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  1. Thank you but there is really no need to acknowledge it. Just carry on doing what you folks do! I don’t post a lot these days but I still read a lot on the forum!! David
  2. I think that this thread can now be moved to the SOLD one! Thanks!
  3. OK. I am just very concerned that it is packed well. I have received so many damaged items over the last few months due to not very well packed items and especially very sloppy couriers that I am becoming very twitchy about packaging. Ikawa list the following shipping items: The machine, a selection of greens (I am not too fussed about that!), 2 x collection jars, storage jar, power lead and coffee tray. Assuming that you have all of the shipping items (especially the collection and storage jars) and you can pack them well then I think we can move over to PM to finalise the arrangements. Did you buy new by the way or used on the forum? David
  4. I take it you have all the original packing and shipping items? If so, I regret that I can't make it to Manchester to collect but I am prepare to offer you £750 including insured delivery (but not with MyHermes - preferably with DPD). I can pay by PayPal fiends and family. David
  5. Has anyone backed this project? I wanted to but found that I couldn't back the project if I wanted to ship to the United Kingdom! David
  6. OK. I think that this thread is now getting silly and childish. I will try to delete it ...
  7. All according to one's taste. I think the multi-coloured handles etc are extremely ugly and I would not give one house room! Just my personal opinion!
  8. I have just heard back from Niche. They are sending me a new piece of wood! David
  9. Oh OK. No thanks ... I think I will stick with oak -- even if it is cracked!
  10. I do not recall any care instructions being in the box but I will check. I have treated it with butchers block wax now which is food-safe and hope it will not get worse. It is only cosmetic and has no effect on function - but may well devalue the grinder if and when I move it on! David
  11. Perhaps I should only make coffee in the garage then! It's interesting that none of my oak furniture has cracked although the rooms in which it is placed are all heated! I suspect a latent crack was present when the wood was machined. It's not a big deal, I wasn't bad-mouthing Niche. I was merely asking if anyone else had experienced the issue.
  12. Yes, but not on the kitchen and, as I noted in my original post, the grinder is away from any heat source and at least eighteen inches from the heat of my espresso machine. Looking at it, I suspect the crack starts from a hole drilled in the wood where it attaches yo the body of the grinder. David
  13. I have emailed them and sent the photo. We will see what they say ... David
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