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  1. Doh !!! Bad timing to view this thread , I Want PIZZA NOW 😎
  2. Hello and welcome , Intresting history , When you went traveling you could have strapped a machine onto your backpack , I don't know no commitment these days 🤣
  3. Just noticed your grinder has 2 hoppers ? not seen a unit like this before , What make is it ?
  4. The dog doesn't look to impressed in the first photo 😁 Lovely machine
  5. OK thanks , looks like I will be doing it in the garden tommorow , No rain forcast so far 😊
  6. I people , Anyone have advice on this , Do you use it neat or watered down , if so what ratio is used , Need to give my ECM a good clean out , Tried citric acid and very little changed
  7. Ooo , Does it do meals as well as I see it has a Menu
  8. Not sure if this is the section to post this in ? I have a ECM bariste that I am looking to replace with a new machine , Budget up to £1500 Anyone seen a fan dabby dosey deal on the market , I allways like a good deal 😎 If this is not the correct place please point me in the right direction Thanks
  9. Not sure how the full asking price would work now ,as I collected the grinder last night ? 😎
  10. £900 cash collected for the pair and you will have a happy wife 😀
  11. It has a rotory pump acording to the data here https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/ecm-mechanika-iv-profi-wc-wt-stainless-steel.html
  12. Hi, I can offer £300 collected for the grinder and would pay cash on collection Thanks Allen
  13. If they use a drop off shop local yes
  14. OK , If you can work out a price delivered please via UPS as if I am not home they leave it in the local collection shop . RM10 , Dagenham Essex
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