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  1. I totally agree but unfortunately being skint doesn't help [emoji23]
  2. If I didn't already have one from yourself already Joey I'd be all over this. Think the resin tampers look brilliant [emoji106]
  3. Beans for me also. Not the postie but first time visiting Horsham Coffee Roasters, first time trying their beans also. Was a pleasure talking to the guys there today.
  4. No my rocket doesn't have the option to be plumbed in, unless there is a way of converting it somehow. I'm sure someone on here could tell me.
  5. How are you finding your new set up at the mo Joey? How are you finding the machine since it has been plumbed in?
  6. Nice one. Sounds like it's all coming together pretty nicely [emoji106]
  7. Yeh they don't give a monkeys. Unfortunately most people do just give up pursuing the issue.
  8. I share your pain on this one, had the "we tried delivering but no one was in" when I've been at home quite a few times.
  9. They are not the greatest unfortunately. Anyway, enough of rubbish couriers, the Mac is looking ace [emoji108] Hopefully once the element is sorted it will be running smoothly. What are you planning on doing with the Oscar?
  10. What amazes me is how many couriers actually get away with it. There doesn't seem to be too many really reliable companies. I mean it's bad enough that they end up either losing or smashing most parcels but the fact that they take absolute zero responsibility for it is what's annoying.
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