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  1. wow i couldnt be waiting that long for my brew at work i'd be gasping!! it's definitely to do with the 'freshness' of the beans. today's brew of a new batch from pact has left no crust or floating grinds and that's from a coffee roasted on the 10th and ground on the 11th.
  2. about how long do you steep? i do a 1 minute bloom, then 4 minute steep.
  3. That's pretty much it. I've put it down to staler coffee from supermarkets.
  4. when i use my french press at work i bloom the coffee for a minute then top up the press and then skim off the crust / foam after another couple of minutes. however i've noticed that when i use my own good quality coffee (pact / silver oak etc) the 'crust' is virtually non-existant and it's just froth / foam i skim off. when i occasionally use a cheaper supermarket bought coffee (when my stuff has run out and i borrow one of my colleagues stuff!) there is a noticeable crust that needs to be broken and i skim off a lot of coffee as well as foam / froth. is it simply down to quality of coffee? ie better quality = less crustiness?
  5. i've been training for a 40 mile run (which im doing on sunday lord help me!) and i've been having a bulletproof coffee pre-long run as i dont like running on a full stomach and i need the calories. it's not nice tasting but it certainly works in that it gives you a good caffeine boost and the butter and coconut oil keep you feeling full and give you the energy to run. i certainly wouldnt think it was healthy in any way but it does have it's uses.
  6. that's similar to me. 1 min bloom, then a 4 min brew and skim off the scum at 1:45 of the brew. no plunge is as it says simply not plunging at all and simply pouring through the plunger whilst at the top.
  7. the coffe im using doesnt seem to get a block of grinds (maybe it's the 1 min bloom i do) but i skim off the froth and scum and then plunge. perhaps i'll have another go with the plunge-less pour tomorrow
  8. im not sure what it was with the 'no plunge' method i cant remember the specifics of the brew but i remember thinking "hmm wont bother with that again" maybe i over / under did the times perhaps i'll try again. i've only got a cheap press (£5 from dunelm mill) at work but in terms of keeping out the silt it's really good. much better than the large one we have at home.
  9. okay then a simple question for you guys... how hard do you press? not in the actually pressing down of the plunger but actually onto the coffee at the bottom? i know some people dont plunge at all but i've tried that and didnt enjoy the results. so do you press hard onto the coffee or just let the plunger sit on top?
  10. thanks for the updates one little thing, in the french press menu can you put the coffee weight per litre down rather than just the weight please. the different versions have coffee weights varying from 20g to 56g and i presume these dont all relate to the same amount of water (do they???) other than that, great app well worth the money
  11. wow these are delicious. i followed the instructions that came with the bag y'day (no bloom and 6 min brew) but think i overdid the coffee weight and it tasted very bitter. however today i went back to my tried and tested recipe in the french press (1 min bloom then 4 mins brew) and it's sooooo good. like a milk chocolate hazelnut whirl. defo my fave work coffee so far, i would drink it all day if i could. thanks for the recommendation.
  12. just ordered some of these today really enjoyed the last nutty recommendation so i'm hoping these are as good.
  13. excellent one thing (which you may have updated) is that in the aeropress recipes it didnt say how much water to add in each stage *ignore me i've just checked and it does in the update!!
  14. thanks for the quick update, i notice the name has changed now i shall be experimenting with the french press recipes at work this week.
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