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  1. New subscriber here! [emoji1303]
  2. Wanted to give this a go but after reading all your comments about it I've gone ahead and subscribed to Dog & Hat. Is there a specific thread to discuss the coffees we receive from them?
  3. Sorry I've missed you in the messages I've sent out this morning can you PM me again please? I think I got in touch with everyone else
  4. Okay, I'm now on a computer so this is going to be a lot easier. As Chad said, nothing was sold on the valuation thread, I asked for validation on prices and when people started making offer I assumed the prices were correct and therefore moved it into a Sales thread. No sales were agreed on the Valuation thread, all I did was @ the different members that showed an interest for specific items so they knew the thread had moved. Trying to recap below: - Cups go to @ashcroc - Knockbox and distribution tool go go @Rakesh - Tamping mat goes to @parpat23 - Tamper goes to @xpresso - Portafilter goes to @diggy87 Hope this clears it up for everyone and apologies for how this escalated, being out last night didn't help as all I could do was see the messages increases without being able to give any guidance to anyone. Thanks to those that jumped in to try and clarify.
  5. I can see there might have been a few things confused, out tonight but will recheck everything tomorrow on the computer [emoji1303]
  6. Only portafilter left now, still interested?
  7. Yours, can you PM me with address and item please?
  8. Yours, can you PM me with address and the item you want please? Just so it's easier for me
  9. Yours if you're happy to pick up (West Norwood like last time or Blackfriars) or for me to add postage?
  10. They're yours, can you PM me with address and items please?
  11. Moving from the valuation thread onto here as the prices seemed correct and a few people were interested already. List: 2x Inker blue latte cups - OPTION £10? 2x Inker grey espresso cups - OPTION £10? 1x Motta wood 58.4 tamper - GONE £10 1x cheap jug - £2.5 1x Rhinowares waste bean - GONE £12.5 1x naked portafilter 58.4 exc baskets - £10? 1x chinese distribution tool - GONE £5 1x cafelat tamping mat - GONE £5 @joey24dirt I'll do that plus postage if that's ok? @rob177palmer Yes it's a 58, was used for a Gaggia previously @Diggy87 I think £20 would still be great value for both and yes the PF will fit a gaggia and comes with a blind screen Cleaning products will probably be binned unless something comes pick some of the above and then I'll give it for free. Thank you, Max
  12. I do not know, I've put my thoughts so far hence the question marks after each price for validation but considering interest might just close this and move it to a sales thread.
  13. Thread now moved to the below: https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcoffeeforums%2Eco%2Euk%2Fshowthread%2Ephp%3Ft%3D46131&share_tid=46131&share_fid=6813&share_type=t Sorry for the confusion!
  14. Can't see the picture for some reason but if they're white I'll take them for £100
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