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  1. It's going to be strange, Hasbean without Steve. Although, I've noticed over the last few months that the InMyMug coffee have not been up to the standard I've enjoyed in the past. I'm sure the beans are as good as ever, it's been the roast. The roast for certain is getting darker. Even on the web site now there's a filter for how it's roasted - medium, or medium-dark. Just compared the coffee's I've had recently with the page and yup, all the one's I've really not liked are medium-dark roasts. Ozone influence there? Looking like my subscription is going to have to end if it keeps
  2. Received mine today. Pretty tasty. From Hamburg. Checked my tracking number and it cleated customs in Malaysia at 3:15 this morning. So hopefully early next week it'll be delivered.
  3. Not received anything yet. Also, mine is STILL in transit to Malaysia. Apparently left Heathrow at 5:20am on 23rd December and usually take 5-7 working days to get to Malaysia. Well, today was day 7, but over Christmas... I'll keep an eye on it. Although... Just shy of £20 to send it... Ouch.
  4. Got my Third Wave Wichteln recipient through. Malaysia. Not sent anything to Malaysia before. I guess I'd better check on the customs limitations before I send things out.
  5. Going to bump this. Tried something that a chef friend recommended. Got myself a small round ice cube tray and froze the apple sauce in it overnight. Then plonked a frozen blob in the middle of the batter when filling the muffin cases. Worked pretty well. Still a small air bubble, but no where near as bad as putting in just the apple sauce.
  6. Glad and very surprised that there's a refund going on. Wish they got it working though as the Acaia scales a horifically priced. May take another look at the Brewista v2 scales.
  7. James Hoffman on the London Coffee Festival
  8. I still have my Hasbean in my mug subscription too, and also pick up random bags when I go into London. Origin San Fermin is a favourite of mine at the moment. Also had some Colonna roasted and Barn recently too from Curators Gallery, add to that the bag from Redemption... A bag a week is normal for me, sometimes more, occasionally less. But it averages out. Also depends on what I'm brewing and how.
  9. Ones I've experienced. London San Francisco New York People I know and trust recommend. Melbourne Tokyo Reykyavik Wellingon
  10. Same. No one needs me that wired. [emoji38] It's actually a bag per month for 10 years. Gave me a choice of espresso or filter. My preferred brew method most of the time is filter so... yeah... I'm quite happy right about now. My hay fever riddled youth, spending summers indoors playing on my computers and consoles not looking like so much wasted time now. [emoji6]
  11. Gobsmacked.... No one beat my Cap-man score... 10 years of square mile coffee... [emoji44][emoji44][emoji44][emoji44][emoji44]
  12. Just got an email from Voom. Probably the same on kickstarter too. So the main component suddenly became unavailable. Damn. So that one component forced a compete internal redesign. Ouch.
  13. Decided not to go today. Saw everything I wanted to yesterday and it'll be busier today. Just not feeling the need. Enjoy yourselves everyone. Oh yeah... can no one beat my Cap-man score... thanks. [emoji6] [emoji106]
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