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  1. That could be spun for marketing purposes. "Londinium: for INSTANT and TOTAL extraction, with perfectly even distribution (all over your kitchen)"
  2. It's in the manual to be fair... in what has to be the best diagram I've ever come across. I think those star-looking-things are supposed to be teeth. Would make some nice wall art above the machine.
  3. For transparency, @qazwsx and I have settled on a meeting location and are going ahead with the deal.
  4. I could be persuaded to meet you somewhere halfway-ish if that helps?
  5. This could work - I'm back from hols today, and will be around all weekend. I don't often find myself Bristol-way any more.
  6. So I'm doing a lot of travelling over the next few weeks and I'm not sure my wife wants this sitting around in the kitchen for that time If anyone wants this and can collect it, or meet tomorrow (i.e. Sat 6th Apr), I may be willing to chop a fair bit from the price.
  7. Thanks - a gift from a friend of mine a while back https://www.stellavie.com/products/silkscreen-print-exceptionally-great-espresso-art-and-science-black-creme-white
  8. I'm in Mapperley, just a few miles outside city centre.
  9. Having upgraded to an LR, this has to go. Purchased new in Feb 2015, has been used with nothing but Volvic, regularly cleaned and flushed, average of around 4 drinks per day. It's in good condition, with the expected marring on the top due to cups living there, and some small scratches on the right hand side that are pretty subtle, you can see one of them in the reflection of the black PF handle. A whole bunch of accessories included: Wood handled bottomless PF (drilled out to be actually bottomless, as opposed to the stock Fracino open bottom) Wood handled single spout PF NR E61 double spout PF (lugs ground since they were too thick) Stock double, 2x single and blind baskets IMS shower screen fitted, stock screen included Cafelat 8mm silicone grouphead gasket fitted, 8.5mm also included 4x2mm steam tip fitted, 2x2mm also included BWT filter collar Paperwork and packaging Asking £600 - collection/exchange only for now. I'm based near Nottingham, but can travel to meet somewhere mutually agreeable to exchange as well https://i.imgur.com/fWd3ef4.png https://i.imgur.com/u9vv1bE.png https://i.imgur.com/qoMXA5f.png https://i.imgur.com/q7I1Dn6.png https://i.imgur.com/EUobTud.png
  10. I picked up some Lockhills yesterday, and noticed that the calcium content is higher than has been previously posted... 26 vs 20 - with everything else the same. This would be just enough to push it outside the sweet spot though. Anyone else notice this?
  11. I'm rather keen to attend this, but Mrs_Tad already has something booked with some of her friends for the day, which means my daughter is in my care for the day. I mean, she's generally interested in the big shiny thing in the kitchen, and enjoys using her own toy espresso machine, but 6 hours of coffee may be a bit much for a 6yo to take in :/
  12. Having been lustfully looking at a Londinium machine since it was the L1, I finally caved. Loving it... was a bit intimidated by it to start with, but surprisingly easy to get to grips with. I do need to build a little coffee paraphernalia shelf behind the grinder though. Most of the bits live in the drawer underneath, but it's not deep enough for the double PF, shaker, tamper etc.
  13. 1.25kg of Rocko Mountain delivered this morning. First shots through the LR* Life is good. (*well, third shot through the LR... I knew I would have to grind finer, but didn't want to overdo it to the point of choking it. First shot through in 17 sec, including PI. I had a sip out of morbid curiosity. It was not good. Second shot better. Third time a charm)
  14. No Reiss-beans here :/ I've recently started using airspace containers for storage, and misjudged how much was left in them, leading to this little snafu.
  15. Only just managed to get all of the film off of it! And a cup of steamed milk to accompany.
  16. Today is a good day However in a cruel twist of fate, I ran out of beans this morning. So until tomorrow I just get to look at it.
  17. Is that a case of just going to the shop and picking the right one? The online listing says Stretton Hills - https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/products/essential-waitrose-still-natural-mineral-water/058459-29415-29416 I've been feeding my machine straight Volvic from day one, but this is half the price and we do all our of shopping (online) from Waitrose anyway. On another note - has anyone tested their water straight from the tap compared to running through a filter? I have an L-R coming later this week, and I've kind of been back and forth whether I continue to use Volvic, try something else, or use the inline filters with the machine with tap water.
  18. Not me personally, but anecdotal stuff from colleagues for what it's worth. Pay is notably higher than the UK, but tax is higher still, as is the general cost of living, eating, drinking and so on. I've been told it all comes out in the wash by people that have moved there permanently from the UK (particularly if you have kids), and that it's a bit more painful by people who have worked there temporarily (but an acceptable trade off for the privilege of living in Norway) I love working in Norway, and Scandinavia in general, personally, but I'm very grateful I'm on expenses every time I visit.
  19. I'm coming at it from your side, though for what it's worth I've had my Classico for 4 years and it's been pretty bulletproof, apart from a slow drip that was a simple matter of tightening a bolt (no involvement from Fracino required) I'll be going for the LR to replace it and the combination of the collective community experience/know-how and how available and willing Reiss is to jump into discussion is a big factor in the choice.
  20. I've been thinking more and more that I probably need an L-R in my life. Am I right in thinking that if I order a new one, this is already on-board?
  21. I used a Connect plumbed straight into a fairly high-end hifi (Pathos ClassicOne Mk2, Proac Response 1SC) for quite some time and was fairly content - the Roon Ropiee and Chord 2Qute that replaced it is a clear step up, but the anaologue output on the connects does hold its own fairly well. I've switched all of my connects out for Roon-ready players now though. I've been moving away from Sonos for other reasons: their never-ending support of legacy kit. It's very noble of them, but wireless has moved on so far since then, they're a little bit gimped because of it. The lack of support for RSTP is a drag for larger networks. Configuring the network for Classic STP solves that, but then you're waiting for an extended discovery time on every other wired device. Disabling wireless on all but one wired player solves that, but I was left with inconsistent connectivity for certain locations. Disabling SonosNet altogether in favour of your home wireless can solve that, but then the Sonos app has a fit if players are on different APs/channels. I was about to throw in the towel entirely and replace my remaining 9 speakers with Bluesound, until I got them stable using my own wifi, forced which APs each one can connect to from the network side so they don't get confused and using Roon instead of Sonos to control/play.
  22. Seconded - ceilings for your surrounds would be just fine. Preferable even, if you're particularly close to the back wall. Whilst not critical depending on positioning, it's worth getting ones that are point-able to give a little more flexibility with setup. I'm using 4x B&W CCM663s (soon to be 6, woohoo) for height channels and can't complain, worth a look PSB also make some good in-ceiling options and are worth considering - though if you're hung up on matching all of the speakers I'm not sure they do in-walls. I've not noted any additional noise in the room above the cinema room since installing the ceiling speakers in case that's a concern. You'd probably have in-ceilings crossed over at ~120hz anyway so you won't have the same level of bass transmission as you might get with a full-range speaker. For a suggestion totally out of left field, some Sony models of TV use what they call an "acoustic surface" and supposedly sound pretty good, and also let you dedicate the TV as a centre. One of those, an in-wall either side, surrounds in the ceiling and hide a sub as best you can would make for a pretty discreet setup.
  23. I work for a data management company, and as demo in our briefing centres we've created an analytics dashboard for coffee. It tickled me, so I thought I would share... This is displayed on a large interactive screen next to the coffee area in the briefing centres. One of our engineers reverse-engineered the output from the service port on Jura machines and designed a little listener (embedded in a coffee cup, appropriately) that logs it to a central location - these are now installed in the Jura machines in offices across the globe. We have a bunch of Franke machines as well, so those are probably next on the list to crack. These are two of the standard dashboards, but there are more that break down coffee output according to what department the machine is located in etc, so you can see different times when different departments take breaks, get into the office, coffee output throughout the day, coffee of preference depending on country, time of year/day, weather etc. Interesting stuff, if a little silly. I kinda want one at home, but I'm not sure my Fracino can tell me much other than "off" and "on"... (I'm assured they've been rinsed recently, apparently it's an issue with decoding the data)
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