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  1. Not sure if this is the section to post this in ? I have a ECM bariste that I am looking to replace with a new machine , Budget up to £1500 Anyone seen a fan dabby dosey deal on the market , I allways like a good deal 😎 If this is not the correct place please point me in the right direction Thanks
  2. Not sure how the full asking price would work now ,as I collected the grinder last night ? 😎
  3. It has a rotory pump acording to the data here https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/ecm-mechanika-iv-profi-wc-wt-stainless-steel.html
  4. Hi, I can offer £300 collected for the grinder and would pay cash on collection Thanks Allen
  5. If they use a drop off shop local yes
  6. OK , If you can work out a price delivered please via UPS as if I am not home they leave it in the local collection shop . RM10 , Dagenham Essex
  7. Hi Do you have the original packaging for this if its being sent ? Thanks My daughter who has for 34 years always said ' I DONT LIKE COFFEE " and only drank tea , Has now seen the light and said " I tried a coffee and it was lovely , so I am looking for a starter machine , Just in case she changes her mind
  8. Are you assuming you can just turn up at events and trade ? Car boot sales and markets have the usual traders who attend weekly normally paying a premium for the site annually I tried on several occasions and found it a CLOSED shop , also check with the local council regarding street trading licences BEFORE spending any more money
  9. On all day Monday and Tuesday , Looks like it was the pump, £14 for the repair , I will drink to that
  10. Just re assembled the ECM , switched it on and it is working , The new pump is a lot quieter than the old one ? Fingers crossed its still working in 5 hours time when it properly warmed up and does not die as it did before Time will tell
  11. When you get them out use stainless steel bolts next time and some waterproof grease on the threads , should stop them seizing up next time
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