Thanks Allen
  7. I think the old school design and looks are FAB , you did a great job fixing it up , Super
  8. I made a small donation and also had no feedback , Still life goes on ☕
  9. ARRRR !!!! please stop , Thats 3 in one hour 😁
  10. YAY, Woop Woop After years of no notifications with Daves help it now works I had a email notification A big THANK YOU DAVE
  11. I was pointed in the direction of the forum from another forum < signed up straight away that's nearly 6 years ago now
  12. Sorry for the delay replying , Working long hours OK I have tried again with the settings , Can someone post again please and I will see if I get the notification Thanks
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