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  1. wanart


    Hello.. I have been searching everywhere for the template but can't find any to download.. is there anybody that can help? Please?
  2. Hi, I know it's a year old thread... I have just ordered a refurbished SJ and planning to do the Elvinator mod.. but I can't find the pdf anywhere! I tried http://bigeyelaboratory.com/publicDOCS/mazzerModButterFly_elvin.pdf but it seems the file is not there anymore? @Delfi, do you still have the pdf?
  3. Chrism2671, item posted at around 2pm today. Might reach you tomorrow.
  4. Hello! Just received the gauge + PTFE tape + Allen key today (Thanks Lor!). Will do the mod tonight or latest by tomorrow. Will post to Chrism2671 as soon as possible. Completed my donation to MIND. Thanks Jeebsy for lending!
  5. Thanks lor, PM sent. Donation on its way!
  6. Can I be next in the list? Thanks.
  7. Hello MartinB, I can't pm you due to: MartinB has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
  8. Hello, Just wondering on the item shipping update? Any news? Thanks.
  9. Got it yesterday, really good. I mean very minimal coffee grinds outside the portafilter. Fit nicely on the portafilter and the vario! I am very happy. Thanks!
  10. Is the classic one still available?
  11. wanart


    Hello!!.. Welcome to the forum.. newbie here.. learning a lot from all the forum!
  12. Cheers Rhys. Hello Martin. 30£ with postage included right? If yes.. am happy to proceed to pm for purchase. Thanks.
  13. 2nd in line for the base unit after Rhys!
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