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  1. Thank you for the information. I don't have a problem with the beans being crushed at all. I am using very dark roast (and therefore very soft) beans. My only problem is that I often get a bean stuck to the top of the flat head screw. I will change it for a dome-headed one. David
  2. Thanks Frank ... I think I will follow Dave C's advice and ask them - not that they have ever been particularly helpful in the past .....
  3. I am sure that someone has already solved my problem. I have one of the very first Niches - so early that I had too pay extra for the black finish and buy my own plastic disc to put in the bottom of the hopper. I often find a single bean stuck to the top of the screw at the base of the hopper and I think it would be a good idea to replace it with a domed one. I wonder if anyone else has done this and, if so, could tell me the size and length of bolt that I should look for. I will need to mail order from Amazon or someone similar so trial and error is not really an option. I am sure somebody somewhere has already figured this one out .... David
  4. Now under offer from Julie .... postage and insurance will cost a maximum of £15 (I will pick up any extra than that). The wooden box weights in at 4.5kg and it will be sent by DPD.
  5. I have a black nice zero - I was one of the original owners who even paid extra for black. I only recently added the plastic disk inside it ... I have no plans to change it .... 5/5
  6. DavidBondy

    GS/3 AV

    I have owned my GS/3 AV for a few years now and I have no plans to change it for another model. 4/5
  7. I have three roasters ... an Ikawa, an Alpenrost and a Gene Cafe ... I consider myself after roasting for more than fifteen years, to be a beginner. I do not like pale roasts but prefer really, really dark roasts usually with Old Brown Java beans. 3/5
  8. I have a coffee machine and I have a grinder. I buy Old Brown Java beans and generally roast them myself very dark! 1/5
  9. As stated in my private message. No, it is still for sale and I am inviting offers!
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