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  1. Not changed yet as at the moment I a happy with the results
  2. I have the flow control valve fitted on the group set , It makes a big difference
  3. My one is a lot quieter , Can hardly hear the pump
  4. OK thanks for the info , Off to look for one now , Cheers
  5. Not sure what it's called or where I can get one , I have seen this on a youtube video Its a small SS vase that you gring your beans into , Then you place the portafilter on the top of it , Turn it over and the grind then goes into the portafilter Hope this makes sence ? Help Thanks
  6. I will add my thoughts on this It looks more style than function , A bit on the lightweight side for me , As said it's just my thoughts so please don't crucify me
  7. Double basket for 1 or 2 drinks ? I used a single basket for a single dring and found it very weak ,lacking in taste , Changed to a double basket with 18 grams of beans with the correct grind and it's now much better You have not yet mentioned the coffee you like ?
  8. Hold you horse's Sir , WAAAAAAAY to early to give up Some coffee providers do test small packs foy you to try wothout buying 250 / 500 gram packs , As said above what coffee do you like ? Its also getting the grind correct , To course and the water gushes through the beans extrackting very little flavour / taste , To fine and it chokes the portafilter then acting like clay stopping the water flow , You need to be in the correct place , I'm just dialing in my ne machine now , I am almost done , You have good equipment so keep at it Are you weighing your beans ? if not each ext
  9. 6 days in and I am loving the machine , Read the manual several times and things are now falling into place Getting good results with the combo of the E43s and the Synchronika 18 grams of beans ground at 4.5 on the grinder dial after re calibrating gives me a extraction time of 30 seconds , Using the std 93 C temp
  10. Today I took the burrs apart , Cleaned re installed and re calibrated the grinder Turned the grind dial to 2.5 put some beans through and it is now working as it should without and contact Looks like it's panic over , Just need to work out the weight of beans for the large portafilter basket and away I go Thanks It IS a beast of a grinder
  11. I now have a ECM Synchronika , I'm on day 2 with it , A lot of learning to do as its completly different to my ECM Barista machine If you don't mind I may have lots of questions for the members who know lots more than me
  12. Lots of UK dealer use this site , Are you after new or good used equipment ? also stating you location in the UK to a nearest town will help as well Have fun on the forum
  13. Was the milk fresh or old and on the turn ?
  14. OK , Tomorrow I will calibrate the grinder so the burrs just contact a zero and see how I get on , I was worrid that the grinder setup was so far out and 6 months of this could have damaged the burrs Time will tell
  15. The burrs are from a Mahlkonig EK43S that I collected yesterday , Set up this morning I thought it strange the the grind dial was at 16 ? , I turned on the grinder and started to adjust the grind back for a finer gring , Then at 7 the burrs started touching , This is not suposed to happen until zero I can set up / re calibrate the grinder , but a new set of burs comes out at £400 + At this point asking for opinions , Will do a run the finger thing
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